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An interesting article is at the Daily Mail (UK) site about modern day women who are choosing to live retro-lives from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. ([Link Removed] They dress in the styles of their chosen era; they furnish their homes with furniture and appliances from their era (literally); they adopt the mindset and the mores of the era; they live as if time stopped at the end of what they consider to be halcyon days. The article has photos of three such women - one from each of the aforementioned eras - apparently the 60s and 70s aren't considered halcyon enough.

As one who is interested in vintage and retro styles and things in general, at first I thought - "Oh that's rather quaint and interesting." And then I thought, "What?!?" Bless their hearts, they have a rather glassy-eyed unrealness about them like the Stepford Wives in their cinched waist dresses and perky aprons ("pinnys" apparently in the UK). They were hats and gloves when they do venture out of their time warp homes. They admit others often laugh at them at worst and give them odd looks at best but that doesn't seem to deter them. Well, I admire that much anyway - it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks. They certainly aren't the only people who get started at and laughed at either behind their backs or to their faces - unfortunately. What they choose to do is certainly their business.

But it still begs the question, "Why?" Were times really that much "better" back then? I doubt it. If you were living in the 30s you were dealing with the Depression and if you were living in the 40s you were dealing with WWII and if you were living in the 50s you were dealing with the Korean War and all the social and economic uproar both good and bad resulting from the ending of WWII and the "menfolk" returning home to discover the "little wife" had turned into Rosie the Riveter and was doing quite well without them thank you very much.  Even if they did miss them, women became even more aware of the fact they didn't actually NEED men in the sense they had perceived the need in years past.

The television shows of the 50s are so wonderful and so deceptive - projecting a life of bliss and harmony with beautiful, obedient, amusing children and handsome and beautiful husbands and wives who slept in paired single beds and always had something loving and devoted to say. How I wish. But like the old saying goes, "If wishes were horses all beggars would ride," and most beggars up to the present are still hoofing it on their own two clodhoppers.

I suppose it's sort of like the Civil War reenactment clubs. People enjoy dressing up in the period costumes and getting into re-living history - or at least their perception of that history. But you do have to return to the 21st century at some point - like it or not.

There are lots of things I don't like about the world today - gas prices, government that stinks, untrustworthy politicians and so-called religious leaders, over-sexualized society in general and children in particular, the general lack of courtesy and respect for others - all of that and much more just makes you want to throw up your hands and run back to the "good ole days." How much would you want to venture that if the women of the 1950s were asked what the "good ole days" were to them it wouldn't have been the year in which they were living. All generations it seems long for the years past if we are lucky enough to get old enough to have "olden times" to look back upon.

I do believe it is possible to study the time periods that have gone before us and to pick and choose those elements which would improve our lives today and attempt to implement them in our modern day lives. We can choose to be more simplistic in our choices. We can choose to dress modestly and attractively. We can choose to hold ourselves to a higher standard of conduct that echos the mores of times past. But for me, at least, a complete emersion into another time period would be as stifling - or even more stifling - than my efforts to live in the current era. So, blessings to the "Time Warp Wives" - may their tribe remain small and content in their own halcyon - and imaginary - worlds.

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