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It's been a few weeks of discovery for me.  Listening to other women talk about how they discovered the right path for themselves!

Over and over again last week and this, I've heard dynamic, successful women share their stories of how they got where they are today.  And over again, I heard the word "discovery".  

BTW - these were 'chronologically maturing' women well into the 2nd half of the journey!

I knew I was on the right path in leading us down this avenue of sharing around what sets the 2nd half of the journey apart from the first!  And honing in on the 'key' pieces that make up the 2nd half was just the 'first step' in changing direction in our lives.  

The kind of 'direction' that includes a mental, emotional, psychological and oftentimes, physical turn that leads us along the path to what delights us in life - in business - in personal relationships - in whatever it is that we earnestly set out to accomplish - and DO!

I often wonder as I dialogue here, if what we say has any meaning for anyone out there in cyberspace who lands here and discovers our blog!  I go blithely on assuming it does and imagining the day when women eagerly await the next 'edition' of the many messages that reside here.

You see, I've lived long enough and observed life, folks and events enough that my viewpoint is that women - all women - are savvy enough to have discovered this 'stuff' long ago and simply 'yawn' at the re-read!

Then I'm reminded that while I know a lot of 'stuff' that I am good at sharing with others to assist them - only to discover that when it's me caught on the 'horns of the dilemna' - it's very different!

I think even though, like a rolling stone, we gather great wisdom, knowledge, education (formal or otherwise) and life experiences - it all goes out the window so to speak, when it's "me" in the midst of the trees and I can't see the forest!

I think the great stories I heard over the past several weeks that bolstered my confidence and served as  "confirmation", were as much for me as for our friends, neighbors, and visitors to!

But also for you!  You who come here daily to find something new and a little enticing - a 'nugget' of truth that strikes a cord.  A 'piece of the puzzle' that can be added to the jigsaw that is your destiny and purpose and fills a space that was previously 'empty'!

Sorta' like when I do a crossword puzzle.  I start out great - filling in the blanks and complementing myself on my intelligence (yea, right!).  Then it comes to the 'downs' and 'across' that don't quite click for me.

I struggle and struggle with finding the right word to fit in those spaces - to make progress.

I'm ashamed to admit that I've NEVER totally finished any crossword puzzle I started!  I finally set it down and say, "for another day!"  Most often, it gets forgotten and eventually goes out in the trash!

What do you suppose that says about me?

What I do know is that discovery is an art the same as reflection is an art!  One can focus, but not always reflect!

One can discover, only to turn from the moment - forgetting it all.  Sort of like James says in the book of the same name!  We look in the mirror (reality) and see the truth; then promptly turn away, forgetting all that was revealed to us!

Discovery is the stuff of which life education is made.  It is the essence of seeing something we didn't see before.  It is also what takes us beyond where we are now and gives us a 'clue' as to the what's next!

Discovery that has to do with learning something new about me; about who I am or have become; what comes next and where the "what comes next" will take me, is art!

And it takes practice!  It is not an art form that comes natively to most!  It has to be sought after; acquired and appropriated.

It's Friday afternoon and the sun is shining in my upstairs 'cubbyhole' office as only a fall sun can do!  It beckons me to wind up the day with poetry and a metaphor for the art form!

Life is like a dance!  Sometimes its a tango - often times it's not!

Life is like a dance!  Sometimes it's a rumba, often times it's not!

Life is like a dance!  Sometimes it's a fox trot, often times it's not!

Life is like a dance!  Most times it's a waltz, seldom it is not!  

Life is like a dance!  Sometimes this and often times that!

It is in the intervals between the cadences and the beat that one sees the difference!

Have an AWESOME day!

Linda, a fellow journeyer


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