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Love it

A Few Questions

This week I've had several things fly across my desk and it led to my thinking how I'd answer or re-act to them, nothing all that odd, but interesting (to me) all the same.  

I decided to pose the scenarios to you and hopefully find out more about what makes people do what they do?

1-If someone told you that they moved across the country for the sake of a hobby to a community that had a huge following that allowed them to partake of this pastime 7 days a week, would you think this a good or bad change?

Example:  The person loves making birdhouses and a retirement community had a workshop that was open 7 days a week, 9 hours a day for them to use.  So they sell their house, move away from their family and friends to pursue this endeavor and have friends who also made birdhouses.

2-A young couple is bored with their jobs and even though they've never been to a specific third world country, they sell their condo, quit their jobs and decide to start over in this place where, oh by the way, neither one speaks the language and they don't know a sole.

Example:  Saw this on a House Hunters International

3-You work for a major corporation and they've asked the staff to "get together and have a painting party" to make the building look better.  They don't want to pay a "real" painter or a handyman, but are insisting everyone do their time beautifying the office.  The caveat-over ½ the staff are in an age bracket that they shouldn't even consider getting on a ladder.  You happen to also be one of those people.

Since you need the job and the health insurance-do you hope you won't have to find out just how good the insurance is and get on that ladder?

Example:  I think I have made it clear.

4-You really love movies, so much so that you will watch ones that are so bad that everyone who heard of them would rather have a root canal rather than sit through them, at home or in a theatre.  Are you really all that surprised or offended when you ask for company that the answer is "No thanks, I'm good.  I'm going to watch something on TV or read a book."???

5-Why is it when you go to the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning and they've known you for years and know you have some kind of physical impairment, they still act surprised when you squirm?  And have the added audacity to ask you why????

I know this is a short blog this week, but I'm hoping some of you shy readers give me your point of view!

Love it

Member Comments

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      Tuliplady wrote Mar 9, 2012
    • I would say of each example, “Are they nuts????”

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      Chris73 wrote Mar 10, 2012
    • Example 1- I would say to me its a little crazy because its just letting go of security to pursue a hobby but with that being said if it is that persons dream and their love (to build and sell birdhouses) who am I to judge. I believe in order to be happy you have to follow your long as you know all the pros and cons.  

      Example 2- that one is a little more of a stretch for me seems like a disaster waiting to happen. I would say visit first get a feel for the place because if you leave and loose everything and your still not happy then what?

      Example 3- I don’t mind helping out but if this is a mandatory paint party then I expect to get paid and if getting on a ladder is not part of my job description then I would not risk the possible injury. I may need the job yes but they cannot retaliate against me if this is not mandatory nor can they expect me to do a possible dangerous act that is not within my job details. People need to be well informed as to their rights with an employer and not be afraid to speak up.  

      Example 4- Nope not offended at all I can and have watched movies by myself and am perfectly happy

      Example 5- I just think that people don’t pay attention. I go to the same pharmacy and have been for 20 years and they still ask “Have you been here before?” and its the same lady. It is either lack of attention to detail or perhaps they just see so many people they cannot keep track of all the bits of information. Some people just work to get the paycheck and could really care less about your personal details.

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      Carine Nadel wrote Mar 10, 2012
    • good points-and no, the “painting” was not on the list of duties at all!

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