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Love it

Last January 20th (I remember the day because my body has never hurt so badly in my entire life) was the day after my first workout.

I’m one of those unmotivated people who can never belong to a gym. Gym’s repulse me, I don’t even like to sweat. All those beautiful people and young women with bodies to die for. I’m 43 years old, weigh 156 pounds of pure, unadulterated fat and yes, i’ll admit it, I am so afraid that people are looking at me. “Oh my God, look at that woman over there. Can you believe she’s in here and look at her cellulite riddled body.” Yeah, these are the things that go through my unsecure head.

That’s when I found Celeste. She’s a personal trainer with her own little gym and she offers personal service. The name of her place is CJ’s and i’m thinking, ok i’m hoping, that CJ is a really cute, buff man with muscles out to here and how nice it will be to get some attention from a man, even if he has to give me attention cause i’m paying him.

Anyway, I go in and there’s Celeste the owner and sole proprietor. She’s 5’ 2” tops, weighs like a hundred pounds, is ripped and here’s the best part, she’s in her 50’s. The woman looks fabulous. Did I say she’s in here 50’s?  

We start out on the treadmill for ten minutes and i’m thinking, ok, i can do this. Then comes the evaluation to see just how fit i am. Needless to say, it’s not pretty and by the time i’m done, i’m a big, sweaty ball of fat on the floor panting and flushed. But i tell myself, that i’ll feel better tomorrow and I sign up for a month’s worth of training.  

Celeste makes every person sign up for at least a month, paid for in advance and i’m telling you if she hadn’t made me pay in advance i may have never gone back because the next day, i couldn’t even walk. My whole body had revolted against me. Every little tiny, flabby muscle was in rejection. I had to cancel a trip to New York because I literally could not walk down the stairs.  

I may have mentioned before that my sister-in-law lives with me and she has MS and I thank god for her muscle relaxers because I thought I was going to die. And, to make it worse, I still had to go back to Celeste the next day to actually start my workouts.

I’m so cheap that I couldn’t just quit after i paid her already so I went back again and again. I think that i’ve probably pulled every muscle at least once in the year since i’ve been going to Celeste since I started working out. At one point I told Celeste I didn’t think I could do this and she asked me to give her three months. “Just three months and I promise, you’ll start to see a difference.”

“It took you more than a year to get fat didn’t it?” she said. “How can you expect than to get fit in a month.” So i signed up for another month and then another and in three months, my pants started getting baggier. I started to see little muscles developing.  

After six months, I actually looked good enough to put a flipping bikini on. No kidding, a 43 year old in a bikini. I know it’s pretty stupid and childish on my part, but I did it anyway and I was proud of how I looked at the beach. So good in fact that my husband and I went to a nude beach, but that’s a whole nother story.

Anyway, here I am today almost exactly one year later and I still work out three times a week. I have turned my flab into muscle. I refuse to stand on a scale now because muscle weighs more than fat, but my body has changed and I feel great.

I still have a lot to do and I still don’t eat the way I should but i’m getting there and can’t wait to see what this year holds. I already ordered a bikini for this year and plan on strutting my stuff whenever I can.

Love it

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