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By Anita Briggs, DCEd, MSc, DAc.

Self-love and integrity of being are foundational to your sense of value. Without integrity, you are not centered within the Self and thus are needy of external validation and conditions. When your self-acceptance is outside of you, it is subject to constant shifting and you will be caught up in trying to affect external conditions, further pulling you away from the Self. On the other hand, with integrity of being, every experience in life reflects back to the Self and your actions emerge from this center core. You will feel secure and immutable at a deep level, no matter what may be taking place around you. You will easily appreciate and value who you are, as you will feel resilient and competent to life.

Self-valuing is the key element in being able to create a fulfilling life and feeling deserving of it.  When you value yourself, you feel self-confident and will more easily express yourself in various ways in the outer world.

Self-valuing precedes self-expression and self-realization, which is the basis of your abundance in life.  Add to this your divine right to seek fulfilment and find joy and meaning in life, and you have all that you need to pursue great abundance and self-realization.  

Many people are plagued with self-imposed limitation and lack of self-love because they do not understand their purpose in creation. Others are trying desperately to manifest a different life and attract abundance, but are lacking the foundational principles of being that will put them in harmony with the creative principles of the Universe. Many do not know that the purpose of life lies in expressing the true Self, and that that expression enriches the world. Furthermore, your enrichment of the world will manifest as personal abundance. You are the cause for your wealth, and money is the effect of your being. We cannot take ourselves apart and examine components, such as wealth or personal fulfilment, in isolation. In order to understand these, a wider context must be seen, all the principles of creation must be considered, and all aspects of self must be quickened in synchrony with these principles.  

True abundance that taps into an unlimited source beings with recognizing your personal value. When you value yourself and begin to express that value in the world, you enrich the world, in other words, you bring new wealth into the world that was not there before. And the Universe will flow blessings to you many times over, as the divine universal laws support the increase of life and unique expressions that create NEW in the world.  The Universe is forever seeking expansion of creation, and that can only take place when we express the uniqueness that is the Self.  Once you establish this understanding and live by it, you will be continually blessed with abundance in all areas of life. This is how you tap into the unlimited source of wealth that is within your being. The kingdom of God is within you.

But the power of self-value extends even beyond all these effects. With valuing comes appreciation, and appreciation is love, which is a power that expands the object of focus. As you appreciate yourself, you appreciate in value.  You become an asset that continually appreciates in value to yourself and the world. This same effect occurs when you value and appreciate others or situations in your life, that is, they appreciate in their value and your life keeps expanding.  As a source of abundance, your appreciation is cause for continual generation of wealth without limits.  

Below is a set of trigger affirmations that were extracted from the affirmations and audio activations program, [Link Removed] , designed to align you ever more deeply to your purpose in creation and the Will of God, and awaken you to a sense of value, greater self-love and integrity of being, and ignite you to ever greater self-expression and understanding that you, as a being of love, are the source of your abundance.  

The audio program is part of the Prosperity Codes II package, designed to clear and reprogram a person at deep levels of causation so that they are in synchrony with a life of joy, thriving, prosperity and abundance.

The trigger affirmations extracted from the program will activate the
[Link Removed] 

for you to deeply release and reprogram all that stands in the way of you embodying the truth of the affirmations.  For more information on how the Affirmation Enhancer Tool works, click on the above link.

1.I am created to express my divine being from the unique viewpoint that is me.
2.The fulfilment of my life purpose benefits all of creation and expands my being.
3.God wants me to find and express what brings me the greatest joy in life.
4.I am an invaluable and unique part of creation.
5.I accept all that is in my life, in order that I may expand my being from my current state of consciousness.
6.I am encouraged to dream and live in full expectation that those dreams are manifesting now.
7.I choose full self-realization of my being now, and courageously move through any fear.
8.The Universe conspires to move me forward along my truest path of soul fulfilment.
9.I am now tapping into the power of love within me to create the life of my dreams.
10.I am free of my past, and can love the learning it has enabled me.
11.My job is to dream from the love that I am; the Universe takes care of making it happen.
12.I embrace where I am currently in life, and happily fill my place right now in whatever capacity I find myself in, knowing I am moving toward greater things.
13.I now live congruently and aligned with my greater purpose, eager and ready to act on all opportunities that are aligned with my vision for life.
14.As love, I harmonize with divine law and am in the flow of infinite grace and blessings.
15.With integrity of being, I access and realize greater potential within me.
16.As I express potential in me, I grow as a being of love, wisdom, and power.
17.From the love that I am, I wield the power of the universe.
18.I have a right and a responsibility to thrive in life, expressing my being in a manner that brings me deep fulfilment, joy of life, and continual evolution
19.God/Goddess needs a vehicle of integrity in order to express powerfully within.
20.I am committed to living in congruence with my purpose and what I value.
21.I courageously follow my internal compass regardless of outer circumstances.
22.With deep self-love, all areas of my life accelerate toward the Light.
23.In the love that I am, I am magnetic to all the blessings that life has to offer.
24.I am the pinnacle of Creation; I can create anything that I can conceive.
25.My source of true wealth is god-in-me.
26.As I express my true self, the world is enriched.
27.As I enrich the world, I am richly blessed, and I feel my value..
28.As my sense of value deepens, I embody more and more of my Higher Self.
29.What I am capable of living is continually expanding.
30.My Higher Self is worthy of all the good that God has to offer.
31.My Higher Self is a magnificent being of power and grace.
32.In the love that I am, I am my Higher Self.
33.In the love that I am, I enrich all life the more abundantly I receive.
34.My being expressed is the value I offer the world.
35.I am a source of infinite abundance to the world.
36.I am the cause for my wealth, and money is the effect of my being.
37.I am blessed many times over for the unique value that I offer the world.
38.I am an asset of creation that continually appreciates in value.
39.The kingdom of God is within me and may be realized through expressing my value in the world.

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