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Crazy cops
Police officials have apparently groundless middle of the road stopped a cyclist, so several cars could drive for long periods. The cyclists were probably bought by a disabled person which only had a few things, and could not carry that far. Actually, in this case would rather someone be so organized that for the disabled person buys or drives him home, rather than that he is still troublesome must drag through the area, but this was rejected. Instead, a fine was imposed.

The cities are generally not cyclist friendly. Cycling is not rewarded, but in some cases punished with fines by police. Police and other bloke screaming misogynist out of the cars out. Bus and train are often no alternative, as from 22.00 clock already has nothing moves. Cyclists are by bus and car drivers have also threatened. Mayor even go so out of fear around with a helmet. People with no income other hand, is nowhere even a helmet refunded.

Rooms are too expensive
Rooms are basically too expensive because there is no comfort, etc. also available. Repairs are expensive, artisans, e.g. Plumber and pipe cleaning are not reliable, but some of it is also botch of them. Also, technicians and caretakers nerves. The tick of the landlord before signing a lease then a Schufa information, as well as obtain a certificate from the previous tenant, he should certify that there is no debt that goes up into a certificate or a certificate stating that no bankruptcy is present should be ended. Leases contain sentences then so how would a dog “to disturb the peace“, etc. For more ticks are also the matter of the additional costs, such as sniffing and unlawful entry of the room, without logging into the private sphere.

Too much control
Time and again, in stores and supermarkets the bags checked in error, without any permission. The retail sector is not to come not in the privacy of the customer to intervene. The facts are twisted by them because the customer is usually these same groups have delivered anyway, this is part of an unfair trade, poverty exploits here in Europe only helps wealthy. The shops have already been monitored with cameras, so an additional check of the bag unnecessary. Too bad that they no longer have confidence to customers, and some people they are unjustly attacked.

Other tricks:
In the shop a lower price of them is even signposted as as an alleged special offer. At the checkout, but will often try to settle the original price. Behind a long queue, so of course it is difficult to address this at all, or you have no time and is in a hurry. Better is always one has the matching amount, because otherwise it’s not you. Goods must be examined even after, otherwise what is missing. For the sick and disabled, this situation is problematic.

No change is possible
Chronically ill with no income have so really no way of health insurance, how to switch the bank, because both the health insurance as well as the banks take only able-bodied wage earners. To open a bank account so you need even a higher amount of cash, or they do not do this anymore. Even guarantees not to take it, but sometimes there is not. And the debtor does not.

According to the report of an ill person, he was medical insurance only through the social welfare office. Health insurance, it refused to insure him. This in turn makes the social welfare office but not in every case. Therefore, we do have to watch it. It’s already are isolated incidents, but is possible for chronic patients.

Many illnesses are discriminated against. This is especially to infectious diseases that are discriminated against on fears of contagion. AIDS, for example is ultimately quite a nasty disease, and is discriminated against. No one will give an infected a place or room.

Women’s Home helps men
Facilities, such as women’s shelters problematic respond to alleged contacts of women with men, and take the woman for this reason not in the refuge, although in this society anyway, so live men facing it as at work, such as before the boss, or before the authorities are not necessarily retreat. Some of the men, the women are not secretly stalk from the environment of the woman herself, but it is the woman unknown men.

Often, however, the prosecutor dangerous men are already known. The prosecutor, like other authorities, proven to protect intensive and repeat offenders, as well as psychotic milieu, although the company as such is not normal.

Doctors had bought her Ph.D.
Some doctors would, according to one expert might buy their doctorate abroad, or spy documents to teachers because it was more and more bad with them. There were some on the black market. It lacked much in the treatments. The fact is, yes, that doctors now admit even now that they kill. Charitable organizations, like the church to do anything against these forms of undignified death. Also, the DRC, as the report does not show fair.

From: [Link Removed]
Great roundup: Hospital boss arrested for fraud
09. Juni 2010 17:51 clock by by Andreas Rabenstein

The principle of sustainability is not achieved in many areas:
[Link Removed] # Das_Konzept_der_Nachhaltigkeit
“Aspects of sustainability

Generally considered together, the concept of sustainability of three components, which are also known as a three-pillar model of sustainability.

    * Environmental sustainability describes the target dimension, nature and the environment for future generations. This includes the preservation of biodiversity, climate change, the maintenance of cultural and natural areas in their original form and in general a careful treatment of the natural environment.

    * The economic sustainability is to postulate that the economy is in such a way that they are permanently provides a sound basis for acquisition and prosperity. Of particular importance here is the protection of economic resources from exploitation.

    * Social sustainability means development of society as a way of participation for all members of the community possible. This includes a balance of social forces with the aim of achieving long term sustainable, liveable society.

Sustainability affects all levels of observation, so it can be implemented locally, regionally, nationally or globally. ”
Goals of social sustainability, not be achieved by a two-tier health system. The hospitals are too backward. Is needed in nursing a “Sustainable Health Care.” Diseases, such as infection must also by the Robert Koch Institute to be combated effectively.

Too much broken
Some spaces, such as the railway station are part of a risk to the safety of the bike. After several tire changes, and repairs of light is sufficient. There is Selbshilfewerkstatt not. The problem is that some repair shops do not repair the part well enough, such as with the wrong tire size, or long waiting times. Garages are cheaper outside, so that is two hours on the road with a flat tire. Cheaper bikes, but which are nevertheless cost 200.00 euros already but suitable for riding, but anyway not the best, even from the comfort. An expensive can not be bought, because that will be made so broken. The wheels are exposed to many stresses by weather and bad roads. Why should anything be damaged. More should be made for the safety of bicycles. Lockable boxes are not.

District Office does not pay housing benefit
More and more district offices make problems with the payment of costs if it can be generated no income due to illness. You should then produce recovery, or someone who still work albeit reduced, a point mediate. This all authorities with ample opportunities. That is due to illness and lack of income attached and removed, it interferes little. The fact that the court’s may one day be far more acceptable to them, as if someone makes an application for housing benefit. Yes they have a warm nest in their families.

Dissatisfaction with the Church
More and more people are dissatisfied with the church, because that with them is not worthwhile financially. Often, church tax paid for years, but what you actually get from this church for this money then? Nothing! It is ultimately something only for the rich. Unfavorable for the poor and sick is that the exit from the church will cost something. Just where does the church more problems.
Book Review said: “Vatican-AG (Nuzzo)
The publication of G. Nuzzo is worth reading. The journalist Nuzzi has received secret documents from the Vatican, it found that the Vatican was quite corrupt. It will go there to extortion, money laundering, such as the Vatican Bank. Money laundering often takes place in the drug trade. It is about the involvement of the church in criminal activity. Already in 2009 another book was published about the finances of the Vatican
C. Maltese, “phony transactions. Noteworthy also is the publication of W. Beinert, “Vatican and Pius brothers: Anatomy of a Crisis.” He speaks of the possibility of the existence of a Catholic fundamentalism, represented by the following Charkatereigenschaften:
1. Anti-modernism, such efforts against liberalism,
2. Dualism, such as black and white painting
3. Bogeyman / war metaphor, like thoughts of conquering the world
4. Conspiracy theories
5. Rigor: In the area of dealing with marginalized groups,
6. Dogmatism idea of infallibility,
4. Authoritarianism: suppressive behavior of the Church over other

Another author says that this religion as such is the concept of “good” is used, and but also does harm.

Cardenal, for example, for a “theology of liberation.” “The love of beauty of nature and the women brought me to God and the love of God to the revolution,” said
E. Cardenal.

Clinics and hospitals are overcrowded
Emergency beds in hallways in hospitals, queue up onto the street at the weekend with the emergency services, it is currently the situation in health care. other areas, such as pharmacies and opticians are busy. Many doctors’ offices and hospitals are currently barely on insured patients. The offices and clinics go to this much money, though now so even those who have a lot of money, possibly get a lot of others. In today’s time-share property is to have not just luck, maybe even some improper transactions in how drug trafficking, and exploitation by others. The physicians’ association gives as a reason for overcrowded clinics and hospitals misfeatures in a form of false CDU / CSU policy that would make it considers ill for more. Some of the medical profession, as well as hospital staff are specifically against the CDU / CSU.
Much is also treated in the treatment due to different health insurance differently. This gives the patient a good treatment, and others will turn up empty. Especially with vaccinations and treatment of the teeth that is handled differently. Much of the treatment of the teeth is not covered.
[Link Removed] 1518,614949,00. html

Fees should be gone
The GEZ behaves differently from humans. Some free them without hesitation or longer from the license fee, others again they rigorously from the TV and radio. Perhaps it is but also to unequal treatment. Who for example, has a low income, has no chance of a relief in comparison to a beneficiary. Actually, this just low-income work are rewarded, which is also preferred by employers, yes, but that is by this handle is not the case. There is also criticism in the program and the content, or is something too uncritical. The GEZ refers to it in the legislature. It should be considered by competent other models.

The collection of fees is outdated. The Excessive collection of fees reflects a repressive CDU / CSU policy. Instead of politicians provide adequately for the people, people dismissed with costs

Instead of introducing a general tax for every household, should be released for free but with the disadvantage of advertising. A charge for all households is not affordable.

Another model that revenue for the public sector from the sale of the equipment would be would therefore cost more and of which a portion is diverted for television.

Managers are no help
During the stay in hospital will be appointed again in detail, a supervisor, who is increasingly becoming a burden. Ultimately, the courts of any accountability report accepts these workers, although most everything has got worse in the situation of the clients. The care does not lead to success. The person concerned must now, although he is usually in a helpless position to supervise the behavior problems supervisor, so he does not talk nonsense. A difficult and complicated task, where no one helps. It involves a lot of money, wasting the supervisor meaningless. Charitable organizations, like the churches do not help.

The judges are increasingly part absurd delusions.

Although the staff will be appointed against the wishes of those concerned, people are used without any income to the cost of care. It concerns me several thousand euros per year.

“The” world risk society “(Beck 2007) and the crisis
Beck had long been coined the concept of risk society. Not only globalization brings more dangers, may also occur by the epidemic. There is no security anymore. Another term causes Kronauer (2009) with a theory about the “threat to the social“. The crisis is threatened in some way the social, reduced the Soziallstaat more and more.
Financial markets are increasingly becoming a kind of roulette table, there were a casino capitalism (with the term casino capitalism: [Link Removed]). The boundaries between gaming and Investitonen would merge. This gambling of banks will probably also be treated psychiatrically, if it is a question. It was not like this lottery win. You have to disappoint there are other games with people.

Computers do not work
Sometimes even the network is overloaded, it is definitely always had problems with the computer that it does not work. This applies above all the Internet cafes, the devices are too slow there.

Situation for the sick should be improved
The situation for some patients is also in some other countries to backwardness. You get to date the death penalty. The International is situated in relation to gender back too far. This should be changed.

Weather is too bad
The last two winters were to minus 20 degrees Celsius is too cold for this region. was minus 20 degrees before it actually only on higher mountains, but not in the cities themselves, the municipalities and communities should now plan ahead and take better care.
[Link Removed]

Unpopular Garages
Who wants to work without pay as a sick yet? Most people oppose any activity in a workshop for people with disabilities called the second Labor market. You think this is a form of oppression by the church, the defenseless people would make a sort of slave for himself, and the grant would not reward them with. Time and again, abuse, addressed also carried out by employees of the church, which would use tax money for violence. This situation should be changed. Diakonia should learn to give. For their behavior, there is no justification specifically by this religion, but the opposite is the case.
“But only with the preaching is not enough” (Boff 2009).

A city is insane
Temporarily I’ve signed in my time living parents. Then I signed out of this town again, parents are now nearly 80 years, both died of old age, and there lives someone else. Although the whole thing is already over ten years since the administration is repeated after ten years on me. For the second time the city now turns to me and said I was registered there yet,
but it is not true, because I am registered elsewhere and have not registered themselves second home.

No room for doubt
The principle of the doubt, the life giving way to an existing since 1933, killing dubious bureaucracy, which correspond with false allegations often not the facts. Instead connect the meaning of life unimportant banalities that are almost pedantic prosecuted to the fore.
See also the article on this: “The banality of evil” is: [Link Removed] People should be resolved internally by the idea. Important must be that someone is healthy and less of a supposedly other thing. Man is not a machine or machine. It is also made no non-bureaucratic help. However, some other countries also operate something like “Entmietung.

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