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Well, today is tax day and the day for the country wide “tea parties”  

First of all, if you are interested in where you can participate in one, there is a list located [Link Removed] that will help you find one.

After reading and talking to folks about this issue, I find that while it is on tax day and is a lot to do with taxes, my research says it’s much more complex than that.  Taxes are necessary, they always have been and always will be.  I can only speak for myself, but I don’t mind fair taxes for fair services.  That, however, is not what I see going on and is why I am supporting this movement - now and in the future.  Like others, I pray that it’s peaceful and organized.  This is not about strong arming or manhandling, it’s about justice and fairness and free speech - or at least it is for me and should be for all.

This is in no way a finger point at Obama..he has his good points and bad and he inhereted a damn mess.  Let’s just leave names out of it and speak about issues, attitudes, behavoirs that have warrented this outcry.

I don’t protest taxes, I protest wastefulness.  No one will ever convince me that the common practice of taking good legislature and drowning it in special interests, pork spending and self pocket padding is good, right or to my eyes, even legal. Yet, it’s as common in our government as breathing.  I live currently in California and what a mess this state is in.  I sit here and watch this state with all these millionaires and multimillionaires and even billionaires and see tax break and tax shelter upon tax break and tax shelter for the very rich and the middle and lower class can’t keep their homes or jobs. I see corporations laying off common people but so far, only one CEO that forfeted his salary and/or bonuses to keep folks employed.  Sadly, while the rich idiots who find underhanded ways to keep from paying their share in this state add greatly to the debt, you’ve also got so much of this pork mess going on in Sacramento that they would likely still be in a mess if they actually had the millions that they’ve given up to rich tax breaks.  The saddest part, it’s a mirror of what’s happening in our Federal government.

When it’s time for new legislation, let the legislation stand or fall on it’s own..let the special interest groups find their own funding. Let our officials be voted in, voted out, nominated or removed based on their skills and abilities, not on who’s back pocket they are in or who donates the most money to them or visa versa.  For God’s sake, where’s the integrity that our ancestors left Europe and came here seeking a better life gone to?  

I was at the grocery store yesterday and this subject was brought up in the check out line. One man, an obviously well dressed and educated one, smirked and said...we need to get everyone out of government and replace them with people of integrity and they cannot be bankers, lawyers or politicians.  Now, perhaps that’s a bit extreme, but I honestly found myself feeling like he was closer to the truth than most of our elected officials.

I don’t have kids and won’t ever have them, but I have nieces and nephews and cousins and friends kids and what the hell kind of future are we leaving them? I mean really.  This is absurd, that a bunch of supposedly educated and intelligent men and women are taking our great nation down the road to perdition and they‘re doing it on the backs of us, the common folks and our posterity.

I may not agree with every idea and thought presented today, but I without a doubt encourage these actions - PEACEFUL actions - because our governments - federal and state - and all those involved in them need a wake up call.  Business as usual is not cutting it anymore and fancy words and great speeches don’t fix it.

OK, my two cents worth...feel free to respond - even if you fully disagree with me. That’s the beauty of free speech...and something that I believe in.

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Member Comments

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      UK Girl wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • Have you all seen this ?

      [Link Removed]

      Ukgirl, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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      Off Center wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • Annie , you are absolutely right and I don't expect everyone to agree with me and that's ok.  Yes, Obama inherited a mess, but flowery speeches that don't change much won't help either.  He's very charismatic, that's no lie.

      Didn’t know that about the CEO and while I totally agree with you, it is at least one step above other CEOs that I know about that took home all that and still continue to take bonuses and salaries.

      Vicki  thanks for that is wonderful to see some of the responses. We certainly won't change the world just by today's meetings, but perhaps, with time and effort, we can begin again today.

      **grr - why are all my apostrophes messed up?

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