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It is common knowledge, even understanding, that Freedom of Speech doesn't include the yelling of "Fire" in a crowded venue. Not only could it cause injurious panic, it also would eventually lessen the necessary response if there really were a fire! The 'cry wolf' syndrome. Yet, is that obvious common sense, illegal, or is merely crossing a line? How do we identify lines in matters of rights when often the line is hidden in vague assumptions?

In this day and age, with news no farther than a satellite signal away, with literally billions of people world wide connected through these signals, when does inflammatory rhetoric cross lines of even accepted utterings? Think of it another way. When does speaking what is an opinion as if it were immutable fact constitute encroachment on free speech? Most especially, if like 'fire' in the theatre, the presumed intent is to create fear and panic?

We all know, almost ad nauseam, know, that the broadcast media rhetoric is comparable to the unexplained theories of perpetual motion. Every vocal sound exiting a politician's mouth is examined, sculpted, honed, inserted, re-inserted, trimmed and analyzed as if it precedes the next miracle cure. Or, curse. Then, usually refuted and negated by an opposing analysis just as intense. No violation of rights here, unless it be cruel and unusual verbal harassment. I've noticed recently, that they no longer bother to wait until the speaker has concluded the missive! The analysis and deciphering commence on a suddenly appearing 'sidebar' to the right of the orator! They must have lifted that innovation off the Net! Annoying as this may be, the only danger in this non-stop chattering is a possible rise in the consumption of valium.

So let's throw a few researchable current facts out there. That is not to say they couldn't be mutable. In the most recent polls, Obama has garnered a 66% standing in overall approval rating. It's actually rising after almost reaching the 100 days bar. He's gotten more legislation through the usual do nothing congress in three months than most chief executives accomplish in an entire term. Today it was announced, that although we have some rough water ahead, there are signs of some sunrays on the horizon.  Even some of the conservative Republican pundits were hard-pressed to find any flaws in his presentation on the economy's status this morning. He's managed to accomplish most of this without the benefit of one Republican vote. The Republicans couldn't even pass their own version of the budget! What's going on with them? Are they totally stymied by Obama's victory? Or merely afraid to ruffle their constituents and endanger their re-election?

So why, then, are Right Wing radio and cable news Talk Show hosts inserting even more desperate and inflammatory fear mongering threats into their spiels? Cries from "Obama is out to destroy capitalism, to accusations that the paintings of Abraham Lincoln are being taken down in the White House and replaced with photos of Malcolm X! This isn’t bordering madness? People are actually being encouraged NOT to register their handguns as the Administration is preparing to strip them of their right to bear arms and defend home and hearth. Numerous unwarranted threats of terror attacks abound. They are encouraging law breaking and revolution, promoting hatred and fear. The National Teabag Revolt to coincide with April 15th is now being projected to include thousands of cities and millions of people and rising by the hour. A carnival atmosphere ensues! (Figures vary depending on the station and the hawker). Why do they want our new president to fail?  

What's most ironic is that the people who think they are protesting a tax increase are, in actuality, protesting their own tax CUT. Are the flocks simply following their shepherds, Mr. Rush., Mr. Hannity, and Mr. O'Riley, or simply not aware of what they are protesting? If not, why not? Every bit of the stimulus, the budget, proposals, plans, and policies are available on the Internet. When has THAT ever been attempted before? In some instances, results of the expenditures are starting to show up on the sites. Obama never refuses to mingle with the people or answer a question thrown at him out of a random crowd. The problem seems to be that most people simply do NOT even begin to understand economics. It’s one of the most illusive and difficult courses on the campus of any university. That’s one of the reasons so much corruption went unnoticed for so long.  

In my last column, a few of us had a lively and interesting discussion on values and upbringing. I always love to hear another's perspective and always learn in a serious and genuine discourse. This led me to another discussion with a friend of mine a few days later. The subject came to focus on integrity. Where has all the integrity gone? The true patriotism of a nation that strongly desires to overcome challenges and find solutions to differences? What has happened to critical thinking, and basic common sense? Where is the line between achievement and narcissism? We've always had problems, but history shows the spirit of overcoming, even if a long and arduous journey. I don't see that will and desire as much anymore.  It's as if humanity is learning to thrive more on separatist issues and war, revulsion and tyranny of anything different. Has it always been that way? I suppose so. That doesn't make it any less sad to me as there are lines that crossed enough times can't ever be redrawn. Is that where we are after 10,000 years of civilization? Devolving? Have we reached the peak of evolution in this dimension of creation?

I firmly believe there is a huge difference between wanting to be the very best you can be and a fetish for 'self' that knows no rules or boundaries. It's not limited to the politicians, or the rich as many would like to blame these days. It’s rampant throughout society, from those that have expectations that they are deserving by virtue of their existence, those that put out absolutely no effort to better the country, their performance, or themselves waiting for it to be awarded or given to them, to those who would stop at nothing to attain it regardless if it requires the selling of very ‘soul‘.

Those who have managed to hold on to values and principles and sincerely attempt to apply those types of methods in rising above the fray, face continuous obstacles and the spirit wears weak. We’ve witnessed it destroy or pilfer our Federal government, our very Constitution! We are incredulous at the decay in many long-standing institutions from churches, schools of higher learning, the arts, industry, basic service, and even our once-revered national entertainment, sports. Yet, we moan and groan, harbor old resentments, and unwarranted fears. Do any of us, any, really want Obama, and hence, America, to fail?

Susan Haley, Author

**Susan Haley is the published author of two books, several articles on networking, an award-winning poet, contract copy editor, and book reviewer for AME Marketing out of San Diego. She also contributes a column to "The Florida Writer", the official magazine of the Florida Writers Association, of which she is Facilitator for the Sarasota County Chapter. The audio version of her novel, "Rainy Day People", received a 2008 Indie Excellence National Book Award. She also contributes a variety of editorials and excerpts of her work to various E-zines, newsletters and written publications.


Member Comments

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      Mjmurphy wrote Apr 14, 2009
    • Great article Susan!! thank you

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      Susan Haley wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • Hi Annie

      I can always count on you to read my column and offer input. Thank you. That’s why I do it. :) Thought food.

      You aren’t selfish, Annie. Quite the contrary. You‘re frustrated! Here’s where you are . . . I said it above.

      Those who have managed to hold on to values and principles and sincerely attempt to apply those types of methods in rising above the fray, face continuous obstacles and the spirit wears weak. We've witnessed it destroy or pilfer our Federal government, our very Constitution! We are incredulous at the decay in many long-standing institutions from churches, schools of higher learning, the arts, industry, basic service, and even our once-revered national entertainment, sports.

      First, I’ll answer a couple of distinctions for you . . . There is a big difference between a town hall meeting and a press conference. Obama has never screened his audience OR his questions at an open town hall. It was Bush who did that.
      A press conference, however, is only open to select media. When you see him looking at a list, it’s the list of whose present and what publication or news organization they represent. He knows ALL the reporters are taking the notes. Who he calls on is prepared by Robert Gibbs based on who he called on the previous conference. He gets some pretty tough questions and never shuns one, even if it’s a tad hostile. I’ve covered every one of them.

      No president is going to please ALL of the people ALL of the time. He’s done things I’m not too thrilled about, but I attempt to focus on the big picture and wait for his explanation as to why he followed that course. I’m NOT happy that he is not going along with criminal investigations into known and provable violations of the Constitution. If you or I had done it, we’d be tried for treason and subject to execution. This is a principle regardless the motivation. I’m not happy with every ‘principle’ of the Constitution either, some are now outdated, but I’m obligated as a citizen of this country to obey the laws or work to change them. A politician should be no less responsible. In fact, they are given a special trust by virtue of the election!
      If you performed on your job as the US Congress does, you wouldn’t have to worry about deciding to retire. You’d be fired!
      What is it you want Obama to STOP? Spending money to fix open wounds that are destroying us? Healthcare, Education and Energy? What’s that to do with you working while another lays around and does nothing?
      Did you yell STOP when the former administration took us into to an erroneous war and ran a surplus into a half a trillion dollar deficit?
      Did you yell STOP when all the tax cuts went to the top 5% of the wealthiest people and the deregulation led to the Wall Street disaster?
      Were you yelling STOP when no bid contracts worth billions went to Cheney’s own Haliburton? Or when Blackwater security guards were getting huge salaries while our own troops come home shattered of their limbs or in a box and can receive only inadequate medical treatment and a kept secret burial? Were you yelling (and I use you in the collective sense) STOP then?
      Or what about when our bridges are falling into the Mississippi and our seawalls and water systems are caving in but we must send more billions to reconstruct the very rubble we bombed in Iraq? Were you wishing they’d stop then?
      Were you angry when protections of national forests and endangered species were lifted to enable more devastation by the oil drillers? Just what is it that Obama is doing that you want him to stop? I don’t understand. Sure he’s spending money. He’s addressing problems that SHOULD have been addressed 30 years ago and been let to decay and worsen further. But, sadly, there was too much profit to be made. Now, the conservatives scream for the spending of money. Why weren’t they screaming when the billions were being spent and it was them receiving the tax breaks? The politicians don’t worry about Medicare and Pensions or healthcare either! They have their own all safely guaranteed as long as Obama doesn’t spend too much money fixing all the crap they didn’t.
      Entitlements were mentioned yesterday in the speech on economy. Obama said sternly that entitlements were going to have to be reviewed and revised where there was fraud and waste. I hope they nail the Octomom first! Why isn’t everyone yelling STOP about her!?

      Oh yes, my friend, I get frustrated too. I’ve went through these entitlement wars, too, and watched my husband die while the slobs down the street received free healthcare, ADC, and food stamps and openly admitted to me they didn’t get married because then the government wouldn’t pay the baby bills. Meanwhile I’m working two jobs to buy the prescriptions my husband needed and he’s working every day he’s can muster the strength to go. Believe me, I’m not yelling for Obama to STOP. Yet.
      If he fails to live up to his word and his goals, then yes, I’ll rethink it. But, one man cannot change the world overnight. Especially when served a disaster upon taking the oath.

      Hang in there, Annie. Give him a chance.

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      Mjmurphy wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • Annie, I don’t usually get involved in conversations that are controversial here but I just got to, how can you not get it??? where we are today, started, let me think again, you do get it but you don’t want to look back at the past now. Obama is being picked over for every little thing he does, seriously, the other first ladies have had personal assistants, there have been parties at the white house, and bills get plenty of stuff attached to them all the time. Let’s give him a chance to get this country on track before we are no longer in the position we’ve held for years as the richest nation in the world. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening everyday; everyone around me is losing their job, I am being told at work that we could lose our contract if we don’t start producing more with a lot less support, and the american dream of owning a house is unattainable for me or any of my friends. These are things that are happening right now and I am looking for someone to give me some hope that that could change. Obama is here and he has a plan to make it happen, let’s give him a chance to do it, we’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Mztracy wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • My whole problem is this is not his fault!! For 8 years our country went into the hole under the Bush regime.

      Now everyone is having a gr8 time forgetting all the truths and blaming Obama for all the jobs lost etc.

      To get our country back to where we were before the icompetent Bush came into will get worse.

      My hubby says to me all the time, read up on my history, Bush ran us into the ground, now it will be blamed on Obama. How soon we forget!!

      I could list all the evils bush has done to us ALL!! But sadly I do not have enough ‘spoons’ in my lifetime to do that.

      Maybe if everyone stopped all the complaining and actually got involved on a positive note, our Country would be much better off!!!

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      Jenz ~ wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • Greetings.
      I don’t generally partake in conversations like these in a major way.
      Just a few thoughts... jobs were being lost all over the place way before Obama was elected. He’s not to blame for that. He will never please everyone, clearly. I have seen him do more, however, in a very short amount of time than past pres’s did in 4 years. I find this very interesting.
      These are very trying times for millions of people in our nation as well as around the world. From one day to the next there’s more job loss, more homes foreclosed on, more people losing their unemployment becasue it ran out, people moving into TENTS, shelters are full, people are hungry. Sucks! But it’s reality. Crime is also rising in some very freakish ways. The nightly news has become a matter of how many shootings. People faking kidnapping themselves for ransom cash because they need food. WTF..

      There are no jobs. It’s crazy. As for the stimulus ching, delegated out to each American adult in the US, it would have amounted to approximately $30,000 each. Now THAT’s interesting. That would have lit a serious match under the economical BUTT, huh? For obvious reasons that would never have been considered. Sure would have been nice for those of us who’s lives got flipped upside down when we lost our jobs though!  

      Honestly, right now, due to the economical mess, at the end of the day, I don’t give a damn who’s saying what. I’m looking at results and facts as they are only. I worry about the roof over our heads, the lights being on, how the hell I’m going to make money to keep this place, how I’m going to get myself another car, food, and where I will hopefully be working in a month or so. I will NOT end up in a damn tent. Ugh.... this topic is getting on my nerves. The stress so many are dealing with right now is sickening and getting really old. It’s so depressing. VERY.

      So, with that said, ladies, if your kids are home and you have a husband, go hug ‘em, thank God they‘re there and be grateful your basic needs are met.  

      As for Obama, I see no sign of him stopping his efforts to help these situations anytime soon.  

      G‘nite... done rambling now.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Mary Clark wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • I will have to say that I agree with Annie on this one.  I’m  not an Obama fan..never have been ..never will be.  Just as so many of you were never George Bush fans.  It’s your right...just as it is mine.  

      Personally...I am not happy with anyone in Washington DC...and have not been for years. ask why is everyone complaining now?  Well...for one...the in the worst shape it’s been in for God knows how long.  And this problem isn’t to blame just on one  George Bush...remember...there was a Clinton before him.. another Bush before him....a Reagan before him..and and the infamous Jimmy Carter....who in my opinion was a “good” man but the worst President.  Our problems today come from way back..not just one President as some would like to say it does. But we have the past Congresses to blame as well.  Let’s not forget...George Bush had to deal with 911.  That day did more than just kill all of those innocent was a major setback for our economy...and you all want to blame GB for 911? WE had to recover from that.  I do believe Clinton was warned of all of this...and chose to ignore it.  Thus..we have 911.  Let’s not forget the first attempt at the World Trade Center under Clinton.  

      Back to the topic...B.O....that is what I like to call him...his initials...happy...has shown me nothing but a road to a socialistic government.  Our founding fathers would turn over in their grave if they knew what the people in Washington...Presidents included...have done to this great nation.  

      I’m going to be all over the place we go.

      Social Security:  While in the hell should I pay for some other individual to get SSI...when they have not paid a dime into it...and all they do is live off of it...and I go to work every single my into my social security...THAT I WILL NEVER SEE...why???  why???  Can someone answer that for me? I know why...because they have learned to work the system that gears only for those who are too damn lazy to get a job and work.  That is why....and our sorry government allows it and wants to give the couch potatoes MORE????  Why..because they want to control..YOU...and ME.  That is why.  Get them on the government can’t get off...they make it hard to get off...but they want it that way.  

      Why should I pay for health care..SSI to people who have chosen to move to our country and are not even citizens?  Why?  Why?  And our Nancy Polosi...a sorry excuse of a woman..wants us to give them more??????  If you are not a not know the English language..and you don’t work social security...and have the legal documentation to be here...LEAVE!@  Please.........
      Oh...and she wants us..the tax payers to foot the bill on a study of that is going to really help our economy.  

      What Obama has done just since he has take office does not impress me one bit.  In fact...I pretty much predicted everything he has done...maybe a few things...I did not.  

      Guns...he does want to control that....think what you like.  But I promise you...citizens are buying guns like they will be gone tomorrow...and ammunition..because they are afraid of what he will sneak through congress next. OUr founding fathers stated...we have the right to bear arms.  Guns don’t kill people...people kill people.    

      Oh..and today...on my Yahoo homepage...he states he wants to take the “dread” out of April the 15th.  The accountant that does my taxes told me just today that she dreads next year on tax season.  That little $13 a week added to your‘re going to pay it all back next year in your taxes..unless they change the tax brackets...did you think of that?  And that $13 a week...won’t even buy me a tank of gas...and definitely not even a half...oh...and have  you looked at the gas prices lately???  Up up..and away.  

      All the money given to the banks..CEO’s...bonuses...and now the government is taking over the banks...oh boy...look what they have done to the country...what do you think is about to happen to our banking system...give it time....

      Jobs...oh lets see...create government jobs...ok..who pays for that?  WE do!!  Are you prepared to pay even more in taxes so you can create government jobs?  Heck..lets just all work for the fricken governemnt....see where we are going with this???  Socialism....don’t YOU GET IT??????

      WE don’t have time to give him time.....and no he can’t solve everything...and as Annie said it so well...he needs to quit trying to.  

      In my opinion...he thinks he should rule the world.  I feel like he is a wolf in sheep clothing....just waiting to attack at the right time...but for’s subtle.  

      Sorry if I offend any of you...but it is my right to feel the way I do.  It is my country...and I do care what happens to it...and I think for the most part..we all do..but we all want to go down different roads to get to the solution.  

      He says he’s the President and he takes full responsibility..well BO..I’m giving it to you...YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!!  Now it’s time to LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE....not the clowns you have selected to surround yourself with.  

      I still say...OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!

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      Susan Haley wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • Hey girls, I love the fact that people want to discuss things of import. More people should do it. Annie is right about “it’s how we learn”

      We all get frustrated. Speaking of history, when I can grab a spare moment I’m plowing my way through the Pulitzer book by Doris Kearns Goodwin, “Team of Rivals“. I’ve learned more history in the first 300 pages of that book than I learned in ALL of highschool and college and it’s fascinating reading!

      As far as past, present and future go, we have to look at all three to understand where the heck we want to go and how NOT to go there. It seems we haven’t learned a damn thing from history so we keep repeating it. Annie, we MUST look at the past in order to FIX the now and the future. How else can methods and projections be measured? What worked what didn’t? Always plunging ahead is how we got here. Everyone, had they been paying any attention at all, should have realized that the bubble was going to burst. Like a kid chewing bubblegum! One more small breath and the next thing it’s all over your face. When a house damn near triples in value in less than a year, somebody is blowing something pretty damn hard. If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Why weren’t people screaming then!? Why didn’t it, at the least, have people scratching there heads that something was amiss? No we tend as a society to believe every damn thing told to us.  

      How do you know Obama is pushing thru bills laden with earmarks? Often, those yelling the loudest are attaching the most! But earmarks are like fruit. It’s like you mentioned about apples to apples. What you and I might thing of as an earmark, to someone else might be life saving. Studying an insect may sound like pure foolishness when people are hungry, but insects carry most of the diseases that could end up wiping out an entire continent. But yes, on the other hand, building a bridge to an island with a population of 5 might be considered an earmark to most anyone. Whose the last one that got THAT particular luxury? Could you tell me just exactly what earmark you are referring to? Or is the very word rabbled around the news that has you upset? Where DO you get your information? Do you fact check it? Please don’t tell me Fox News?  

      What about the judicial system? How much money do you think is wasted there with appeal after appeal after appeal just to seat a Senator? Do you think that would be going on this long if that were a Democratic Senator at the losing end of the stick? Think Gore. Did Gore run to the courts over and over and over? Too bad he didn’t. THAT‘S the past, yes, but it sure as heck impacted our future. Big time. Just who do you think is paying the legal fees for this mess? It would be pretty safe to bet on the RNC and just where do they get their money? Oh yes, Annie, the past is crucial in making decisions that will work today.

      You mentioned several things you want stopped. I will agree with you whole-heartedly on the flat tax issue. I said that last time. And just WHO do you think is fighting that? You think that is up to Obama? Another thing he said just today. he wants the tax code revised and vows to work toward simplifying it. What? He can knock that out on a lunch hour?  

      You‘re upset and you are climbing two trees at once. First you say he’s moving too fast and pushing this and that through. Next, you want it stopped and fixed now! We can’t have it BOTH ways.

      I totally agree about the 1000 pages of legislation. It’s ridiculous. Not 10% of the bills put forth are read. Ever. They are lobbied and dealed in back rooms and sold and bartered in favors and votes. All that’s done when the final package is laid before the legislators is a quick check to see if THEIR deal is included. Done your way, it would have taken Obama a year just to get any bill passed why they all fought and argued and bought and sold a few souls. He said I want it NOW! We’ll fix it later if we have to, but we need to get something MOVING. Luckilly, he had the majority to pull that off. Left up to the Republicans we’d still be back in January.

      I would respectfully suggest to you to take the time to listen to the man himself, if you are at work when the speech is made, watch it on C-Span, or read it in it’s entirety on the Net. Don’t just listen to the pundits telling you what he said.

      In his speech yesterday, he gave detailed answers to every single question you’ve put forth here in this discussion as to what he’s doing, how he’s doing it and WHY. At no time in our history has it been more important to watch and listen and research just about every move being made. We cannot just listen to 30 minutes of news or read a summation in a paper. Papers and networks are biased based on who owns them! Even CNN who swears fair reporting, tends to lean this way or that. They ALL do. Get your news from PBS and C-Span. And yes, quality sites, not the blogs.  


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      Mary Clark wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • Studying mice in your Pelosi’s home state is life saving????  

      Oh...that stimulus bill has plenty of earmarks...PLENTY..and giving Congress one day to read it not reasonable.  AT ALL.  But there’s the old buddy system....they do it like that so they can pass exactly what THEY want...through.  I’ll scratch your back if you‘re scratch mine?  

      I agree....tonight ....I have a roof over my head...I“ve had supper...and a car in my driveway to get me to work tomorrow.  And more than likely I will have a job tomorrow....I’m grateful.  But I would like to continue with all of that...but as it is is soon to be non-existent.  

      Don’t believe me...ask the person who has already lost their is slowly happening.  And Obama is going to SAVE US ALL.......

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Mary Clark wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • I will compare him to Hitler....and I do.  Hitler led those people into thinking he would take care of them.  Very charismatic...just like Obama...he tells the people what they want to hear...not what he is going to really do.  

      I don’t have a problem comparing him to Hitler one bit.  

      What baffles me is that so many people are blinded by his charisma that they can’t see the big picture in front of them.  WE can’t change the past but we can learn from it...and going forward....we have got to do this correctly....not quickly....because we are going to scare everyone into thinking the world is going to come to an end if we don’t do what he wants...right when he wants it.  Again....he does this to pass the earmarks...that he said he wouldn’t do...campaign promises....did we all forget that so quickly?  

      For me....I’m looking into our next year...get rid of some of the clowns in Washington and put democracy and high standards back into our government...not the crap we have up there now.  

      If history wasn’t so important then why do they teach history in grammar school, middle school, high

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      Mary Clark wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • That’s right...a few trillion...but I’m sure it will be more...just a matter of time.  

      In fact...let’s just play Monopoly....all just play money

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      Susan Haley wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • Annie

      If you think I was speaking in an insulting manner to you, I surely apologize. I don’t for one second fail to realize that you are an intelligent woman. I also know that a busy working woman who has little time with her family as it is, is prone to take their news in tidbits as it comes. My only point was the major media is a ratings war. They are all partisan based on their ownership. They broadcast what they want us to hear and if that inludes a little twisting here and there, so be it. That was my only point.

      I think we have reached a stalemate in this conversation. We all want the same things for our nation and surely for our own family. Opinions are deep set by personal experiences. When we lose the ability to discuss without anger and offense, it’s time to wish everyone the best and hope the day comes no one suffers further losses. You wanted a to hear a set time for real and true patterns to show advancement? I will give him one term to fix the patterns of the last five terms. That’s pretty fair wouldn’t you say? There will never be perfection in affairs run by humans, but I will bet on him changing the direction for the better. Anything would be better than this mess. You cited failures. Were they Republics? Democracies? Or something else. Are you comparing apples to apples? Do you think FDR was a failure? Was Hoover a failure? Buchannan? Lincoln? You have the same scenario today. Obama follows Bush at a time of crisis. Lets hope it ends for the best.


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      Mary Clark wrote Apr 16, 2009
    • Also....did you know that we possibly will not be able to deduct the interest on your mortgage on your income taxes next year?  If that happens...then how many people will be in a bind.  I say be prepared...because it’s coming people.

      I’ve already got the plan.  Pay my taxes with the money I would have used to pay my mortgage for three months.  Let my house go into foreclosure..then get on the Obama plan...where will reduce my interest rate on my $1000 each year for five reduce the principal..but I will have to pay back $50.00 a month for (5) years..which totals to $3000...oh they will get there money back.  But..this is the plan. We’ve seen the paperwork for it.  

      YOu best start voicing you disgust in this unless you just like paying out of the nose for that mine.

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      Joann09 wrote May 27, 2009
    • Susan, you are a leftist nut

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Susan Haley wrote May 27, 2009
    • Hi Joann

      That’s the first time I’ve ever been called a “leftist nut“!
      Usually, I’m referred to as a rebellious heathen. estatic

      And, may I ask, what label do you attach to yourself?

      Thanks for at least reading my column. It’s only intended as thought food. Everyone is entitled to dress in the apparel bearing their label of choice.  


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