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What can I say? Debate #3 did not rock my world. Come to think of it, debates one and two didn’t either. Not that I was expecting anything more than total boredom, but last night’s debate was so uninspiring that I stopped Twittering about it by 10pm. Well, there was someone very handsome on the couch with me....and he cures my boredom in about 2 seconds. You’d think that just looking at John McStain, I mean McCain, would lower my sex, not so much. Too much information, right? Well, this isn’t a kiddie blog, people. Lighten up.  

In review, I have just a few observations.If you‘re new to my blog (thanks!) then you’ll soon find out that I don’t care one iota about politics. I pay attention for the comedic content only. I’m blonde (am I?). I’m left handed. I’m Polish. Does that sound like someone who remotely cares about politics? Hell, no. But if it makes me laugh or makes you roll your eyes, I’m on it.  

OK, back to the debate. Cozy little set-up there on the stage. Would have been nice if Martha Stewart stepped in and added a pumpkin centerpiece with freshly fallen leaves on the table. Maybe mugs off spiced cider for the guys? Not sure, but a little folksy look might have taken away from the 80’s gangster suit that John “Hit Man ” McCain was wearing. Nothing bad to say about Obama’s suit...someone is paying attention to his wardrobe.  

In fact, I once again have little to poke fun at with Obama. I wish he’d do something other than bore the hell out of me. Show us a little spirit...a little “I’m a human” type thing. Dance, sing, do something. If I decide to vote for Obama (if I vote at all), I just need to know he has a human side. Although I did see him smile a lot. Mostly at was one of those “shut up, you loser” smiles.

McCain is once again my target here. Just for the sheer fact that he entertains me with his quirkiness.  

REPUDIATE: I lost count after the Maverick said this word for the 11th time. It’s similar to Nixon saying “recollect” way back when.  Let me give Johhny boy a few synonyms so he can sound a bit diverse next time he speaks: disavow, renounce, discard, disclaim. Get a thesaurus, doofus. It might help. On the plus side, he only said, “My friends/friend” twice. While we‘re on the subject of synonyms, how about trying comrade, chum, crony or confidant instead of “my friend“? I really like “chum“.

THE NOTE PAD: What was with McCain and his notepad? He had that sharpie going full blast...was he playing tic-tac-toe, drawing naked pictures of Sarah or just taking notes? Not sure. I did notice that he wrote down every question just in case Alzheimers kicked in when it was his turn to answer. I want to get my hands on that pad. Probably some pretty telling doodles.....

BLUNDERING: McCain repeatedly spoke of about Palin’s knowledge of autism because of her “family situation“. Hey dumb ass, her sweet little son has Down’s Syndrome. Do you even know who your running mate is? Both autism and Down’s syndrome are equally important to be well-informed about...perhaps McCain needs to get to know his VP a little better. I found this to be NOT a source of amusement but a blatant disregard for Palin’s son. Johhny, would you like it if we called your arm situation a case of tennis elbow? Get a clue, old man.

BARNEY RUBBLE: John McCain reminds me of Barney Rubble from the Flinstones. Dye Cindy’s hair black and she could be Betty. Come to think of it, no....Barney was a bit more on the ball. However, I was wondering about the chipmunk cheeks he has. Did he just get a root canal or does John McCain have the mumps?

CONTORTIONIST: I was most entertained by the Maverick’s facial expressions. His fake as a three dollar bill smile was almost painful to watch. There was a point when I thought his eyes were going to pop right out of their
sockets. Mostly when “that one” talked, I mean Senator Obama. His left thumb was constantly up, as if was trying to hitch a ride off stage. There was a moment when it just grazed his left eye. I was waiting for him to poke himself in the eye. I would have spilled my Pepsi over that. McCain appeared to be really on edge as though he was told to “hold back” but the drugs were starting to wear off. Lose the fake smile, Johnny boy. It’s really creepy.

JOE THE PLUMBER: Hey, McCain. Joe Wurzelbacher (a/k/a Joe the Plumber) can’t even vote for you, so why do you keep bringing him up? Word on the street is he’s not even a registered voter. (it’s heresay but I believe everything I read in the Enquirer, OK?) Am I allowed to say “dumb ass” twice in one post? You are pulling crap out of a hat, JM! First we’ve got Joe Six Pack, now Joe the Plumber. Who’s next? Joe  ILostMyHouse because the economy SUCKS? You aren’t going to fix the budget in four years as promised, John. Stop talking shit. If you care about Joe the Plumber, give him a job at fixing stuff at one or two of your houses.  

I’ll be glad when this whole election is over.


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