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It feels really weird to know that 40 is approaching. I am 38, I don’t look it, I don’t feel it and 40 feels negative to me. Like I’ll become invisible, like I won’t matter.  

Like I’ll fall into some kind of category where I have to check the box that says  

Age 40-65.  

I have 3 babies and I get lumped in with the retirees? Not that there is anything wrong with being 65 etc. But I’m not. Yet.

I feel a bit like Cher. You know, the massively botoxed and wigged and nipped and tucked singer. She thinks getting old sucks. And so do I. Will I be wiser? Better? Nicer? Smarter? I’m not so sure. I do know I’ll be slower, more tired and prone to dreadful ‘old’ things like monopause, arthritis, memory loss...I’ll be less amble.........less able?    

Personally I’m ok where I’m at and would stick with 38 if I could. Oh and don’t let all my worry about medical conditions fool you into thinking I’m a deep thinker- the whole wrinkly, saggy prospect has me with a total case of despair. Yep, I’m as shallow as I am deep.  

I had better accept getting old because A) the alternative ain’t so great and B) it’s a part of life whether I like it or not.  

Wrapping my head around it is where the problem lies. And if I feel like this at age 38, am I going to be completely looney about it by the time I am 58?

I can imagine a woman in her 70s or 80s reading this and thinking what a fool this girl is - all whiny about turning 40 in a couple of years, when really, it’s my prime - and my time.  

So how does one get out of this funk? And how did I get in it in the first place?


Member Comments

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      Yana Berlin wrote Jun 21, 2008
    • How did you get “in it” in the first place is easy to explain...

      You aged....

      Sorry girlfriend, not something you wanted to hear but the truth...

      How does one get out of this funk you ask?

      It is much easier than embracing the fact that you are getting older.  

      Live your life, enjoy, celebrate, YES 40’s are the best years of our life, why? Because you know who you are and by now have a good understanding of what you want.

      3 babies will keep you on your toes for the next 20 years. They will keep you young, vibrant and alert. That 40-65 box that you check will be full of people that are doing the same thing you do, raising babies, growing (hopefully not sideways..that thing happens after 40), sharing, and celebrating.

      As for Cher, she is 60 and looks fantastic, you have 22 years until you turn 60, imagine the technology in 5 to 10 years....anything is possible.  (Cher had ribs removed, skin tucked, pulled, botoxed and God knows what else)

      So smile, hug your kids and show them how it’s suppose to be done....

      One smile.....and one heart beat at a time.

      Welcome to our community. I hope to see lots of you on our space.

      All the best,

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      VICKY CORYEA wrote Jun 22, 2008
    • hello———-I believe that truthfully we all go through some sort of realization that we aren’t getting any younger.
      I am a very young 51 and I am here to tell you not to get hung up on the NUMBER. It is just a number like shoe size,bra size, bank account. To me the more important thing to realize is ,How do you feel? Are you young at heart? Are you the very best person you can be?  

      This is a normal thing to feel wierd about aging. If you want to survive this and know its just one more phase you are going through, visit a retirment facility. I have worked in one for over 30 years. I have a pretty good handle on the definition of OLD.
      aS Yana stated, Celebrate your time and your life. It is not a given you will have another 70 years. My advice is LIVE EVERY DAY and do the best you can. Aging comes whether we want it to or not. That is one dragon we cannot slay. But its way better than the alternative!

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      Stephanie wrote Jun 22, 2008
    • You will not become invisible, rather you will become more heard then ever. Its all up to you and how you approach things.

      The world is in the palm of your hand, and you are Fabulous and more powerful then ever.

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      Bellefleur wrote Oct 22, 2010
    • It’s funny - I’m now 40 and love it!  

      I wasn’t really upset about turning 40 - it’s more like people mentioned it to me and it started me thinking that it was something to dread.  

      Now I realize that the only difference between 39 and 40 is time! And time is something I use wisely!  

      Turning 40 is an excuse to have a party (which I did - a huge one!) and really - that’s about it!

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