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I wasn’t quite sure what category this fits

best in.. Entrepreneur or New Thoughts?

I am taking a gander and putting it here

In New Thoughts.. As I realize many are out here

Attempting to build a home base business

And are scratching their heads?  So with that said

What better way to cure the “I just don’t know?”

Then with better/new information!

Consider This:

If products were the “key”

then how come with most companies incredible

products, people aren’t re-ordering. (at a measurable rate),

loads of people are dropping out, and your friends and family

aren’t ripping the bottles out of your hands? Here’s what I think....

  • They can buy it cheaper elsewhere
  • They can not justify their involvement
  • They don’t really need the stuff. And...
  • Using your product is a new habit for them.

Interesting don’t you think? See, what moves product and drives

downlines isn’t the products, In fact, if “sizzling hot” products were the

answer, we’d all be filthy rich by now!

JoAnn Donahue

1-800-772-9781×14 (24Hrs.)


Member Comments

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      Coachmombabe wrote Oct 23, 2008
    • Good point, JoAnn. But if it’s not product, then what is it? A combination of things? Product, service, price? Is there more that I can’t think of right now?

      In my business, which is actually a non profit ministry, what drives donors to give is heart. Does that element also equate into the market as well?

      Good question! And what to do about it?

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      JoAnn Donahue wrote Oct 23, 2008
    • That’s a loaded question!

      Yes filled with
      A few parts..

      However with that out of the way..
      1st and formost it is “heart”
      It is a person
      who simply cares about the other
      and is willing to take
      on the role of leader
      to share what they have.
      Becuase what they have will bring
      Value to that person.
      Selling ice to an Eskimo is not a
      Nice thing to do and the long term
      relationship is forever severed.

      People really do not by products alone. They buy
      into the person first! And the way that happens
      is by being authentic.

      Now we know gosh darn it
      that we do have “slick” folks out there who do get
      over on folks, however in general most people are good
      and if they want to learn to market then they should
      want to learn how to implement the “hidden” formula  

      There is a formula to doing business.
      If you watch
      Ophra, Verizon, Cos Co’s and Walmart
      just to name a few..
      you will see that what works for them is
      what works for all business.

      I have a series of bolgs coming about
      this subject.. Keep posted!

      And I thank you for your comment
      and interest!


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