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Reba McEntire  

Driving the desert back roads around Las Vegas to pick up hubby from work, I heard Reba’s song On the Radio - on the radio - lol! You know the one, don’t you? It sounds like a song my best friend, originally from Montreal, and I would have sang while drinking wine in her San Francisco apartment.

Such attitude, such fun. An older, wiser, experienced woman, she was the one who was there to pick me up during some tough times before I met my soul mate. That’s the kind of friend you never forget.

I can see us now, drinking a bottle of French wine or two, dancing around the apartment and/or doing a boot scootin boogie at one of the hot country bars of the time, and singing our hearts out. In case you don’t know or recall, the song goes like this:

    Try to call, twitter me, text until your fingers bleed.

    Oh! The DJ’s the only way you*re ever gonna hear from me.

    If you‘re reminiscing, and you‘re missin me this much, and you really wanna stay in touch.

    Well, you can hear me on the radio!

    You wanna turn me on, turn on your stereo.

    You can sing along, while they‘re playin’ my song. How you done me wrong...

    Baby crank it up!

    Until you blow the speakers out your Chevy truck.

    So listen Romeo, when you‘re feelin’ kinda lonely, let me tell you where to go. Oh

    Turn On The Radio!

Is that clever for today or what? lol! And while I was listening to this song, it occurred to me, fans of this song, of Reba and her attitude, should love Lucky Stryker in “The Tom Jones Club” and I don’t think I’m doing enough to get the word out there. Lucky certainly doesn’t think so. She’s the one who sat on my shoulder insisting I find a publisher for her book. Now she’s screaming in my ear, “Tell everybody how fabulous my book is.”

My writing is not traditional, I’m not traditional, and if only traditional romance readers get ahold of this book, it’s going to miss its audience. And Lucky will not be very happy about that. She’s got attitude, I tell you. Oh, and she wants you to know one more thing, “The book is not about Tom Jones - it’s about me, Lucky Stryker.” And now I’m thinking, Lucky even looks like Reba.

Oh, does this all sound too outrageous? Why is it a winery can say great stuff about their wine on their web site, heck, even a country music star can pump themselves up, but when it comes to books, an author is supposed to demurely stand by and let others sing their praises. Ha! Why must we be so sheepish about our work? Oh, sure, we all promote our books today, as in “Hey, here’s my latest book” but do we ever say, “I think if you love Reba McIntyre, you‘re gonna love my book.”


One of my favorite shows is Househunters and last night’s episode went to south Florida. The women (one was from Tennessee) on househunting had such attitude - my kind of attitude - they reminded me of friends I’ve had from Montreal to California to Florida. And I thought, women of Florida should love my book. Sometimes I think that my attitude is too California for people in other parts of the country to totally get. But I’ve lived in Florida (and Ohio), and I know this is true - the women of Florida have this same attitude. And many of the women of Florida are from the midwest, the northeast, and the south - and that pretty much covers the entire country. I may be living out west again - in Las Vegas - but don’t you recognize me, girlfriend? I’m the same here as I was in Florida.

Las Vegas  

Speaking of Las Vegas, what a fun setting. But often when you mention “Las Vegas” half the people in this country stiffen as if to say, “Oh, I know nothing about that.” The other half comes here on a regular basis. In spite of what the media is telling you, Las Vegas is still hopping and picking up more speed every day. Heck, even PJs is open on Buffalo - the sign has been announcing it ever since we arrived here 3 years ago. And if PJs finally opened, then we‘re definitely on the road to recovery - lol!

And if you haven’t been to Vegas, you don’t know what fun is. The most quiet, shy, conservative person who has no interest in gambling, drinking, or other “sinful” activities here in “Sin City” can’t help but pick up on the exciting vibe just walking around observing - it’s like Times Square in New York - heck they may have even more neon than Vegas these days. The new City Center is a class act - it’s the city of the future - it resembles the happening cities of Asia. And it’s true, “if you see it once, you’ll never be the same again.” It’s the celebrity chef and “entertainment capital of the world.”

So, there you have it - 3 reasons to get your copy of The Tom Jones Club, available at online resellers such as amazon, in print, Kindle, nook, and other ebook readers.

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