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Love it

I just wanted to comment a bit on what I do, I know many of you follow my blogs and have many questions,  I also follow many of your wonderful posts.  Thank you, I joined this group to meet wonderful quality women and to help where and when, I can.  

A little about me, I am one of the most famous Private Investigators in the UsA and told I am the most famous Female PI in USA, my offices are in Texas and I am President of Blue Moon Investigations Security and Protection, I am the founder and I have about 170 employees.  Im told I am definately the most written about and Ive had movies and books, poems, etc. written about me.  Ive solved so many cases and in between, Ive managed to be a mother, homemaker, and a woman.  Ive been told Im the toughest PI, with a voice of a twelve year old since I sound so young.  I googled my name and I have about 1,570 hits on my name and about 1700 hits the same for my company. Im on imdb Movies as well as many radio shows, talk shows, Entertainment TV, A&E, Court TV, Fox, CNN, BBC, Geraldo, ORielly Factor, 48 Hours, DAteline, Today Show, Early Show, Inside Edition, Good Morning America and many more.  Texas Monthly and Oprah Magazine have featured me as well as many others magazines and news / talk shows and radio shows.  [Link Removed]

I help many on occassion when I feel that I must or can help.  Many times I never understand the full impact I have on peoples lives, as the truth is a fact that can not be changed and thats the realm I deal with everyday.  Truth cant be made pretty or changed, its just what it is and outcomes can never be predicted.  

Ive quoted my favorite definition of Truth many times as there are a few but the one I live by it this one.  Definition of Truth: “Truth is the supreme reality.”  

Many can not deal with the truth and live in worlds they create.  Many ignore the truth or hide from it and there are those that seek the truth and are not ready for what it may reveal.  

What is do is a gift, a talent, its natural to me and I an the best. I embrace truth like a warm blanket although it may not tell me what I want to hear I know its real. I can deal with real.  I have trouble with fake or phoney.  

If you seek the truth, just remember what I tell my clients.  Truth is a double edged sword it hurts to never know the truth and it also hurts to find the truth.  Its also like a Pandora’s box as you never know what ever it contains yet we know we must open the box... or never know and finally once youve let the Genie out of the bottle.... you can never put it back.   So if your ready for the Truth, be ready to enter my world, the realm of supreme reality and the realm of the double edged sword, the Pandora’s Box and the Genie in the bottle forever to be free.  Vicki Day in London is a wonderful woman to post one of my cases here and I follow her each day as she goes through London, Im with her some how. Just as I follow many of you here and on facebook. I try not to post here since my posts usually deal with investigations although Im one of the best experts in my field.  

Michele wrote this to me today, its one of many thank you’s she sent me, but I wanted to post it as I know I change lives, forever.  Its a talent and I do it with ease, like  a wave of my hand, it happens.  Vicki Day said it perfectly.  I just wanted you all to share with Michele her joy and pain. Here is what she posted on her FB site today thanking me for finding her brother Trent.  I hear this often from clients.  Daily and weekly and Im so glad I helped.  

Michele Barnes-Warnecke wrote at 11:34am June 13
Well Bobbi, you did it girl!!! That double-edged sword has actually turned out to be in our favor...:) He still wants nothing to do with our mother, and I don’t blame him one bit, as I don’t as well. But, there are good people in our family and that’s what he needs to know!! Not only did you change my life forever....but Trent’s life the most... Read More. He’s so happy and excited about finally having a real family and belonging. His girlfriend sent me the most beautiful, heart felt message, stating how thankful she was that we found him. That she’s never seen him so happy. And never heard him say such wonderful things before about family!! You do change people’s lives.....what a gift to have!! To you, Bobbi....:)

Thanks Michele.  

Kudos to Yanna as she created a wonderful site for women to meet and give emotional support as well as share ideas, receipes and thoughts on life. I hope you keep the site open to everyone and not just the few. I love being able to talk to women of all walks of life, all over the USA and abroad from all professions.  I love all the differnt opinions, cultures and beliefs.  That is the real majic to fabulous 40 is women who would not normally meet or get a voice in thier social circles, cultures and communities can actually meet here and talk as equals.  

If your ready for the truth and can face the Pandora’s box and the Genie from the bottle.  Then Truth will be your supreme reality like it is to me.  

I hope some on the site dont see this as bragging, I use a cover name of Greeneyedlady to be covert, except to those that know me but I wanted to let everyone know I appreciate you all.  I hope sharing Micheles story can help you all relate to what I do a bit more.

Greeneyedlady, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

Love it


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