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Hi, Everyone

Hardest thing to do is “Break Up - Alone.”

So I have from the beginning of the start of my self initiated desire to divorce learned it is a liberation.  

He even bought me a book called Live Love Pray....about a woman asking her husband for a divorce.....but my best book and reading and learning is the ” Girlfriends guide to a Breakup.”

It’s called Broken that’s why they call it a BREAKUP....but we never said we had to do it alone....most of the time during the end we are isolated and by our own devices or by other means. So break the silence; SPEAK out....

Ask for advice, when we are weak and linger back into the relationship or reality has not hit us.

Best Girl Friend Break Up Buddy, we need more, so join the blog.....give advice or support....during the break up.

On my profile I made it clear .... I want this break up and divorce.
Double Black Jack Year - New Presidential Year - Every seven years our bodies THIS IS MY YEAR.  

I failed to do my driven desire to walk the 60 mile walk in San Francisco, because of him. SO I realize I have to stay focused on my GOALS.

I plan to set a new goal for going to San Diego Walk in November.  

Thanks and Love to hear from you all.


Member Comments

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      Butterscotch wrote Sep 6, 2008
    • Your response to the divorce is inspiring.  Focusing on yourself is the right thing to do.  It will not only uplift you but it will encourage those around you.  Keep doing you and doing it well!

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      L. Denise Jackson wrote Sep 8, 2008
    • My beautiful, Fabulously40 sisterfriend, you are wonderful, you are strong, as you inspire and desire to be inspired, I will be here to listen and encourage you.  You are taking the first step...keep your goals in mind and do what is making you happy and feels good as you give back.

      What other passions do you have and have you been doing any of them or planning to do so?

      L. Denise

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      Patricia11 wrote Sep 9, 2008
    • It is inspiring indeed. It makes me so relieved that we can see divorce as a chance to reinvent ourselves. Life is short. Let´s live it!!!

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      Patricia11 wrote Sep 9, 2008
    • Oh,Yolanda, i´d like to add that I agree with the every 7 year change. I´m just out of a seven year relationship...

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      Yolanda Harris wrote Sep 9, 2008
    • Hi, Everyone

      Just getting time to chat- text.
      I am in College, and taking courses in Accounting, Banking, Finance, Business Law, and Women in History. I have the two children one teen/adult; 17y; Male, being dominant in my life and dependency is growing as he tries to show manly ways....:) HA HA ; I laugh a lot with him. He waits for me to cook !
      He stuck with that Victorian mentality in some ways, but he sure knows to make me feel good and compliments before and after to get what he wants when he wants, but he does take ” NO” really excellent.  

      I pride myself on the pre-divorce counseling sessions.

      My daughter is my ” Mini Me.” She claims she taking me with her to college. I have no ideal what my major will be in 6 years. I guess I’ll return and do my PhD.  

      Wish me well.

      As she is passed out at my feet as we both look like college students cramming for classes and books and paper on our bed.  

      Of course, I got that last plea tonight :
      ” Do you really want to be a wife or you just think you don’t need a man ? !”  

      **__“Did I forget to tell everyone my social skills are bad and awful after surviving his domestic abuse?“**__

      My response was " CLICK."

      Hung up the phone !

      Placed and text message for my voice mail that said:
      " Why haven't you deleted my number? Do you really think that I am going to answer your call and allow any self esteem I have reserved and re-covered from your low blows of shoving my words back down my throat !" Think again, before you leave a message. **BEEP

      He did not call back, YET !

      Dignity I believe in is preserving yourself without the verbal debates that exhaust my mind, body, and spirituality.  Plus the children feel my vibes, so during this end.....I struggle everyday but hey - It’s called ” We are breaking up because it’s called a ‘BROKEN MARRIAGE.”

      Here’s a new one : I made myself a ring tone for his number :
      ’ Why haven’t you install call rejection for this caller, you know what it leads to more stress. let it go to voice mail....let it go to voice mail ! !

      Bye - 09/10/2008
      12 days to go .....Where am I going for MY BIRTHDAY ?

      Go to lifestyles and give me some ideals.

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      Yolanda Harris wrote Sep 18, 2008
    • Sex With Your Ex. . .: And 69 Other Tempting Things You Should Never Do Again (Plus a Few That You Should)
      Yvonne K. Fulbright

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      Demetra Jolivette wrote Sep 18, 2008
    • Be strong in Christ because with out him there’s no strenght...I am very happy for your new life and self growth....check out books from Michelle Mckinney Hammond...blessings.

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