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The massive snowfall of 2010 has to be the cause. It has shut down the government so no news of any interest is coming out of Washington. And reporters, commentators, bloggers and all other media are just plain bored. That’s it! Boredom must be the cause of this new plethora of Palin persecution. In this world filled with economic woes, Iranian threats, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and unfolding terrorist plots, there is nothing better for them to do than have another go around at Sarah Palin hating. Just what is it about Sarah Palin that her detractors find so threatening, distasteful, or objectionable?  

When John McCain first introduced her as his running mate, I honestly had never heard of her. I wondered why, if McCain was making a play for the female vote, he didn’t ask the likes of Meg Whitman (eBay) or Carly Fiorina (HP) to join his campaign.  The economic expertise that they would have brought to the table was exactly the experience he needed on his ticket.  Instead, he chose this dynamo from Alaska who took the country by storm.  And from day one this country started choosing up sides where Sarah Palin was concerned and that continues to this day.

But like her or not, agree with her or not, she is not stupid and she is not an idiot. She may not be the most inspirational leader of all time, but there are a multitude of people out there who really want to listen to what she has to say. Where ever she goes crowds flock to see her. There is something magnetic and very intoxicating about her. Her first book is on the bestseller list. She has been hired by Fox News. And now the Tea Party Movement has adopted her as their cover girl.  

What are her motives? Where is she going from here? What will her next move be? Whatever she decides to do it must be decisive and defining. Right now there are glaring inconsistencies in what she espouses and no definitive solutions in anything she advocates. Sarah Palin must figure out just what it is she wants to be when she grows up.

If indeed she aspires to higher public office, now is the time for her to cultivate a positive agenda, to formulate viable solutions and to present her conclusions succinctly to a public eagerly looking to her for answers. Sarah Palin must do this right now before her public becomes impatient and looses confidence in her and she must do it right now before her adversaries get the upper hand. Her adversaries are busily working on finalizing their caricature of her from which there will be no return. And if Sarah Palin doesn't take a stand, doesn't establish her creditability and doesn’t prove her detractors wrong she will be labeled and stereotyped as a brainless, inept hockey mom forever.  

This Ole Quacker would like nothing more than to see Sarah Palin make it. I firmly believe it is up to her public, folks like you and me, to show her the way. Now go to [Link Removed] and hear the song that goes with this article and also the previous one called They‘re Nailin’ Palin’ to the Wall (see song list) and sing her praises. Thanks so much for reading.

[Link Removed] 

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Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Tamra wrote Feb 15, 2010
    • Well put.  Although I haven’t decided if I am a Palin fan or not, I do think she has gotten unfair treatment by the press.  Some of the things she is being criticized for have been done by her male counterparts for years with no mention of them.

      Does anybody think she is the first to scribble a couple of notes on her hand?  Yet, name one other person in the public eye who’s been criticized for doing so.

      And she certainly wasn’t the first candidate to spend campaign funds on her appearance while running for office.  But had you previously seen anyone else attacked for doing so?  Shoot, President Clinton closed down the St Louis airport once when I was traveling through there so he could get a $400 haircut on the tarmac.  And all while on the taxpayer’s nickle!

      So she likes hockey?  Dare I say that a male politician has ever followed a favorite sport, too?  Oh yeah, there’s that basketball thing and, then candidate, Barrack Obama.  Did anyone call him “dumb” for enjoying a game of b-ball occassionally when he was running for office?  I don’t remember hearing anything like that.

      I felt that Hillary Clinton was also treated differently than the male candidates when she was campaigning.  I don’t think it’s a party thing, liberal vs conservative, etc. I think it’s more about how the “rules” are applied differently to our two genders.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Vikki Hall wrote Feb 15, 2010
    • First off I thought there was no news because everyone was watching the Olympics.

      As for Palin..... I am all about women leadership and I almost always would vote for the woman....good, bad or ugly because I have 2 daughters and really want that glass ceiling to be broken forever. However something about Palin just rubs me wrong.
      I seriously would have given McCain more consideration but for Palin. I can’t put my finger on it tho.....

      I was all for Hilary and was disappointed she lost. I was not behind Obama completely until McCain picked Palin.

      I do enjoy reading your thoughts so keep on keeping onestatic

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Allinet48 wrote Feb 15, 2010
    • I agree with Vikki/

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Ladisheets wrote Feb 16, 2010





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