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Its getting worse here by the day, or maybe by the hour. My daughter came back Saturday, We all sit down and now our whole family has openly admitted she has a boyfriend and that we all know.  Only in my family would you sit down and talk about something like that calmly.
I guess alot of the reason is noone wants to be the person to push her over the edge. So for wks now she is either on her cellphone or laptop after work til she goes to bed. Mind you she has two young sons who are begging for her attention.
So now after she told everyone she wanted to work on her marrage, and wanted to be here. It came out that she went on friday, all the way to Knoxville, which is like two hrs from here, picked this boyfriend up and has him at the apartment that she was staying at.
She has went from someone, who wanted children so badly, and seemed to adore her sons, to someone who doesnt even see them, and all she thinks she wants is out, My son says she cant take the boys with her this time.
So now this house is full of tension, she is here in body only, she wants to leave, but doesnt want to leave her sons, which i understand, but by all standards We all beleive she cannot take care of them.
My son and her have only been married for four yrs, have a 3 and 2 yr old. Her mother and all her sisters have bipolar disorder and have all been in mental instituions. My son has gotten to where he worked, did the housework, took care of his sons, and tried to keep her on an even keel too. And it all is taken its toll on him.
So now im doing the housework, cooking the meals, and trying to tend to the boys, with my daughters help, who also has my 1 yr old granddaughter here with us.
She got off work today at 4.30, didnt come home til 6, we had the house done and supper on the table, fed her boys, she did give them baths and get them into pajamas, and put them to bed at 8.30. Between that time she was either texting or calling someone the whole time, while we watch the boys try to get her attention.
None of us know what to do with her, she is having a breakdown of some kind, but i dont know how my son is doing it anyhow, she openly admits she no longer loves him, doesnt want him to touch her. She let her boyfriend drive her truck and he had her cellphone today when my son called it. We have the stable enviroment for the children right now, there toys are here, their beds are here. She wants to take them to a 1 bedroom apartment, with her boyfriend, with them all sleeping in one bed.
The guys in question has temper issues, and isnt stable either. what a mess. I keep waiting for her and my son to kill each other right now. I feel bad for my grandsons and my son.
Me and her do talk, and i have tried to talk to her thru this, but i cant change her mind either. I so dont want the girl to throw her family away, possilby lose her children. Nashville is so pretty, but not from in this house, and no i cant move out right now, if i do i dont know what will happen to any of them.. I want to do my own thing, what a mess.  

Member Comments

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      Vikki Hall wrote May 31, 2011
    • Have you or your son called a lawyer for advice? I would!!!!! And if you just can’t do that I would be documenting everything.

      Now if it was me I would just start living and doing things that would be positive for the kids. I probably wouldn’t wait on Mom to do anything I would just go ahead. And if she said anything i would just reply that kids need stability and love above all else.

      Sending you prayers!

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      Mzd3 wrote Jun 1, 2011
    • Sounds like she needs to be somewhere that she can get some medical/mental help right now. IMO

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