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Today felt strange to me. It was almost like a movie and at times it felt like everything was moving fast and I was moving slow. It was just strange. Have you ever been in the middle of working or relaxing and all of a sudden you realize that you were day dreaming? All at once things began to start again as if God had pushed the pause button. That’s the feeling I had. I woke up this morning and I said loud and proud “This is the day that you made Lord so I choose to rejoice and be glad in it“. I kid you not all day long I was just hit in waves with emotions that were not all together mine. I know for a fact that I was carring some of my sisters and brothers stuff today. At one point I was hit with this overwhelming feeling of saddness. It was so heavy. Funny thing is that this morning when I got out of the bed and checked my cell phone my husband had texted me 4 times to say what is going on because he was feeling strange also. I didn’t think about the texts then but when I called him (because he is my bestest friend!) he said he was gonna come home because he felt like something was wrong. I explained how I was feeling and I told him I didn’t know why but we prayed and it went away. Later in the afternoon I was feeling overwhelmed and I began to cry, but this wasn’t a cry that I would normally have it was a cry from my spirit. It was from a deep place, so deep it almost felt like it was a whole other entity. That also wasn’t mine. I sat on my stairs and allowed the tears to flow. I screamed and cried and cried and screamed and released the pain that was there. I began to pray that God would strenthen me so that I could stand strong with the people that I am assigned to in this part of my journey. I believe he did. I am aware that alot of people read these blogs and I am thankful. I believe that what is going on is part of the kingdom of God coming into alignment with HIS purpose and plan. For those of you who don’t understand what I am saying, plainly put it is this; We are all part of each other. We are all part of the BODY and one part can not say that it doesn’t need the other. The head can not say to the hand that I don’t need you because it does. We all need each other. When you began to share through blogs, post, messages, thoughts and pics we become connected. The connection is not physical although it can be if we meet, it is spiritual. We create a spiritual tie or bond with each other through sharing and caring and so when you are a spiritually open person you began to feel each others stuff. That is okay, we need to hold each other up and help each other out. That is what I believe this site is really about. I think that it was strategically in the plan of God for all of us to connect and reconnect to God. Nothing happens unless it brings God glory. In closing tonight I want to encourage you that when you began to feel strange or you become aware that something is happening and it may not be your stuff. PRAY! That is the best thing to do. If one of the names that you see on this site comes to your mind began to pray for that person because you never know what someone is going through. If you think about someone and have a word for them even if you think it is crazy just trust God and send them a message because that is how God works through us. For the friend or sister that was having a hard time today know this: I am with you! I am here for you! I am praying and interceeding for you! I am helping you to carry the load that you think you are carring alone. First of all remember that “His yoke is easy and His burdens are light“. Many times we are bogged down with heaviness because we are trying to carry things alone. You don’t have to because God is always there waiting for you to cast your worries, fears and cares on him. I want to be sensitive to those of you who may not know the Lord or have another belief, but for me it is JESUS and Theres no one like Jehoviah! I love you guys so much and I feel so blessed to be a part of your life and spirit. There is something strange happening everywhere and it is in the air. God is doing something awesome and it is joining his people together. I love you with and everlasting love and I am Praying for all of you. Please take a moment to comment when you read my blogs so that I can hear your thoughts and feelings. Be blessed


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      Vikki Hall wrote Apr 30, 2009
    • Hi Cocco,
      Another interesting blog from you. I have felt like you did today before. I am usually perceptive to other peoples feelings and emotions. A lot of times before they are even aware. I don’t try to intrude on their private-ness but it just happens.
      It is nice knowing that someone is out there praying and thinking about me even if I didn’t ask or know that I ‘needed’ it.

      Many blessings....

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      Angela 'Cocco' Williams wrote May 1, 2009
    • Hi vikki,
      Thank you for your thoughts. Yes you are right it sometimes is other peoples stuff. We just gotta pray that God help, heals, holds and shows that person he is their provider and he will make everything alright. Thank you for responding sis. I love you

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