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How are you going to survive

When your job is no longer there?

The people who survive have survival skills..

People who are strong of mind will be survivor’s..

This is a message to my fellow man/woman across the world..

The Storm Is Coming....*And we all know it!*  

It is starting to effect people.

If you have been in this industry for any period of time

You must hear this hard cold truth..

You may not like it or me because of

Or you may thank your lucky stars

That you are reading this so you can prepare

If you haven’t wanted to think about

And haven’t wanted to use

Your mind and demonstrate skills  

That you never thought before.

You are going to be caught by this storm

And it is not going to be pretty.

The more and more people lose

Their jobs and flood this industry

Looking for the system, looking for someone to tell them

Exactly what to do.

You know, the right things to do

That will get them money quick.

Listen, listen here we go.. The TRUTH  

If all this gets flooded with people trying to make a buck

How effective Do you think the systems will be.

Oh please mark my word....It will get flooded.

Because pretty soon there will be so many trying to make

A buck it won’t even be funny..

And you and everybody on your block will be in the game

There will only be like 13 guys who make all the money

Because they will be the ones

Who can think and run with people

or move with people who are moving forward like them.

Are, you willing to change

Your skill set and learn what most will not take

The time to do?

If not... now you know the reason

Why only 13 will be making money

Most people won’t take responsibility

To change their past mistakes and

Concentrate and stare at their greatness. Most people are so

Conditioned to think like everyone

Else and not think for themselves!

I can say that because  

I was one of them. It wasn’t until I sat back

and looked at my irresponsibility

Of spending money at getting

Rich quick. Was I able to break free

From the bondage of running

With the “mob” and find new information..  

I was able to look at

myself and see what a rim-rod jerk I had been

And I decided to correct the $30,000 mistake

I had made on the GET RICH QUICK MERRY-Go-ROUND.

And change my thinking.. For crying out loud look where that

thinking took me!!

I came on here to learn how to build a business so I

Could stay home with my hubby on the weekends, hang with

My 2 new grandbabies whenever I wanted

And to live a life style I so desired.  

To live what I saw in my head!  

Even though I created more of a problem for myself

And my family I was NOT willing

To let go of ME or MY dreams.

I went looking for a Master in this industry to learn the

“REA DEAL” I gave myself the gift of time and studied.

The people who fair best in any storm are those who are

Prepared. The rest who were waiting to be told what to do,

Yeah they may survive but it won’t be pretty

Think Storm Katrina and The Super Dome..

And there will be a whole bunch of

people who will ignore it all and they will lose everything!

I want to encourage you to find YOUR answers and take the

time to learn how to think differently.

Ask yourself do you want to be one of those

Who are left with the scraps or nothing at all.

I know how it feels to be left holding the bag

of regret and dreams down the drain.

The call tonight is @ 9:27 p.m. EST
1-641-594-7000 600088#

Our speaker tonight is a Master in this industry

He happens to be my coach and mentor and it’s

Through His teachings I have learned MY Way

The Way!

Wealthy, Successful People Don't Get Wealthy & Successful Doing Certain Things

They Get Wealthy and or Successful Doing Certain Things A Certain Way!  

Your Fabulousy40 Friend,
JoAnn Donahue

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