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Good Morning Ladies,
A few weeks ago when i joined this wonderful community i stated in my first “blog” that i was not sure if i knew how to blog. This still holds true today. I find myself feeling a bit shallow , for lack of a better word. I certainly am not as politically charged as many of you are. I do not have any field of “expertise” like many of you do. I do not have a high powered career,although i am working on building one. So i guess what i am getting at is....
Is there anything wrong with just keeping it simple and light and friendly, which is, as i see it, My field of expertise??? Is it ok to just come in a say good morning, good night or what’s up this weekend and sharing a personal blurb or experience or 2? Without contributing more than that?
I came here looking for friendship and have definitely found it. I am so happy with that.
I have gotten so much form this have no idea.  

 Things about sex, business, marriage, the awesome strength of some of you woman here and the trials you have had to endure and come here and share your stories...I draw strength and beauty from them. I started taking my vitamins again and eating healthier. The Secret is back in my life...when i follow the law of attraction and give into and feed  my spiritual self my life is amzaing! This community brought that back to me. Even the last few days the zodiac was dead on...i found myself pushing to get something accomplished because of something that was on there yesterday. Wherever those forecasts come from  they are pretty accurate.
Anyway...this is jumbly at best i know but i just want to make sure you all don’t mind my selfishness in getting so much more than i can possibly give here. It is just incredible that clicking on that little link on facebook a few weeks ago has made so much of a positive change in my life. Thank you!
I look forward to being here for a long time....maybe eventually i will have something wonderful to share with you all! Until then ....i will continue to be selfish and grateful for every single word i read here and ever single connection i make.
God Bless!


Member Comments

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      Darla5 wrote Oct 24, 2008
    • Good Morning Ree,

      I think We all including YOU make this site wonderful. Do not discount what you bring to the table. Please look at it like this...


       Sometimes we need the wisdom of the experts on this site. Other times we have read a story of heartache and it puts our own problems in perspective. Then again there are times when someone  will simply say hello on our page and it brightens our day that someone is thinking about us. Who can say one is more important than the other?

      I have loved the comments we have shared with each other. You cannot put a price tag on fellowship.  


      Hope you are having a beautiful morning. I am sure it is nippy there. Bundle up and enjoy your day. Good wishes are headed your way!

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      Rena Bennefield wrote Oct 24, 2008
    • **Hello There..and... Welcome =)   I have been on here for a few weeks myself..I love it also..I have connected with some amazing women on here...I love to read all the interesting blogs..Some have made me laugh, some have made tears come to my eyes..I had been feeling cut off and lonely here at home..Now I get up in the morning and I look forward to reading more about their lives, and interacting with everyone..It has been a real blessing...I mistakenly got in a debate that got a bit heated..I graciously bowed out and retracted my comments..I would rather come here like you and say Hello and keep it light..Life is too stressful and there is enough unpleasant issues we deal with everyday..This is my escape from that...Looking forward to reading more about You. Your life seems so full..I think your quite an amazing woman yourself...I think what you're doing with all the children from Northern Ireland is a very wonderful thing..Children are the ones who suffer. You sound like a very involved mother..I was just like you when mine were young...It keeps you running.. I am looking forward to reading more about your exciting life...Take Care Of U and Yours...

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      Feathermaye wrote Oct 24, 2008
    • Mornin’ Ree!

      I wish everyone was selfish in the selfless way that you are! ;)

      We all have different strengths and weaknesses. We give and take all day long, whether we realize it or not.

      You are welcome to contribute as much or as little as you‘re comfortable with. No worries!

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      Cindylouwho1966 wrote Oct 24, 2008
    • Ree,

      I never blogged before because I didn’t know “the rules.” Well, there are no rules, per se. You write what’s in your heart. Keep it up! Not everyone is cynical and jaded like me!

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