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I’m just a girl with opinions.  They‘re mine and they‘re not in reference to anyone in, please don’t make them about anything they‘re not.

People don’t seem to get it when it comes to public forums such as MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, and yes...Fab40.

Talking about general topics that are socially acceptable is one thing, but to share personal information, feelings, experiences, and opinions that you wouldn’t stand on a stage and announce to the world is another.  

On another blog, What if your child's teacher said she hated.....a member shares the story of a teacher who was suspended for using a Facebook 'mood box' to post "I'm feeling p____because I hate my students!"_   Would this teacher have stood on the school stage and said what she said?  I'm thinking no.  Would she have made that statement to a friend?  More than likely.  A friend understands the person who is ranting...the general population of the school (or the world) does not possess the perspective to understand that the statement was one made out of frustration and fatigue.  

It’s the same with political, religious, sexual and any other emotionally charged topic.  Sometimes, it’s a matter of propriety, other times it’s a matter of social grace and even legality as the above mentioned teacher is learning.  

Everyone has their own censor...some use it more liberally than others.  Some forget that personal opinion is just that...personal, and subject to ones own needs/wants.  I have certainly learned that lesson through recent events.  

Personally, treating anything on the Internet as a method of private expression is, in my view, foolish.  If you have to blow off steam, a friend is a good choice...someone who knows and loves you and who will not judge you based on one comment.  If you have private thoughts that you want to express, put them in a journal that is PRIVATE and stick it under your mattress.

Like it or not, we (the general population of the Internet) are not “besties“.  While we come to a specific site because of a broad commonality, we create our circle of friends based on more specific commonalities.  We aren’t treated any more equally online than we are in person...probably less so.  Putting personal stuff on the Internet is an invitation for judgement.  This whole thing isn’t rocket’s success is guaranteed ONLY if we (the sharer and the reader) respect boundaries and each other.  The sad reality is, there are many who do not and will not.  Much the same as real life, there will always be people on the Internet who are looking for an opportunity to judge, cause trouble or impose their agenda.

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Member Comments

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      Beverly Mahone wrote Dec 6, 2008
    • It’s funny that you would post this.  I just posted a discussion about social networking hurting your image.  I agree with your post, however, I believe there are quite a few women who want to vent on a personal level and use the social networks for a number of reasons.

      1)  Some women feel comfortable talking about their personal issues—no matter who they‘re talking to.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  I recently talked about my congestive heart failure here.

      2)  Some people share their personal stuff because they want a sense of connection.

      3)  Some women share with other women they don’t know—BECAUSE THEY DON‘T KNOW THEM.  No gossip to be spread among other girlfriends.

      As a journalist, I say what’s on my mind. You may not agree with it but if I’ve expressed in a manner that it respectful, then you should respect that and agree to disagree and move on.

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      Mz. Queen wrote Dec 6, 2008
    • Daphne,

        Girl you are so humble and crazy. I don’t know why you even said something to the effect that you don’t write well(in another blog). If I was your speech teacher this blog would get an A+.  

        It was well said and objectional. Like you said you can write easier than picking a title.


      much love

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      Jacquie6363 wrote Dec 6, 2008
    • Daph:  That’s life.  Some people feel a need to share all, some a little and some not at all.

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