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Love it


I wrote this, thinking to myself that this would be fun to of these days!!

Naughty Girl  (A naughty short story)

She waits for him in bed, yet he decides to keep on working. The computer is a mistress, one she cannot compete with.  

She decides to put an end to this nightly charade. She quietly crawls under the dinner table where he worked. Slowly, quietly, she crawled on all fours. He is unsuspecting, buried in his work. She wears a small tight white t shirt which accentuates her breasts well. Amplified even. White cotton panties are his favourite on her and on her feet, white cotton knee socks which come up to her thighs.  

She crawls under the table, and begins massaging him. He does not move, but she can hear a soft moan from above. A smile forms on her face as she lies on her back and massages him with her feet, still under the table.  She feels him growing larger, bulging in his pyjama pants, yet he still remains focused on his computer screen. His moans are becoming louder, more profound, his manhood clearly showing, almost bursting from his pyjamas.  

She gets on her knees and unbuttons him, releasing him from the confines of his pyjamas. His manhood exposed through the hole, she begins toying with it. It stands tall, large, proud and she lightly touches it with her tongue. Little licks of heaven send him crazy, his eyes closed, savouring every second. Feathery kisses drive him wild. Light airy pockets of wind, warm, and sweet on his skin. He cannot take this anymore and crouches down underneath the table, his manhood leading the way. He sees her little outfit and a raw moan only a man in heat can produce. His pyjama bottoms are off in one quick swoop.  

She lies on her back and he grabs her thighs, now spread out for him, pulls her towards him roughly. Her short t-shirt rolls up exposing her chest. Her breasts bouncing as he pulls her towards him,  making him even want her more.  

He lunges at her breasts, he always did love putting his face between them. He opened his mouth and devoured them. She let out a deep moan as she arched her back and tilted her head in ecstasy, grabbing the back of his head with both hands, guiding his head to the other one.  

As he ravaged her breasts, making her moan even louder, his tongue circles, then bites her slightly, making her nipples erect. His fingers checked her and discovered how ready she was.  

Sounds of passion lingered in the air, invading the quiet of their apartment and competed with the hustle and bustle of the street below.  

He entered her sweetness slowly, juices overflowed, encasing him in her syrupy goodness. They moved together in the dark, their silhouettes on the wall become infused into one. Their only light, the illumination of the harsh glare of the computer screen.  

His moans become louder, as do hers. They move slowly, deep slow thrusts accompany their moans. Like savage animals in the wild, their movement become faster, more intense as he thrusts even deeper into her. She opens herself to him, moving her legs on his shoulders, as his muscles ripple on his arms, his stomach, his back, his legs, as all muscles are on board for the rough seas ahead. The tides have turned and a tidal wave is about to hit. Rocking their little boat to and fro, backwards, forwards, as the rough seas engulf them.

In the silence of the night, they both scream in sweet, delirious, ecstasy. As the boat’s rocking subsides and calm waters now ensue. Wet with the sweet aroma of loving, they are drenched. The carpet will need some cleaning in the morning. She smiles at him sheepishly, he shakes his head as he smiles back at her, “You are a very naughty girl“.  She smiles back, “Yes.......I am a naughty girl.”

Love it

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