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Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? Well, that was my day today. I wake up to a beautiful sunny Spring day and think that everything is going to go smooth.  WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m on my way to the grocery store to pick up some things for our weekend company(the in-laws) and I get a flat tire. WTF!!!!!!!!!!! So, I call my husband at work and he says that he can’t leave to call Triple A. First of all, I know how to change a flat tire, but I just didn’t want too. So I call Triple A and I am told that I would have about a 30 minute wait, so I’m thinking ok, that’s not so bad. My 30 minutes came and went and still no mechanic, so I call again and give my location and am told that the truck is there getting the car. I calmly explain to the person over the phone that I’m sitting in the car and no one has come yet. So , of course she apologizes because she made a mistake and tells  me that she will send out someone in about 1hr. So, I’m still sitting on the side of the road waiting for someone to come. The hour came and went, so by this time, I’m really upset. I get out of the car and start  to change the tire myself(which is what I should’ve done in the first place). When I finally get the tire changed, up comes the Triple A  tow truck. Of course, I’m ready to EXPLODE!!!!So, I let him know that he is not needed and I’m finally on my way to start my day. I finally make it to the store and get my groceries and go home. Once I’m home, I realize that I have left some items at the store. So I get back in my car and head back to the store and tell the cashier that I left some items here. Then I realize that I left the grocery receipt on the counter at home. Of course, the cashier picks this particular time to act like she doesn’t remember me. And of course, the manager has to be called over. So again, I’m about to EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But since my husband and I shop in that store often, the manager knew who I was. So again, I get my items and go home. When I get back home, my sister is there(actually, inside my house). Yes I gave her a key, but that’s for emergencies, not just busting in whenever she feels like it. So, I was really ticked about that. So I ask her what she wants and she asks to use my car. Now after the morning that I’ve already had, why did she have to be bothering me with crazy stuff. I ask her why can’t she use her own car and she says that it isn’t driving right. Now my logic is this, why didn’t she just go do what she had to do using her car, instead of coming to my house to get mine? So just to get her out of my hair, I let her use my car. So after she is gone, I can finally get some things done.When my husband gets home, he asks about the tire and wants to know where is the car. So I tell him that my sister has it. We decide to have our weekly date night tonight(which is exactly what I need). So we leave for our date and my sister still isn’t back yet with my car. As we are pulling back into the driveway(at 8:30pm) my sister is right behind us. She get out and tells me thank you for letting her use my car, then as she is getting into her car, she yells out that I need to put some gas in my car. She returns my car back to me on empty!!!!!!. I can’t believe this bull****. So I call her up on her cell phone and give her a piece of my mind. Then she has the nerve to ask me why am I mad. I kindly let her know that she can’t use my car again. I am finally starting to relax from my day of pure hell.!!!! With a great big chocolate bar and a gigantic glass of wine.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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