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There are some things I have been wondering about...perhaps you have also:

1.  Why, do some people, when given their 15 minutes of fame, for doing or being involved in God knows what......they get invited on The Today sit between Meredith and Matt...and they show up wearing old jeans, a dingy tee shirt and a baseball cap?

2.  Why when you have to take a phone message at home, you either can’t find a pen.....or the one you do find, doesn’t write....I won’t even talk about all of the little pieces of odds and end scrap paper we finally write on.

3.  Why on God’s green earth do they still make nude color panty hose?  and the bigger why......why do some women wear them with open toe shoes?

4.  When in the always catch the very end of a song you love, but it never always hear the ones you hate from the beginning?

5.  Why do senior citizens always talk about the medicine they are taking, who died, who is sick, who is buried where......jeez......get some hobbies.....

6.  Why do some people dress up in costume to go to the opening night of certain movies?  (i.e.....Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Batman)

7.  Why do some men over 50 insist on buying a Corvette or BMW Z3.....repeat after look silly driving such a youthful car......not sexy at elegant and classy...get a sport Jaguar, Sedan Mercedes, Lexus or Infiniti...

8.  Holiday Sweaters?????  (Halloween, Christmas etc) and the accessories that match (christmas ball or pumpkin earrings)....they leave me speechless. (go check out my post on this topic at [Link Removed]  titled Christmas clothing)

9.  Why do some people camp out for days to be first in line for new tech gadgets coming out?  Were do you pee?  Do you lose your place in line at that point?  If you could wait a couple of months.......the item will be cheaper and you can waltz right into the store....NO CAMPING needed.

10.  Why do some women insist on wearing Birkenstocks?  Can you think of a more UN-COME-F-ME shoe?

11.  Why are the immigration and custom officers in the International arrivals terminal at JFK airport such sour pusses?

12.  Why when you have to return something to a store, you find every receipt but the one you need?

13.  Why do some people insist on carrying on the plane suitcases that are as big as a car to shove into the overhead?  Pay the damn 15.00.

14.  Why am I sitting here on a Friday morning when I have work to do, writing this post?

Lisa xoxo

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Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Robinesque wrote Nov 21, 2008
    • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

      How did you know that I always catch the end of “Bleeding Love” when I turn on the car radio?

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Jenz ~ wrote Nov 21, 2008
    • Going to answer each question whil I drink a latte~

      1. Why indeed. Wear something NICE for ** sake.

      2. Just one of those things we don’t have on our lists of a million priorities to organize~ lol

      3. Hose. Outlaw those things then go visit “Simply Vera” @ Kohl’s. ;)

      4. Music in the car~ CD’s are great for that problem! :D Besides, the radio talks too much.

      5. As for what senior citizens discuss I've got the utmost respect for them let them talk about whatever they want to or need to. They've been around waaaaay longer than I have.

      6. I think because it’s fun & they‘re really into it. We had a team of stormtroopers run through downtown a few years ago~ it was hilarious.  

      7. Classic mid life crisis chick magnet. Or so THEY think...

      8. I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying holiday sweaters are hideous. Call the fashion police immediately! :)

      9. lol... the only thing I’ve EVER in my life camped out for was front section Bon Jovi tickets back in the 80s. LOL! Got em! Was worth it.

      10. Touche‘~  and they seem to never want to part with

      11. Because they‘re @ JFK.  

      12. Nope. I make sure b4 I leave the house~

      13. So they can get off of the plane & get going instead of waiting. Or, they‘re scared their luggage will be misplaced...

      14. LOL!! Have a great weekend!!!!! Latte break over

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Cindylouwho1966 wrote Nov 21, 2008
    • Too.damn.funny. #3 was a bitch of mine on another blog a while back. And in answer to #10-to some women (hee) those are "come f-me" shoes!

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Gokittengo wrote Nov 21, 2008
    • Okay, so now I have the giggles!

      Regarding number three - I used to work for the federal courts.  In our district, one of the judges made a (ahem) rule that any open-toed shoes had to be worn with nylons.  This was in Savannah, Georgia, no less - where nylons are unspeakably hellish to wear.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Michelle Rowe wrote Nov 21, 2008
    • I can SOOO relate to #5 as that is ALL my 88 year old grandma does...

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