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by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

([Link Removed]All across the 'net, the mainstream media is running scare stories about people who use neti pots and then suffer from brain-eating amoeba that fatally devour their brain tissue. Of course, it's all a deception to try to link a natural cleansing therapy to the risk of death. Even so, all the following media outlets ran deceptively-titled stories  blaming neti pots for brain-eating amoeba:

MSNBC, New York Daily News, Toronto Sun, TIME, CNN, ABC News, Daily Mail and many more...

(I'm not going to link to the stories, because they don't deserve the linking. But you can Google them if you want proof.)

So if their stories are wrong about neti pots, what's the real story? That there are brain-devouring amoeba in the public water supply!  

The real story the mainstream media won't report
Blaming a neti pot for exposure to brain-eating amoeba in the water supply is sort of like blaming a dinner plate for food poisoning. The neti pot itself is only incidental to the infection; it's not the source of the problem. Amoeba obviously don't live within the neti pot. Instead, the neti pot is simply a carrier for the water.

Blaming a neti pot for causing brain-eating amoeba is sort of like blaming Big Mac containers for causing obesity. Or blaming soda cups for causing diabetes. It's pretty silly, if you think about it. But since when did the mainstream media ever need logic to slant its reporting and try to misrepresent a story?

If you're interested in cleaning your sinuses — which is a smart hygienic habit to get into — try the, which is a lot easier than using a neti pot in the first place. Once you mix in the correct amount of salt, the resulting saline solution is very comfortable and soothing. It's nothing like the "water up your nose" reaction that people remember from an experience in a swimming pool, where the water is heavily dosed with chlorine.

Remember, your body is at least 70% salt water , and that's why a saline solution (salt water) feels comfortable to your sinuses. It's also why, if you're swimming in the ocean, you can remove your mask and open your eyes and it feels just fine. (This is counter-intuitive to those who have never done it, because they somehow think salt water would "burn" their eyes, when in fact their eyeballs are filled with large proportions of salt and water...) I know this first-hand because I've been a certified scuba diver for nearly two decades, and one of the skills we practiced in the "gear recovery" classes was losing all our gear — under water, of course — and then recovering everything with our bare hands. This requires opening your eyes in the ocean. Otherwise, you grope around like a blind idiot and never find your gear.

As a side note, a lot of people are surprised to learn that you can recover a diving mask even when you're ten meters under water and then remove the water from the mask after placing it on your face air into it. But it's a basic skill that all divers know very well. Similarly, all divers also know that you can open your eyes in the ocean and it doesn't hurt. Even if you accidentally suck ocean water into your sinuses, it doesn't hurt either (but it might make you cough if you're trying to breathe, of course...)

Now, theoretically, a Nasaline syringe could also carry tap water amoeba if you fill it with contaminated tap water. So why isn't the press blaming Nasaline for the brain-eating infections? Because that would be stupid. Almost as stupid as blaming a neti pot.

The real problem here is that drinking tap water might kill you . It's not only that tap water may contain brain-eating amoeba, but also that tap water contains toxic chemicals such as chlorine and sodium fluoride, both of which produce extremely damaging health effects from long-term exposure. These are not things to be consuming, swallowing or squirting up your nose.

Neti pots are perfectly safe
So don't get too worked up over this mainstream media neti pot scare story. It's nothing more than yet another attack on alternative medicine by the very media institutions that are financially supported by the drug companies and cancer centers. Neti pots are perfectly safe  when used as directed. Obviously, don't use them with tap water, as tap water really can kill you.

But why use neti pots at all? The Nasaline syringes are so much easier to use, and you don't have to tilt your head sideways and make a mess of it. Lots of people I know absolutely love these Nasaline devices. They clean your sinuses and are incredibly effective if you actually do get a strep throat infection or sinus infection. They can help reduce the severity of such infections by a considerable margin.

If you're curious about these, here's an link to the one I use:
[Link Removed] 

Don't buy their over-priced salt, of course. You can use bulk salt  from just about any source, including your local grocery store. There's nothing special about the salt from Nasaline other than the fact that it's pre-measured in packets. You can do the same thing using bulk salt and a teaspoon, at a fraction of the cost. (Salt is still amazingly cheap at the grocery store these days. The stores hardly make any profit on it and primarily stock it just to make sure they cover the basics for shoppers.)

The bottom line in all this is to, once again, be skeptical of any stories you read in the mainstream media , especially if those stories are covering anything related to health. Those fake news outlets actually go out of their way to discredit alternative or holistic therapies, often on flimsy or outright fabricated reasons.

Just remember: The next time you drink too much beer and get crazy drunk, it's the fault of the beer CAN!  

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