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Love it

I’m wondering what most of the world’s opinion is on what I think is one of the biggest struggles I have faced for so many years.

I’m classified as “Obese” in my medical records, and my GYN doctor suggested I consider bypass surgery.  I have struggled with my weight for many, many years but it hasn’t reached a point where it was dangerous to my health except the expectation that it will become a danger to my health.  I’ve considered the surgery method because I have done just about every diet out there (except joining one of those clubs like weight watchers or jenny craig) but about 15 years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) which it was described to me, by an endocrinologist, that my body fights against the breakdown of sugar, in other words it will store it no matter what more so if I deprive it of sugar.  At the time that I was diagnosed with it my sister and I were dieting and exercising every day (walking 2 miles a day) she was loosing weight but I wasn’t.  The doctor explained to me that the PCOS was the main reason I wasn’t loosing and she was.  Because of that lack of breaking down and the storing of the sugar in my system.  

He said I would always struggle with that, and I pretty much have because like I said I have tried every kind of dieting and none have worked.  So now with technology and advancements in the medical field there is another method (bypass surgery).  

I am very scared about the possibility of complications or even death from the surgery.

I would like to know from people out there who have had the surgery or have considered it themselves, what do you think of the whole idea or if you got the surgery how do you feel about it now?  Would you recommend the surgery to others or if you had it to do all over, would you not go through with it?

I’m just interested in your opinions.


Love it


Member Comments

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      Susie Farina wrote May 17, 2009
    • Hi Robin,
      My dr. just recently talked to me about by-pass surgery. So I went to a specialist that actually discouraged me from having the surgery. There is so much to go through before getting into the program. Like having to lose one third of your body weight first. My thought is if I have to lose 1/3 my body weight then I’m already on the right track so I decided not to do it. She also said that Weight Watchers was one of the best weight lose programs out there. I hope that this is a help to you making that final decision whatever it is. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Gos Bless

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      Robin15728 wrote May 17, 2009
    • Thanks Termagsea for the info.

      One of my doctors did try “Metformin” which is a med for diabetes and has been used for PCOS, but I ended up having to stop that because of a weird side effect (which wasn’t even one of the know side effects listed on the med) but my hair was falling out at an alarming rate.  So we stopped that drug.  But there are some other meds but I’m not sure any of those would be any better at working without bad side effects.

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      Robin15728 wrote May 18, 2009
    • Thanks Susie,

      I did know that before they will allow you to do the surgery, they make you go through a long process of counseling and stuff to make sure your mentally prepared for it, but I had no idea about the making you loose 1/3 of your body weight.  Your right that would make no sense to me.  

      I guess maybe I should really look into the whole weight watchers thing, there are a few things that make me not want to go that route and that has to do with the meetings and stuff.  I’m not very good with my will power, so I know that their constant monitoring would help in that matter, but I also hate the idea of having to constantly attend meetings and weigh ins and that stuff... I’m one of those type of people who the moment you make something a mandatory or required thing that has to be done constantly, that is when I don’t want to do it anymore.

      I guess I’ll need to think about the whole situation even more.

      Thanks for all the input though, it is very helpful.

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