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Fifteen years ago today i had my last child.  It is simply mind-boggling to me.

My labor was induced.  I was due March 20th but BEGGED the doctor to induce me on the 17th.  He refused but told me if i made it through the weekend that he would induce me on the 21st.  At this point, i had been pregnant almost 2 only break was the 8 weeks between having Kelly and discovering i was pregnant AGAIN (with Patrick).  The induction was a procedure done on Monday afternoon and i was sent home and told to report back bright and early Tuesday morning, but not to eat after midnight.  

I awoke at 3AM and couldn’t get back to sleep so i decided to get up and do my nails.  I filled and filed my nails then buffed them to a blinding shine, all the while feeling a little queasy.  I showered, did my hair, got dressed and was ready to leave by 7AM.  Off to the hospital we went...arrived about 7:30.  I reported to the nurse’s station and announced that i was there to have my baby.  The nurse says, “Are you in labor?”  (Oh, God...i’m SO not in the mood for a stupid nurse!)  I let that one go and responded that i’d been induced and was told to be there at 7:30.  She checked some papers and led me into a labor room.  I was instructed to disrobe and don the hospital-issued gown.  When the doctor checked my progress, i was thrilled to learn that i was already 4cm dilated!  Yay...EPIDURAL TIME!  

Just about the time that the anesthesiologist arrived to administer the epidural, a nurse entered the room and said, “You‘re back!!!”  I smiled, a little embarrassed.  “I remember you!  You‘re an absolute RIOT in labor,” she said.  (’s a screaming ball for me, too.)  This nurse labored with me for Kelly 11 months earlier and she actually remembered me!  Kelly’s labor was so bizarre that i had to do something to pass the time so i entertained the nurses with my sarcasm and smart-alecky comments.

Once the epidural was in place and i was relaxing, i called my father.  His wife answered and when i asked for Dad, she said he’d left at 6:30 that morning!  I asked huz to go see if Dad was in the waiting room and when he returned, Dad was with him.  After learning that Dad had been in the waiting room since 7AM, he announced that he would like some coffee and huz agreed.  They left for a “quick cup of coffee” and i was left to amuse myself.  Not too long after they left, things got to feeling differently and i mentioned it to the nurse.  She checked and said, “Whoa, you‘re ready to go!”  Lots of scrambling about took place for a few minutes and just as i was about to begin pushing, in strolls huz.  His eyes immediately went HUGE as a gown was thrown at him and he realized it was time.  First push...ugh!  Second push...“One more and you‘re there, Linda” the doctor proclaimed.  “Do you PROMISE” i responded.  Third push...mission accomplished!  Our beautiful baby boy was born!  The first look i got of him was a profile and i said to myself, “Good grief, he has his father’s nose!”  Huz left with the nurses as they took care of Patrick while the doctor got to finishing up with me.  When he was done, he came to my side, told me i did a great job and “See you next year!”  Ha ha ha...a doctor with a sense of humor.  My response to him was, “Not if you do your job right, you won’t!”  

I was scheduled for a tubal ligation immediately after having Patrick.  When done this way, the epidural is used instead of anesthesia.  Evidently, the labor and delivery area was busy that day because after 6 hours, my doctor was still unable to do the surgery.  I was weepy, irritable, thirsty as hell and nervous, too.  Huz decided that we were done waiting and that i wouldn’t have the tubal, afterall.  I’m not afraid to admit that i was totally relieved.  I was terrified of surgery!  Once that decision was made, it was a matter of less than 5 minutes and i had the IV out, the epidural catheter removed, and a sandwich and drink in front of me.

Not too long after i ate, i heard the smacking of little feet running down the hall.  I knew it was my little Kelly, now only 11 months old and already a big sister!


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