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I don’t even know how or what to put here.  I read this on Fox news just now. And I became so disgusted and shocked, and just angry. Yes, that’s the word I am looking for.  

ANGRY... Angry that a Mother could actually allow this to happen.  Well, I will let you all be the judge ..  

here is the story.  

[Link Removed]

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho —  An eastern Idaho woman whose boyfriend impregnated her 9-year-old daughter has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Isabel Chasarez, 27, must serve at least one year in prison before she is eligible for parole, 7th District Judge Brent Moss ordered Tuesday at the sentencing hearing.

Chasarez pleaded guilty in August to failing to provide proper prenatal care for her daughter.

Her 38-year-old boyfriend, Guadalupe Gutierrez-Juarez, pleaded guilty to rape in September. He is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 28 and faces life in prison.

The girl became pregnant at age 9, sometime between Aug. 1 and Sept. 30 2007, authorities say, and gave birth in April.


Am I reading this right ladies ?  She is only being Charged for not providing proper care for her Daughter AFTER she got pregnant, from being FORCED to have sex with her Mothers Boyfriend ?  

Why is she NOT Being charged for the RAPE OF her daughter just like the boyfriend ?  If her daughter became pregnant at the age of 9, and she KNEW it was the boyfriends,  She is just as guilty, as he is, if she DID NOTHING.  

I For the Life of me, DO NOT Understand this.  How can Mothers do this, how can they just allow this to happen, an not do anything.  

( shaking head )

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Member Comments

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      Meshell Forest wrote Oct 16, 2008
    • my bad, i guess the rape of a 9 year old girl, and having to give birth,and  the fact that her mother has been charged with Not providing proper care for her, while pregnant, and NOT for letting her daughter be raped, was of some kind of importance.( maybe just not here at Fab40, not that Fab40 doesn’t care, but that its just not the place for this topic)   I say raped, because lets face it,  There is No way a 9 year old girl would want to have sex with a 38 year old man. Even if she knew what sex was, which I highly doubt,  how many 9 year old girls know about sex.  

      I don’t know,  I guess I just get angry when I read about these kinds of stories, and then to read on, that the mother could be out on parole in a year. I get angry for that poor little girl, who has lost her innocence forever, and will never be a little girl again.  

      I don’t know, maybe I should just leave this, and let go.

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      Jldixon wrote Oct 16, 2008
    • Meshell, I’m like you, I can’t get over stuff like this.  I was reading this, and when I got finished, looked over at my 11 year old daughter sitting across the room from me. OMG I can not imagine what I would be capable of if I found out somebody raped or forced or whatever ~ had sex with her!  I would definately be able to plead temporary insanity.  It would be a sad day in Floyd County Mr. Jones (a Dwight Yoakom song)!  It would be THE last day of my freedom for a long time.  Sadly, I wouldn’t get to see my daughter for many years, and wouldn’t be able to see my first grandchild walk or talk for the first time, because I would kill the SOB!

      And like you, the mother should be charged with something more than failing to provide proper prenatal care for her “9” year old daughter!  How about child neglect? Child abuse? failure to use due care and provide a safe environment for a minor?  How about just being freakin stupid!!???   UGGGGGHHH  How some people are alowed to breed is beyond me.  Now who’s going to take care of both children?  The poor child is being forced to undergo unnecessary pain and suffering, not to mention mental, physical and psychological changes that her mind and body are not physically ready for.  Sooo sad.  I just wish I could take children like this, and spray some magic potion on a wash rag, wash them off, and wipe away the pain and suffering that they indure becuase of moronic neglectful parents.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Cindylouwho1966 wrote Oct 17, 2008
    • The whole story is sickening, ESPECIALLY the fact that the animal who did this is still listed as “boyfriend” not “ex-boyfriend.” She was still with this man!!! That poor 9 year old. The mother is just as guilty as he is.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Cheryl Sharpton wrote Oct 17, 2008
    • I say we bring back castration instead of jail time for anyone who commits a crime like this.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Jldixon wrote Oct 17, 2008
    • Cindylou, I think casteration is a perfect solution to sex crimes, especially in a case where there is a child involved.  I love to watch documentaries, and I was watching one day (a good while back) where there was an incarcerated man who had committed I can’t remember how many rapes.  He underwent severe “reformatory” counseling.  And actually told the therapist that he had a disease.  And he didn’t want to get out of jail because he knew that he would do it again.  That it is something that can’t be cured.  Well, like he said, he was released and back in prison within a year.  He then REQUESTED to the judge at his trial that he be casterated.  The judge would not order it, because it was cruel and inhumane punishment.  I’m sorry, but when somebody admits the problem, realizes that there is no solution or “fix” for it, and requests a preventative alternative for the safety of others, who is anybody to say it’s cruel and inhumane?  I would have gotten on my cell phone behind the bench and made an appointment right then!

      I just don’t see why they don’t open up Alcatraz again. I have the perfect solution.  Send all habitual offenders whether it be sex, assault with deadly weapon, spousal abuse, child abuse, any severe crime against another live being, there.  Provide them with seeds, and garden tools.  Make them grow their own food, or starve.  Make them keep themselves fed and clothed and fend for themselves.  Patrol the borders with Naval ships and shoot to kill the first SOB that puts his toe in the water without a bar of soap.  If they get 500 feet from the shore, boom!  You know the rules.  And the one’s who can’t cohabitate(sp?) with others, well, let them kill eachother off.  It’ll open up beds for future residents.

      I just have zero tolerance for habitual offenders, and less for anybody who commits a crime against a child.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Meshell Forest wrote Oct 22, 2008
    • jldixon

      I feel the same as you, in your final statement,  

      I also have a 0 tolerance for habitual offenders, and less for those who commit crimes against a child.  

      As a Child Survivor of such crimes, I just have no tolerance at all, no matter if its a father, uncle, grandfather, brother, or even mother, Aunt, Grandmother.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Jldixon wrote Oct 22, 2008
    • Meshell, I’m so sorry to hear that.  I hope you have found the peace within yourself to heal.  I was never sexually abused, but had an uncle that touched me way inappropriately once.  And, If he didn’t scare and repulse me so bad, it could have very well went further.  Lucky me I stayed far away from him from that day on.  He passed away a few years ago, and I didn’t shed a tear.  I felt “nothing“.  A little bit of relief because he was such a piece of shit who breathed air that should have went to a deserving soul.  Anyway, I have not forgotten, and never will, I think that’s why I feel so strongly about it as I do.

      Peace and hugs..... Lynn

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Meshell Forest wrote Oct 23, 2008
    • Lynn,  

      Unfortunately, The POS that sexually, physically, and emotionally abused me for many years, afrom ages 4 till I was 16 was the man who calls himself my father. And yes, My mother knew the entire time, but felt it was better to stay married to him, and stay a Family than turn his a@@ in, and divorce him, and try to raise 4 kids on her own.  She was lazy, didn’t WANT TO WORK, and took the Easy way out.  Some defend her, and say it was due to the times, Women were not taught to be strong then, and they just pretended it didn’t happen.  

      Her favorite saying today if asked is... ” Well, Yes, he may have done that then, but he would never do that NOW.”  

      I have CUT OFF all Ties to my parents. I have been in Therapy for years, and have a host of Issues due to the hell I went thru due to what they put me thru. I have issues with Trust, love, SEX, am on many Meds.  

      If and when My parents go, I won’t shed any tears. I am like you tho, I have not, and will not ever forget, Which my Husband does Not understand, and will never understand I fear.  He just wants everything to be Perfect, perfect sex, perfect me.  

      Ugh..  Anyways... I feel for this litle girl, for all she has gone thru and has had to endure.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Jldixon wrote Oct 23, 2008
    • I’m so sorry!  That sucks big time.  However, you sound like you have became a strong person because of your past.  You sound like you cherish your family.  I can understand your issues with trust, love and sex.  And sometimes meds are necessary.  I went through a nasty divorce where I was extremely mentally abused, and I lost all self confidence that I had.  I am on meds too, and I feel that it’s his fault for breaking me down so bad.  I’m not a weak person either, I’m very strong minded (or hard headed) and will stand up to people if I know I’m right or believe in whatever point I’m trying to make.  That was one of my personality traits that he didn’t like.  It made it worse for me, but being bull headed like I was, I wouldn’t back down, and I thought that I could make it better.  Well, after I had my daughter, I gave up.  I didn’t want to make it better anymore, I figured that there was life before him and I didn’t have to struggle so hard to live it, and it was just fine without having to “work at it“.  Plus I didn’t want my daughter growing up in a household like that.  I have not forgotten the hell he put me through either, and never will.  Therefore, I have a problem with trust, and giving my “whole” self to somebody, because I just don’t want to break down that wall.

      If I could take children like this and give them a safe place to be, I would do it in a heartbeat.  I’ve always said, since I was a little girl.  When I get rich, or win the lotto I’m going to build a place, or renovent an old hotel, or school, and open it up to children and women and men who are abused (in whatever way).  They will have to work around the place men in the yards, women inside, whatever, but I still vow to do that one day.

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