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As we prepare for winter weather, it's important to remember to be kind to our skin.

Years ago Washington socialite Marjorie Merewether Post brought the renowned Hungarian skincare specialist, Dr. Erno Laszlo, to the United States. Dr. Laszlo's products and procedures were in such demand that he ultimately created his own cosmetic line. The Laszlo method for cleansing the face is still the one favored by most dermatologists. Dr. Laszlo believed that there should be a summer and winter regime, as well as a morning and evening regime.  

In particular, he recommended washing the face with soap and water, but not just any soap. Laszlo explained that the oil sacs beneath the surface of the skin could not be cleaned sufficiently with cleansing creams that only touch the skin's surface. He noted that the warmth of the water opened the pores just long enough to clean the dirt and debris beneath the surface of the skin efficiently. And the splashing that followed helped slough away dead skin, much as shaving does for men.

 Laszlo soaps were quite expensive, but I have found that olive oil soaps from the South of France are a good substitute. One popular and inexpensive brand is Savon de Marseilles, and this green-colored soap can be found in larger cities at shops that feature products from Provence. Make certain that the soap contains at least 70% olive oil.  

Even though I have found substitutes for most of Dr. Laszlo's products (out of necessity due to the fact that I was living in Europe the past twenty years), I wouldn't dream of substituting his method for cleansing the face with any other. Because it permits dead skin to be sloughed away daily, it allows for faster cell renewal.  

Before cleansing the face with soap, remove eye make (mascara in particular) with an oily product and a tissue. Almond oil is efficient and gentle. Baby oil or mineral oil is too thin to be effective.  Leave oily residue around the eyes to help prevent this fragile area from being stripped of oil.

Cleansing the face:

1.Fill basin with fairly warm water. You will probably need a shower cap.
2.Wet entire face with water from basin.
3.Dip soap into water.
4.Rub wet soap over entire face.
5.Rub soap between hands to make a lavish lather.
6.Apply lather to wet face and cleanse face.
7.Drain basin and re-fill with warm water and splash face 30 times to rinse away soap and residue.
8.Splash face with running warm tap water to rinse away last of residue.
9.Dry the face. In areas with hard water, apply Rose Water with cotton pad to remove any traces of drying calcium deposits left on the face. Most of Hampton Roads has fairly soft water.
10. Optional: If you have dry skin, mist face with calcium-free water before applying cream.
11. Apply moisturizer for the morning regime and night cream for the evening regime.
If your skin is oily, use a moisturizer for your skin type; and in the evening, apply the night cream only around the eyes and at the neck. With oily skin, you may wash your face three times per day in the summer to prevent the oil sacs getting overloaded and creating breakouts.


Member Comments

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      Dee Dee Shaw wrote Oct 25, 2008
    • We started making our own goat milk based soaps last year. I love the way it makes my skin feel. I don’t purchase soap at all from the store any more. And my daughter has turned soap making into her own little cottage industry. At 13, I’d say she is off to a good start!

      Sharing Hope,

      Dee Dee

      For my skin care products outside of soap, I make sure I don’t use parabens. [Link Removed] is the skin care line I use and market.

      Happymomma, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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