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This was from a blog post on my real blog from September   ENJOY!

As I watched my three children leave for the first day of school (Joe, a Senior in HS, Adam a Junior in HS, Liz a big 7th grader), I decided to write about something that irks me to no end........If you do not have any kids...keep is going to be interesting.

I really am a patient, tolerant person....very even tempered....but when it comes to annoying, obnoxious parents.....I draw the line........

Through my years of parenting, I have come in contact with many “other” parents.......90% are lovely people that have raised kind, polite kids with a HEALTHY dose of self confidence (I fall into this category, of course)........but the other 10%......oh boy........

The Obnoxious Parent’s, which I will refer to as OP’s start when their kids are infants......they brag “oh, little Johnny started walking when he was 3 months.....he read at 8 months....potting trained at 1 year“........really who gives a crap??  They are annoying, but this is nothing compared to when their “perfect little angels” start school and activities....

Here is a perfect example.......

My daughter took a dance the end of the year they had a recital to take place at the local had to buy tickets and you got to pick your seats on the seating chart.....(like you do when going to the theatre) it is first come first serve......hmmmm.

The tickets were to go on sale at 4pm on a Saturday.....we had a wedding to go to, and would not be around at 4pm, so I called the school and asked what I should do about getting tickets..they said drop off a check and they would get me tickets.............they said with sympathy, that I would have to take what was left after everyone else got theirs....which was fine.

Well, when I pulled up at 9am.......(now remember, the tix don’t go on sale until 4pm...7 hours away).........there were 15 beach chairs lined up with parents sitting waiting to be first in line to get tickets.......this is a freaking recital for little kids.......all of the seats in the theatre are decent......what do you think you love your kid more than anyone else because you are waiting all day????  What is your kid going to be in the American Ballet Theatre because you sit your butt in an uncomfortable lawn chair for hours?  A-holes......that is what these people are.......if I didn’t face getting arrested for disorderly conduct........I would have opened my hand wide....and bitch slapped each and everyone of them down the line.....and gotten total joy out of it.........

Want to hear the clinker........I didn’t even look at the tix until we got to the recital..I figured we were in the peanut gallery....guess where they were.....5 rows from the stage in the center......sometimes there is justice......

Another example of OP’ one son is on a couple of swim teams......some of these parents know every stat and time of every kid at every high school in a 50 mile radius..they carry around charts, write down stats and take notes at all of the meets.......they brag.....they gloat when their kid beats yours....GET OVER YOURSELVES.....YOUR KID AIN‘T MICHAEL PHELPS......

Now I am currently dealing with college admissions and tours....some of these pooop heads on the tours...I just want to kick them in their father raised his hand during an orientation........“my son got a 1500 on his SAT’s (1600 is the highest you can get).......will that give him a better chance to get in“.......people brag about where their kid is gives me a headache....go get a damn life of your own.....

While attending an open house at a really beautiful University....a professor from the Business Dept said to us...there are more internships than we have kids to fill them....he went on to say “kids don’t want to work, they are so pampered and spoiled with a sense of entitlement that these positions go unfilled“.......hey that is wonderful news for my son....I guess I am glad some parents teach their kids to have a sense me, me, me....jerks...

To end my soap box.......I will really get your blood on this article and is long, but a very quick read....It was in Phiadelphia Magazine last year....some poor teacher at a prestigious private school that was there for 21 fired because some rich, extremely obnoxious parents didn’t like that how their little bratty daughter was being treated (the teacher didn’t do anything, READ THE ARTICLE)...... [Link Removed]


Lisa xo

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Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Bobbi Bacha wrote Nov 24, 2008
    • I can relate completely, being a single mother of three children, I can totally relate.. have them look down on you to boot because your single and have all the mothers snide at you as you walk past thier husbands..  

      Yep.. I can definately relate to this..

      Do you remember the Practical Magic movie with Nicole Kidman where she came in and swiveled her hips and said, hold on to your husbands ladies because the witch is back in town.. It really what they need.

      But as for the kids, I know if I was late from work and all the other kids moms were on time, they would be sooo mad at me, so the flip side is if you dont wait in that line, and the others kids moms and dads did, your children may feel slighted, and you dont want that to happen.

      I still have my kids say to me do you remember when you were the only mom late to my recital or play or program.. and I just say.. OK I give up.. I dont get the perfect mom award.. although I am and was.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Robinesque wrote Nov 24, 2008
    • Parents living through their kids.
      Who started THIS?!!!!

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Bobbi Bacha wrote Nov 24, 2008
    • Thanks Teeky.. you never want to fail your children.. ever.  I know Ive been a perfect mom and best I can.. Ive had to be Mom and Dad.. so its harder.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Jacquie6363 wrote Nov 24, 2008
    • Funny...our kids got the same diploma as they kids.  Each diploma reads the same, no exceptions..

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Dee Dee Shaw wrote Nov 24, 2008
    • And the outcome is a whole generation of young people who think they are entitled to a paycheck because they show up. It is sad that so many fail to teach their children responsibility and cause effect relationships. Their are consequences to every choice we make. Kids in America aren't learning that because parents aren't letting them reap the consequences of their actions. But guess what ya'll...our kids will grow up to be the bosses, and the movers and shakers because we are teaching our children how to be responsible, how to be compassionate, and that for every effect their is a cause.

            Report  Reply

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