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If you‘re a woman born in the mid to late 20th century, you probably have not escaped the hype surrounding plastic surgery tales. It seems of late that the tales are tales of woe. Why? It seems that many victims now regret their decision to have certain procedures because their results were not what they expected.

Unrealistic expectations plague both the surgeon as well as the patient. Some of those who opt for breast enhancement felt their new breasts were too big or not optimally placed on the chest which means they were too close together or the implants were positioned too far apart.

Same goes with facelifts. Some of those who had face work performed lament that their faces looked too pulled and unnaturally taut. Some patients complain that other procedures i.e., eyelifts, laser treatments and liposuction were added to the surgical menu to prop up the profit margin, justifying their expenditures because the doctor recommended additional procedures.

Other situations and challenges involve complaints against the medical staff saying that the risks along with recovery times were not fully disclosed.

Some practitioners prey on women who are in the throes of menopause because women are sometimes depressed. It has been suggested that those who are contemplating plastic surgery may want to wait until the depressive state has lifted. Lorraine Dennerstein, a psychiatry professor at the University of Melbourne in Australia, says “For some women the [years before, during and right after menopause] are a heightened time of vulnerability to life’s stressors - much like what might occur the year after giving birth.” In other words, the coping skills of women in menopause may impact plastic surgery decisions and this means that the patient may not like the results they receive.

Hormonal depression or not, there are plenty of flubs surrounding plastic surgery.

Just look at our current crop of celebrities whose faces are frozen and misshapen. They actually paid someone they trusted to alter their appearance hoping that their results would match the computer generated images they saw in their doctor’s office before they agreed to invasive surgical procedures.
Do you believe celebrities who wear frozen and misshapen faces really enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror or on-screen when they have been mutilated again and again? Looking at the altered faces affirms that surgery is risky and the results unpredictable.

Wake up potential patients! Unless you have a doctor who is a practicing artist you may not get the results you have been promised. Plastic surgeons are not magicians. They do not refund your money if you are dissatisfied with your new nose, your breast enhancement or reduction or your face work.

Procedure after procedure, injection after injection, surgery and more surgery does not a pretty face make. Rather we begin to see waxen, odd, uneven and misshapen features that may include a trout pout with strangely stretched contours, unnaturally enhanced upper cheeks and that taut, pulled, perverted look that screams “inauthentic.”

Remember frequent enhancements mean it is more likely there will be complications and bizarre outcomes. Risky, expensive and unpredictable results may mean that your close friends and family may not support your decision to have your beautiful face cut and sutured. Will you become a plastic surgery junkie willing to sacrifice your beauty?

There is nothing wrong wanting to [Link Removed] better, revitalized and refreshed. In fact, you owe it to yourself to lovingly care for your body and that certainly includes your face.

[Link Removed] is the most amazing thing you can do for your face. The results are apparent almost immediately and lasting results are possible when you exercise just minutes a day. The benefits are many. You will immediately see and feel your facial muscles improve as your facial symmetry is restored. Your jaw, your brow, your cheeks, the neck and forehead are just a few of the areas targeted using simple, easy exercise.

Lifting and firming from your clavicle to your hairline will increase day after day as you practice and perfect the routine. Your eyes will appear more refreshed as these exercises plump up and refine hollows, lessening the appearance of lines and dark circles. Each exercise deliberately increases the oxygenation levels as the isometric contractions revitalize your face and neck muscles.

Without anything harmful, without risk, without sutures, drugs or injections, using only your thumbs and fingers, you can de-age your face 10 to 15 years in 9 to 12 weeks.

You will look like you when you choose exercise. Your friends and family will offer genuine compliments as a result of your efforts as you put your best face forward.

Article Source: [Link Removed]

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Member Comments

    • +1 votes vote up vote up

      Angelcart wrote Apr 28, 2010
    • I have never had any plastic surgery but I have several friends who have had implants.  Two of them wished they would have went smaller.  Too scary for me.  Besides, have you seen Kenny Rogers face now?  That’s VERY scary!!LOL

            Report  Reply

    • +1 votes vote up vote up

      Cristina Corral wrote Apr 28, 2010
    • LOL  I have seen his face too.  I know he can’t be happy.

      I used to work with a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and he would do Liposuction of heavy women.  I asked him why he would do that when he is only allowed to take out so much fluid from their bodies.  (Not enough fat to make a difference).  He told me because then they would want to come back for more.  It was mind boggeling.

      He also did horrible blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery).  One nurse, came to her follow up appt with her eye stretched very far down.  It was horrible.

      I called him 00 Doc (double “O” doc) and soon quit!

            Report  Reply