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but what if it is incorporated into your dreams??


Actually I just woke up to THE UNIT being on and suddenly I had an a-ha was all just a dream. Thank goodness!!

the scene where someone was talking to someone in their office (not exactly like work since the nature of our work incoporates using phone advocacy), but the person they were talking was hidden from view. Another co-worker were walking by her cubicle wall and overheard her say, among other things, which consistently goes against the grain of what we typcially say.

  • Do you know if you leave, you will certainly die?
  • You don’t have a choice!

Perhaps, this is where I was starting to wake up...or was I? I continued on with my dream as an indescriptive Co-worker and I glanced at each other, making faces as we were thinking these are things that we shouldn’t say to someone we are working with in our advocacy most definately - like the ultimate no-nos.

I went to my desk (my desk place perpendicular to hers without a wall) and continued listening to her. I leaned over her desk, but beside a computer (where the person who she was talking to couldn’t see me) and mouthed “How much later are you working tonight?”

In my mind, I was saying to myself that she’s just new and I needed to put the listening dialogue skills into motion if she wasn’t running out of here as soon as she was done with the “call“, which really wasn’t a call since the “caller” was in the room with us.

She disappeared around the computer and continued talking to the lady after a very puzzled look. Suddenly the mouse for your computer came slowly to me. I typed on the mouse(after all, it was all but a dream), “How much later will you be here?” and pushed the mouse closer to her.

As I did this, I woke up. Figures!!! lol....

During the approx 4 years that I have worked at my current job(which isn’t the only one that I have had in the domestic violence field (nor anything related to what we do on the domestic violence hotline), I haven’t really been able to take a vacation, largely because vacations weren’t given to relief folk. It wasn’t until last summer that I finally became fulltime at my work and actually accrued vacation time. At any rate, I think, if it has come to the point that I incorporate things that we should say (even if they were improperly said in the dream), I am well deserving my vacation that will be coming up in the next couple of weeks. Won’t be able to afford to “go” anywhere special, but it’ll be nice to get away for a week.

I’d like to focus on writing a book, or the start of one. With my creative mind, I shouldn’t have any problem in doing so, should I??? lol... we’ll see. If I revert to something work related, I might have to put it aside.


Hoping that your work week is grand and free from incorporating it into your dreams!! :))

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      Mz. Queen wrote Jul 26, 2009
    • Girl you are possibly working too hard. I hope your vacation will be all that you need it to be.

      I don’t dream about work, maybe I’m sicker than you because just the other day I was dreaming about my soon to be ex-mother-in-law. Go figure.

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