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I went to see the movie the 4th kind, and although not a scarey movie at all, it did leave me wondering. Of course my hubby is one of those guys that just doesnt shut up during a movie, seemed to be a lot of those guys at the movie saturday, including one who would start snoring whenever someone was hypnotised in the movie! So i was wondering how many believe in abduction theories, has anyone seen a UFO , or a alien? NOW i KNOW this is one of those things that people dont like to talk about , so i will say I HAVE SEEN A UFO.....9 lights in the sky all in a row, tipped then flew into the salt river in Arizona...there i said it, I have no idea what it was, it didnt freak me out, just left me wondering what it was! I have watched a documentary on how if certain areas of the brain are stimulated you can have an abduction feeling. Any how whatever it is, this movie about Dr Tyler , left me wondering...and it has OBVIOUSLY affected the Doctors health, in the interview she gives in  california, the woman is obviously, depressed, and to me on the way to losing her mind! I do not have any real theories on any of it, i dont know if i believe there is any little green men, or grey men...but some do believe it, and some have experienced it. While watching the movie, one thing did occur to me, the strange voice in a strange language, the elevation of the patients and the doctor...reminded me of ...dare i say it...when people claim to be possesed of the devil...strange voice, puking green vomit!..and being risen off the bed.
I also wonder, why only certain people are abducted...why not all of us..and if so many have been abducted WHY isnt the goverment doing anything to protect the movie it was claimed 11 million people....THATS A LOT OF PEOPLE this is happening to. What would you do , or say if it was someone you knew, a family member, OR your own child experiencing these things.
Like i said the movie left me it just a vivid having an imaginary friend as a child, is it just the brain over reacting in certain people, is it hypnosis that creates something that isnt real..just like a bad dream that we have and then remember.
Whatever it is, i truly feel for the people who have experienced such mental trauma, who may be going thru something they seem unable to stop let alone control, and then even worse not being believed or understood. Whatever it is.....the movie to me was a tad disturbing. But in the end thats all it was a movie.


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