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Was it was really just a lie?   All this time, misled into a blissful belief that my goal weight was being maintained, and with such ease too.  

Last week I bought a new bathroom scale.  The old one had been around for some seven years and had served me well with its digital readings rounded off to the half pound.  I loved that scale.  Consulted it at least once a week and it always reliably give me a reading of 134 pounds.  Occasionally there would be a slight slip in one direction or the next but within the week my weight would always return to that base figure.  

Of late I had noticed that my scale was fading.  The digital reading would be weak or would appear only briefly.  Then on rainy days the scale would behave like an old arthritic aunt, providing unreliable readings that were so far off that I would suffer momentary shock (only to be replaced with rationalizations that there is absolutely no way that I could have lost/gain that much weight in such a short space of time).  That's when it I knew that the time had come to replace that old friend with a new one.  

Choosing was all too easy,  the new model, could compute my weight, body mass index, bone mass, water content, body fat and could keep track of weight changes for up to 4 people.  Wow!  I thought, How cool is this!   I pushed my old weight-taker to the side to make space for this shiny, color coded, sleek new addition in my boudoir.  Still full of anticipation I took my first step on, and eagerly waited for the reading.  Then it came....140 pounds.  Drat it, I say, it must be the extra clothing that I am wearing.  I quickly dropped my jeans and top and step on again....138pounds it reads.   Why, I wondered did I drink that whole bottle of water five minutes ago.  So I retire to the ladies room where my bladder is forced to rid itself of any weight altering liquids.  New weighing 137.6 pounds....Huh!?    

Still firmly in denial, I reached for the old faithful scale lying discarded in the corner and I stepped aboard.  134 pounds exactly.  But how could that be?  I ask looking suspiciously across at the newcomer.  Why would it lie?   Who should I trust?!!   My options, it seems, are to either undertake a mild program to lose the few pounds necessary to achieve my desired weight or to adjust my ideal weight upwards by some 3- 6 pounds (no exercise required!).  Somehow neither alternative is appealing to me.

So now I have two scales.   The new color coded, multi functional model that looks very sophisticated in my room but is very seldom used,  and my old faithful seven year old semi-functional model that is kept inside the cupboard and brought out on non-rainy days when it is still willing to lie on my behalf.   And from this experience I have learnt that sometimes it is the little white lies in our lives to keep us inspired and content.  

(Or maybe I should just invest in yet another bathroom scale and get myself a third opinion!)


Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Vikki Hall wrote Sep 30, 2009
    • LOL! I like the 3rd opinion optionestatic

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Venus 7000 wrote Oct 1, 2009
    • LOL  

      Vicki.  I am tempted to get one of those old fashioned rotary scale that I can calibrate to give me the result I want.  But I suspect that Term is right.  I need to make friends with my new bathroom scale and move forward.  

      Well its off to the Gym from Monday next. sigh  Maybe I should begin my own 21 day challenge.  

      Thanks for reading guys!

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