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. She will be advised by the very best out there and that are available to run our Great Nation. I do have to say, given a third party choice.. Of a conservative nature, I myself would be pounding the pavement and hopping on board for overall reform...

So vote your conscience.. BE careful , extremely careful , How you cast this vote.More government spending? less military power? more of the same old bullshit , the Congress and Senate , running things from their men and women already in power. Honestly , if things are going to change. There is needs to be a major change in political power in both the Congress and the Senate..

Of course this is only the humble opinion of a 47 year old gramdmother, that came directly from the impoverish, who has overcome huge adversity to rise above it, by working my ass into the ground and knowing the difference between what I truly need or what I want. It is the wants that destroy our great nation.Not the basic needs of fundamental necessities.
Christina C. Hendrick Carroll
aka Rlylving@paltalk
or Rlylving @
or CCares4ever on my space and also facebook  

GEt out there cast your vote.. Vote for honest to goodness change in power. Don’t allow the last Republican reign scare you from voting for overall change, in our economy and the ability to Strike when necessary...


Member Comments

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      Kpg19 wrote Nov 16, 2008
    • Well, it looks like we‘re going to get change all right. More bail-outs and more bleeding hearts. So far Obama’s new crew consists of the most liberal people in America. Republicans and democrats won’t have to “come together” if only far left people control everything. I’m anxious to know what republicans he plans on putting in power positions, if any. Obama also has Holleywood on his side. Has anyone seen Kelsey Grammer’s interview where he speaks of being forced to pay $10,000 to a democratic cause or be fired? He paid up. Holleywood. That’s what today’s children worship. Mr. Grammer is a Republican! What kind of America is that? What would you do if you were told to fund something you did not believe in or lose your job? I’d tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. What say you?

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      Cccares4ever wrote Nov 17, 2008

      I am in total agreement with you . I have to also add that my stubbornness gets me into a world of trouble. I have never been one to kiss butt. I feel as if I am a success in life ; I have fought many a battle and one of them was not kissing up to get ahead. I am a newbie into the world of politics, which is sad to admit. Yet, in life, I do not for any reasons give up on what my convictions or beliefs are.  

      With the new president elect, I can only pray for a relatively decent outcome. We win some, we loose some in life . I just honestly pray that our country does not end up in a situation of war  and the man in charge doesn’t have the guts or glory to call all out war.  

      God is great and so greatly to be praised.

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      Kpg19 wrote Nov 17, 2008
    • I commend you for your honest hard work. So many Americans have no idea what hard work and dedication is. That disturbs me. Too many people want a free ride in life, weather it be a promotion for doing nothing or being spoon-fed by their parents. People in their 60s and 70s are seeing more financial hardship these days. The economy is in real trouble.

      I wonder how the new administration plans on fixing all of this. I haven’t heard one solution mentioned that even comes close to being the answer. The closest plan is socialized medicine. Why should we think that is the answer when those in other countries with socialized medicine come HERE for better care? And where will all of the money come from? All of us hard working Americans...that’s where. What will be my incentive to work so blasted hard. There are so many days I just want to stay home and rest, but I don’t. I maintain a strong work ethic.  

      I also hope and pray things go in a safe and sensible direction. God Bless and protect America.

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