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Love it

I always come here to let it all out. I don’t mean to be such a downer. I usually try to be a lot happier than this but today in the mist of every thing else, I got a slam to my self esteem and my feelings are bruised. I have no friends. I guess that is probably 75% my fault. I am not socially skilled. I have come along way from my sheltered childhood years. I am quiet and alot of people do not know how to relate to a quiet person. Anyway, I never had a “best” friend growing up. I got married early and became totally consumed with family and raising children. I am 49 years old and my “best” friend is my husband. Still, there are occasions when I wish I had someone to talk girl talk with. I sometimes do that with my 24 year old daughter, which is cool. Recently, I made a conscious decision to just be happy with my life. I have a wonderful husband that I love so much. I have my kids and my grand-kids, especially my grand daughter who is living with us. She is truly a blessing. You don’t get everything you want in life so just be grateful and happy for the blessings you have. My older sister, who is kind of neurotic, suddenly for no reason I know of blocked me from her FB page. She just out of the blue won’t talk to me and won’t tell me what is going on?
It hurt. I have done nothing that I know of to her. For some reason this really hurt and I found myself crying. She has done this to me once before. She accused me of having an affair with her husband and we were living in separate states at the time. I don’t like her husband. He won’t even live in the same house with her and he doesn’t work and takes her money. She built up a story in her mind and accused me. When I moved back to our home state and went over to talk to her about it, she acted like it never happened. I can’t take anymore. This is it. No matter what she thinks I have done, I am not playing this game.I don’t have friends and I don’t have a sister, but I have my husband, my dogs, and my kids/grand kids. I am just going to dry these tears and be happy for that. Thank you Lord for my Blessings. Amen.

Love it

Member Comments

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      Linda L wrote Jul 27, 2013
    • Hi Jc!

      Gripe all you want we‘re here to listen and support you!

      Well, you said your sister is neurotic and her slacker husband takes her money and doesn’t live with her. Perhaps she’s jealous that your life is better than hers so she decided to make accusations and be hurtful towards you.  

      Just enjoy your wonderful husband, children, and grandkids! Hopefully, soon she’ll realize that she was wrong. If not, be thankful for your blessings. Take care.

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