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last night, i let my dogs out around 9.30 -10.00 pm to pee as they do each night , every night. It’s not like it’s something muffy, a golden and white 8.6 lb long haired chihuahua (and pappilion mix?) always comes bounding in to have “quality time” with her mom. we play and stuff before she goes to bed and first thing after my alarm goes off. If I happened to be lying on my side, she lies down to wait for me to play with her. Once i turn over, there she is making me laugh in my early morning fogginess.  

Last night, my sweet muffy came in very quietly and didn’t come to see me. I went into the kitchen and there she was just lying there at the door. I began to pick her up when she began screaming - not  yelping, actually SCREAMING.  I ran out the door and hollered at my husband in the dark. “Something’s wrong with her!!”
Stephen came as quickly as he could and all the  dogs gathered around muffy, smelling, loving , licking her, scared for her.  

Stephen gingerly  picked her up, cradling her in his strong arms  while she screamed. All the while  comforting her, he began to probe her golden hair to see what was wrong. A medium sized area of her side was bleeding.  we could see there was a scrape of some sort there.  

I was so trying to find a phone number to call an emergency vet. Damn! Phone disconnected, i ran out to the car to the local tiger mart to borrow their phone. Tears, rolling down my face, i called the vet and told them my dog was hurt, thought maybe the donkeys got her , but i didn’t have money to bring her in since payday was not until wednesday. She offered some advice and then slipped in ” well, you can bring her down and we can put her to sleep“. WHAT??  NO ,I DON‘T WANT TO PUT HER TO SLEEP” screaming in my own head. instead, what came out was this,” no, thank you  for your advice, though . have a good night. The tiger mart ladies are looking at me pitifully, wishing my dog well. I was hesitant to wait til the morning to take her to the vet, but i did.

This morning, I took her to dr. jan. once she shaved the area, she put some bright yellow stuff on it . She told me it was not an animal bite or there would be another mark on her. It was one hole in her little side.
““Do you live out in the country“, she asked.
“yes, we do. ”
“do you have any kids that live nearby? ‘cause this is a bbgun hole.”
“a bbgun???? who would do that to an 8 pound dog??? ”
“you’d be surprised how many times we see this” Dr. Jan stated.

Antibiotics and flea killer in the sack, we started out for home. Once we got home, although she was slowly walking to her destination, her tail began wagging for the first time . A good sign, for sure.

By the time i got off work and  picked Stephen up from work, I went to my next door neighbors  who owned the feed store.
“Hey Bubba, just came to tell you someone shot my dog with a bb gun last night.”
“What ? No.” “well, there was some kind of ruckus back that way.(pointing around my house. ”
“yep, I had to come out to see what the hell Cowboy was barking at. ”  

Wow. We headed toward the house and decided to stop by our one neighbor on our road. They just moved in and have a beautiful greyhound.

“Hey, Joe!” Just coming by to let you know my dog was shot with a bb gun.”

(throwing up his hands) ” i dont’ have a bb gun!”
“Well, you know, i didn’t think you did, but wanted to tell you so that you’ll be aware for your dog.”

“Interesting reaction,” i told my husband.
The guy did say he does on occassion throw rocks because they “crap all over my yard.” hmmm. they are renting. why would anyone throw rocks at dogs??  

I’m not  accusing anyone of anything...just saying....

Muffy has just taken her her pain meds and antibiotics . she is sleeping now. I think she’ll be okay. I just hope...

I don’t understand someone who would hurt any animal.
In our five years of living out here, we’ve never had anything like this happen. i hope it doesn’ become the norm out here in the country.  

It’s been pure emotions running within me this past week. Mother’s day. missing my mom. kids visiting. daughter sick. muffy hit.....

Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Vikki Hall wrote May 10, 2011
    • That is horrible!!! I hope Muffy continues to heal and gets well enough to bite her attacker next time!

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Denise Richardson wrote May 10, 2011
    • WOW! poor thing but I’m so happy to hear she is rest and getting better we love our fur babies why can’t others respect that, the punk who did this will get his.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Paula Baker wrote May 10, 2011
    • thank you all for your kind words.  She is on the back of the couch resting as i write.i let her sleep with us last night and she leaned against me and then her dad. I think she felt safe enough to relax. I’ll keep you updated .  

      thanks again.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Msj wrote May 10, 2011
    • That actually brought tears to my eyes! Poor little Muffy!

      I agree with interesting reaction....

      I hope she feels better soon and safe too, you are a good puppy mommy!heart

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Paula Baker wrote May 10, 2011
    • thank you. she actually  ran a little this afternoon when she went out with the other dogs. I was so happy and i knew it hurt, but she’s a fighter. I think the story about cats having nine lives is a mystery. I think muffy was a cat who came back as a dog! She has electrocuted herself by chewing on a cord.Made it through that one. Some kind of back leg malady that seemed to hurt a great deal, but was ok next day and now this! Think she’s the one with nine lives!

            Report  Reply

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