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Gosh, I’m not sure where to begin.

I’ve been kind of sporadic here at Fab40 the last couple of days, which isn’t much like me! This has not exactly been by choice, but completely due to necessity more than anything else. Prior to this, it’s like (even with all I have going on) I’ve been in leisure mode and really had no intention of shaking things up.

Naturally, that’s just about the time things get all shook up!

Late last week I opened a file I haven’t looked at in a while. It’s a project I had started several months ago, when I was a prominent member at “another” social networking site. (Reminds me of TV talk shows when a guest is promo-ing a show on “another” network, lol. Anyway...)  

I had shared a few pieces I’d written and got great feedback. I was really kind of overwhelmed by the attention it garnered, but was inspired to take the topic from simply a few blog posts to something more substantial. So then I started doing just that.

And, as fate would have it, shortly after I began my project, I was banned from this “other” site. I would love to tell you that it was full of rich scandal and controversy, but I’d be lying to you, lol. It was a ridiculous rift in which someone didn’t like a particular opinion of mine. Nothing unusual, except that this ‘someone’ happened to be the site’s founder. So, quicker than you can say sayonara, I was forever booted from the site.

No big loss, trust me.

However, I allowed myself to lose sight of the goals I had so recently set and allowed my project to languish. I still dabbled in the blogs, but with no real direction or inspiration.

Then, one morning, I was reading news articles as triggered by some google alerts I have set up. I happened to come across a particular article that I’d read before, but for some reason had never really seen the relevance in. This time, though, as I read the words in the article, I was bowled over by the impact it would add to my project.

By now, most of you know what I'm referring to 

Now, I'm a firm believer in the cliche (as our friend Daphne so recently blogged about that everything happens for a reason. I also buy into the adage that timing is everything.  

A phone call I received an hour after re-reading this particular article simply affirmed both of those things for me.

My son called to tell me, with more self-pride in his voice than I’ve ever, EVER heard, that he had just passed his GED exam. And less than a week after his 18th birthday.

I can’t begin to tell you how monumental this moment was for me. I was alone in my office at the time, and Jonathan’s schedule demanded that the call be short, so within literally seconds of hearing the news, I had no choice but to sit in the silence of the room and let the announcement surround me.  

I was humbled, having never really shared in this sort of accomplishment with my only child. I was so proud of him, so full of joy over what he has managed to do, on his own, after a lifetime of wondering if he would ever be able to manage anything! I felt more in those few quiet moments than I thought possible, and I’m still not entirely recovered from the shock of it all.

Naturally I’m beside myself with renewed vigor, having found inspiration in (what was once) an unlikely source. I tweaked a couple of essays, rattled my new friends’ cages (that’s y‘all, in case you‘re wondering!) and sent out some feelers, fishing for an agent.

And (running the risk of jinxing it!!), I think I just might’ve found one.

All of a sudden I have a success story on my hands, and there’s interest in it outside of my immediate circle. I’m all WTH have I done?? I’ve kind of gotten freaked out by it all and have come down with a mild case of hives in response, lol. Nothing unusual for me, even though it’s been a while since I’ve been this worked up about anything.

I haven’t told ANYBODY outside of you ladies (except Scott, who I couldn’t keep a secret from if my life depended on it), and I have no intention of doing so any time soon. There is still so much uncertainty, and interest at this stage means virtually *nothing*.

But I had to share it with you, as a thank you for all of the input, support, encouragement, LOLs and everything else this forum has given me. I see my path now, for whatever it’s worth in this moment and, hives aside, I couldn’t be more excited for what’s waiting around the next corner, or the next ring of the phone.

So, from me to you, my fabulous friends, is a high 5. We are amazing when we choose to be, and even when don’t.

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