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With the current economic times it seems more and more people are turning their interests to a home based business. Kudos! Taking charge of your own financial future is a powerful move, one that requires cultivation and patience.

 So this trend got me thinking...


* Do people know what it takes to be their own boss?*


* Does the majority understand the "work" involved with a home business?*


* Do they want to "get rich quick?*

By nature, we are a trust bunch. Which is a good trait, don't get me wrong. But we believe what our eyes tell us (Isn't that what Mom always said to do?) and although I too believe this to be a good rule-of-thumb, the rise of the Internet has certainly shifted the believability. We used to be able to rely on written word as having merit - rely that before the words were written the content was thoroughly researched and proven as viable. Of course, this was in a day and age (not that long ago) where written word was "published" and therefore verified. Now, with the Internet, anyone can write anything (just like I'm doing right now!) Does that make it believable? Probably. Does it make it viable? Possibly. Before, the burden was on the publisher to research and verify. Now, that burden is on us...the reader. So do yourself a favor, spend some time researching what you read - just because it's on the Internet doesn't make it fact. Due diligence will save you a lot of aggravation in the long run.

So, as I'm digging around in my garden I got to thinking that Network Marketing is a lot like planting flowers in the Spring or Fall. Especially if you are planting bulbs. We plant the bulbs because we want the flowers. Although we want the flowers NOW we have to have patience and wait. Cultivate, water and weed the garden so that it is a fertile ground for growth and blooms. Not all of the bulbs will grow and some will grow faster than others, but if we have patience soon we will be rewarded with a lush garden of beautiful, healthy flowers to enjoy.

Network marketing is a lot like a flower garden. Plant the seeds, cultivate, water and weed the garden so growth can happen. Have some patience, not all of your seeds will grow - but those that do will reward you with a healthy business.

Cheers! To your success,


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Member Comments

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      Yana Berlin wrote May 27, 2008
    • What a great article, most new business owners want instant gratification from networking of any kind. I found out the hard way that it takes years to build your brand.

      One lady posted her blog on our site announcing opening of her business and sent me an email the next day that no one contacted her to sign up for her classes and she wants to delete her account. I spent an hour explaining to her that no one knows her on our space, she just joined and she needs to build her brand and trust from members, her response was that she doesn’t have the time to do this, she needs students now.

      Regretfully so, she opened and closed her business within the first year.

      Patience and persistence is what gets us everywhere we go, networking is no different.


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      Traveldiva01 wrote Aug 2, 2008
    • You certainly do have a good way of explaining the process of growing a network marketing business. So often we are looking for the get rich quick fix.
      In reality it takes time and commitment to build a successful networking marketing business.
      I was reading another blog regarding the fear of success vs the fear of failure. I personally take this to heart. In building a network marketing business you have to be willing to share and to share you have to risk rejection . On the other side of the coin is the acceptance and what comes with your successes. Once you have allowed yourself to plant your seeds , weeded them ,watered them and nourished them you have to know how to reap your rewards and enjoy the beauty of your final product. To be successful in this effort you have to embrace what you are doing and be willing to make sacrifices to build .
      You have to be willing to stop out of your comfort zone and share what you have to offer to rest of the world.

      I would love to share my business opportunity with others looking for a rewarding at home internet based business.

      I am an online travel agent and would love to be your travel agent and or have you as a business partner.  

      Check out my website for your travel needs    

      or if you would like to be a partner , check this out


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      Werebear wrote Aug 27, 2008
    • I’m doing the final stages of getting ready to launch my original cat toy:

      [Link Removed]

      But it actually started a year ago. First a free blog, then my own site, and now the idea becoming a reality.

      Patience is the key. And since we are learning every step of the way, perhaps that is just as well. If things were to happen TOO fast, we might not have the skills to handle it.

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      Trudy S wrote Aug 28, 2008
    • I totally agree!  Network marketing is especially great for women.  We work from the heart - person to person.  Check out [Link Removed] to see what a great network marketing company can do for you.  It is certainly treating me well.

      Isagenixbeliever, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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      Showagent wrote Sep 1, 2008
    • I love your observation about network marketing.  It is much like a garden.  I’m a networker and it always stumps me why people think that once they have “joined” an company they should be instantly making $$$!

      Network & direct marketing is the most affordable way to get in business and make real money within 12-24 months.
      The product you are representing isn’t nearly as important as your “hunger” and consistently sowing your seed in the right places.  


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      Isabella DeLaurentis wrote Sep 14, 2008
    • As a veteran network marketer, I feel that the whole industry can be summed up in two words: use and recommend. If you have a business that demands sales of any kind as the basis of your business, you have a problem. Only 5% of the population wants to sell and that is a small pond to fish in, to find business partners. Sales demands a few people moving a lot of product. You lose one or two strong sales partners and you are toast. However, 95% of people can use and recommend something they love. Network marketing is about a lot of people moving a little product. What they personally consume and share with others. Sales of your product comes as a result of sharing the using and recommending. Some people just want to use the product or service. That is ok. But what we need is the word of mouth referral called recommending to find other business partners.
      Unless the company has great duplicatable tools to tell the story of the product/service and company, you will have a problem. The learning curve is so slow and people lose faith in the process and quit. Look for a company with a video, recorded messages and the written word for telling the story. A video or website is priceless. Anyone can push PLAY. That shows they can do the business.
      You want to have a highly consumable product. Before my network marketing business, we owned the largest computer sales and service store. Computers are not consumable. We needed to continually find new customers. It was tough.
      You also have to know your buying trends. Is your product something people will buy no matter what? Is it something in high demand? Is it something they already love?
      After years in the health and wellness, going to dozens of trainings, teaching and training others and even graduating from MLM University, I had to lean my ladder on a new wall. I stopped sponsoring people in my first company and started sharing my new company. Though I love and still use the products from my first company and still make residual income, I could see that people didn’t want to duplicate me and I would not advance any further. People didn’t want to sell their way to freedom. That was trading too much time for money. Another problem was my products were seemingly everywhere, seemingly the same, and the educating process of why we were truly different and why to use this product line became painful. Competing with mass marketing from retail markets was overwhelming.
      Then I found HEALTHY CHOCOLATE. I wasn’t looking for it but the move couldn’t have been more obviously right. The first time I told my networking group about my new line they applauded! Tell me how often you get that? It has been sooo fun! I have to tell you, i feel like I have been let free! People hunt ME down to try and talk about my chocolate and even my business.In one and a half weeks my Chocolateer team was bigger than my 6 year old other business! People can imagine using my product and recommending it. They already eat chocolate, they want to write if off their taxes, make money have have health benefits from eating chocolate.
      Network marketing is something you fit in the nooks and crannies of your life, but must do consistantly. Talking about chocolate is so simple, I marvel at the whole thing. I certainly don’t have to “make time” to do so. There is so little rebuff or rejection. Even the shyest person can ask, “Do you like chocolate” “Would you like to try a piece” “This is equal to 2 pounds of organic spinach” and “go to my website” and hand them a brochure and follow up.
      If you have tried sales and even network marketing,and understand the financial worth of network marketing, I urge you to look into Xocai. I am very good at what I do and can teach you how to truly own your life by eating and sharing chocolate. The highest anti-oxidant food created! Chocolate hugs to all!

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      Trudy S wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • idelaurentis  You are so right!

      I am an Isagenix consultant [Link Removed]  I never intended on 'selling' the products...but when people saw the amazing results I was experiencing they wanted to use the product too.  Before I knew it, I was earning residual income...enough to pay for my product use!

      We too have a healthy chocolate that I love...though Xocai is yummy too! Our is a 40 calorie dark chocolate that has two amino acids in hits your pleasure center and make you feel good...the other is a naturally occurring appetite suppressant!  WOW!  Gotta love that.

      If you want more information you can contact me at info (at)


      Isagenixbeliever, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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      JoAnn Donahue wrote Oct 16, 2008
    • Your article is right on..

      Folks tend to think that it’s easy

      1,2,3 and they are making money..

      It takes time to learn the skills..

      required.. It takes time to find those

      who will teach you these things..

      There are lot of folks out there that

      claim to know and folks can be “fleeced”

      Due diligence is key..

      There is a “certain way” that things

      are done and few are aware..

      They think it’s certain people getting

      rich. It’s certain people doing things a

      “certain way“. Verizon does it, Wal-Mart does it,

      Madonna, Oprah, and Johnny Cash did it.

      The list goes on and on..  

      The cool thing is when you know this

      you can use it anywhere and make a business


      JoAnn Donahue
      [Link Removed]
      Call My 1800-772-9781×14 24/7

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Jackie Christiansen wrote Nov 9, 2008
    • Love all your comments on network marketing and find them very insightful. This is the first time I have ever been involved with a business in the MLM industry. What attracted me to my current company, was the product, period.  As a professional in the health and fitness industry, I knew he moment I heard of what they were doing in the industry was ground breaking and I had to be part of it.  The network marketing structure was something I found out later.  At that point, it didn’t matter because I was so impressed with the product.

      What matters is the product or service, not so much the structure of the company - that is secondary to what we are offering through our company.  As long as we have a fantastic product, especially if it is unique in some way and the integrity and reputation of the company is impeccable, it really shouldn’t matter how it is sold.  What I found is that the MLM or Network marketing  part of our business is really just how the pay out plan is structured.  Most “traditional” businesses spend up to 58% of their budget on advertising dollars to get the consumer into the store to buy their product on the shelf.  Then the highest ranking executives in the company reap the greatest rewards through inflated salaries.  What sense does this make?  The MLM and network marketing pay structure allows hard working individuals who invest time, energy and effort not only in themselves, but in nurturing, coaching and supporting those they bring into their business.  The reward comes not only financially, but in building a business through relationships.

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      Ellebatron wrote Apr 1, 2009
    • Network marketing is just like gardening...great analogy!  Like fitjak, I am fairly new to the MLM business and totally love it.  What captured my attention was the credibility of the company.  I am an independent associate for a company that has a service that everyone needs and few people have.  Prepaid Legal allows me to be in business for myself, but not by myself.  The tools, online support and support from other independent associates can’t be beat.

       Check out my website:

      Good luck!

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      Lori Clark wrote Apr 1, 2009
    • You are so right Yana!  I’ve seen many come and go from business citing similar reasons.  For some reason people believe that if they simply build a website they will be inundated with inquiries.  This is a relationship business - people looking at the business must have three things:
      1. They must believe the product is of value
      2. They must believe the compensation plan is of value
      3. They must believe in you

      Networking is networking, whether it be for business purposes, personal enrichment or to find another J-O-B.  The network marketing industry gets a bad rap quite often and many times completely unwarranted.  When I worked in the corporate world I consistently updated my contact address book with the idea that I might need to tap those people some day.  I networked with everyone within in my industry with the possibility of a job change down the road.  Now I network to build my own business...  

      Would love to hear other thoughts on the definition of networking and network marketing - anyone care to chime in?

      Welcome to the industry ellebatron!  I have made some really close friendships in this business and wouldn’t have had that opportunity if it weren’t for MLM!

      Take time to build your business on a solid foundation.  Build those relationships and the rewards will follow.



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