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As a wellness consultant, I conduct seminars and presentations educating others about the growing problems we face in our nation. The statistics are staggering, and they aren’t getting any better. Cancer just surpassed heart disease as the number one killer. Diabetes comes in third, and fourth - properly prescribed drugs. No that isn’t a typo. We aren’t talking about accidental, or even intentional overdoses. We are talking about properly prescribed drugs. AND if we combine that with all the other medical accidents, deaths as a result of unecessary treatments, etc, the medical system itself becomes the number one culprit for causing death in America. Our nation is ranked at the bottom of the totem pole by WHO in healthcare. Last I heard we had slid from 37th a few years ago, down to 41. There are third world countries doing better than we are!
So why are we so sick? We live in a toxic environment - the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food (or pseudo food) we eat. There are some simple things we can do to improve our odds of staying well, or regaining our health.
Over the past 10 years or so my family has been on a journey - one to establish and maintain health. Early in my marriage and mommyhood days, I was quite ignorant about nutrition and wellness. I had heard the old cliche’ “You are what you eat” but had never given it much thought. My 3 oldest children were victims of my lack of knowledge. When they were little, we lived in the doctor’s office. My son was plagued with allergies, and ear infections were constant companions. I didn’t see the connection between what we ate and the constant trips to the doctor.
Fast forward a few years and the dawning began. With each pregancy I had just a few more health problems. By pregnancy number 5 I was bedridden because of my blood pressure. I started studying nutrition. I had a midwife who was ‘into all that‘. Even with diet changes, I still had declining health. By the time I was pregnant with Rebekah (number 10) my liver became my worst enemy and my saviour all at the same time. It decided it had had enough, and basically stopped working. Then I was really on a mission. By that time I had become very into eating healthy and supplementing, but it wasn’t enough. All the OTC pain killers I had taken for the headaches I had constantly (later I learned they were a result of the artificial sweeteners I was using) took their toll on my liver. Thankfully, with a very strict liver friendly diet I was able to avoid medications. I still had other health issues, and thought I would have to live with chronic pain the rest of my life. I told myself “it runs in the family” so I considered myself destined to follow.
And then a friend introduced me to a technology called glycobiology. Convinced me to get involved with a network marketing company - but only for the products I told her. My life was so full, I didn't have time to exhale. But then came the results - and God's call on my life. I expanded my mission to not just help my family find wellness, but to share it with others. I have logged countless hours studying the body and how it works, different modes of healing, and how they all work synergystically. I have attended conferences, and educated myself so that I could pass that along to others. The only way we can be healthy is to pursue it. Our toxic environment will catch up with us, even if we think we are in the best of health. Cancer is a silent killer. By the time you know you have it, it is a race for your life. Heart disease can hide too. 50% of the time the first 'symptom' is a fatal heart attack.
My goal is to inspire others to educate themselves, and take action... even if they are baby steps.
In the coming days, I’ll post some baby steps to take - many of them which won’t cost you anything (except maybe convenience.) Let’s take control of our health so we can take control of our destinies!

Sharing Hope,

Dee Dee


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