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Anyone else fed up with teenagers that think they own the world.  

My husband and I have 6 kids between us - I have three sons and he has 2 girls and one boy.

Three are out of the house and three are still in school.

One is in college doing ok, one is in the Navy doing ok, one has a serious drug problem with no direction in life, and the last three are doing ok in school.

The problem:  They all have rotten attitudes.  They all think they own the world.  Had I know how hard having teens would be....well, it is just good I didn’t know.  I think part of their problem is divorced parents and I’m sorry, but blending familys together (step-parents) SUCKS! We have been married for almost 10 years and it is hard!

I really don’t mean to rant here, but I am just at the end of my rope.  In the middle of all this I feel like I lost myself along the road. It is somewhat depressing.  ohhhh

Anyone else out there had it with their teens?  Sometimes I really feel like I am the only one going through this!! frown


Member Comments

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      Vikki Hall wrote Apr 21, 2009
    • Mine don’t think they own the world. Oh no they just think the world owes them!

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      Deb Darby wrote Apr 21, 2009
    • We have 3 children together, all out of the house 29, 27 and 20.

      Our oldest was the only one who didn’t give us extended trouble. He spent one night in jail because his friend was high and speeding, and that’s it. He’s a solid, hardworking young man.

      Our 2 daughters were the exception, especially the youngest, but the older one gave us her share of trouble (criminal boyfriend, drugs). She’s extremely squared away now. the youngest is just now finally starting to show some responsibility.

      How we got through is with our faith and lots of prayer, recommitting ourselves that our marriage had to take priority, lots of counseling and expensive therapy especially for the youngest as well as for us. My best friend’s daughter is 3 years behind our youngest and she’s graduating from High School this year. She had a worse time with her than we did with ours. I just kept telling her, I’m praying for you and if you can just get her through High School you and she will feel alot better and she’ll probably start accepting more responsibility. So far, she seems to be doing better. I kept on remembering how fast High School went by for me and for my kids, and now that I’m on the other side of it, it’s alot easier. Still, I think most of this generation are extremely spoiled with technology, and there’s scientific evidence that teenagers’ brains don’t fully develop until they‘re around 25...that’s if they‘re kept free of drugs tongue out. If parents don’t do their best to set boundaries (it’s exhausting), I really fear for our society. It’s already in pretty bad shape, I’d say.

      Know that you‘re not alone, and make sure to have a date with your husband AT LEAST every other week!

      PM me anytime.

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      Magnolia wrote Apr 21, 2009
    • Vikki89 please know you‘re not alone...I for one have had a very difficult time with my youngest for the last 3 years I’d say. Very serious drug addiction that she is still fighting to this day.  We have spent thousands of dollars, sent her to rehabs, gone through therapy and have now come to realize that it is totally up to her at this point.  One thing I’ve learned from our family therapy is not to engage when she becomes irratated, that has helped me the most. She is now 17 yrs old and is now finally coming around.  Is her addiction behind her, absolutely not, but there has been signifcant improvement.  The key is trying to remain calm and let them figure it out on their own.  I pray things soon get better for you and your child.  My faith has helped me considerably throughout this journey and not having it would have killed me by now.
      Blessings and prays to you! happy

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      Conakat wrote Apr 22, 2009
    • Wow. All my kids (two girls 13 and 25, and a boy 18) are, or have been, relatively good kids, but my 25 year old just blew me out of the water this week.

      In 2007 she was living in Florida with her boyfriend and decided she wanted to break up with him. So I moved her home (Washington state), bought her a car and helped her pay her bills to get on her feet. All told, probably invested over $10K in her. In repayment she was supposed to clean house and ride herd on the other two. That lasted a couple of months until she moved in with new boyfriend. Whatever.

      Late 2008 new boyfriend got in fight with roommates, daughter and bf moved in. My husband thought it was a good idea because at this point I needed a caretaker (he travels a lot)as the fibromyalgia had left me basically bedridden and dingy as all get out (fibrofog...and drugs for the pain). Again, no rent paid, just requested that they keep the house clean for me.

      This house has never been so filthy. Thank goodness warm weather is coming and I’ll feel better and can do some cleaning. We‘re trying to sell the house and it pains me for people to see the house like this. They have two dogs that shed but she doesn’t vacuum or dust...I don’t think she’s ever cleaned their bathrooms (they took over two of them) and they are just gross. I can’t even use my garage any more because her bf has a project car in there with parts spread everywhere. It is unbelievable.

      I finally laid down the law; either clean up, start paying rent (so I can pay a housekeeper) or move out. She flipped out on me. How dare I do that?!!

      SHE‘S MOVING OUT FRIDAY!!! Big ol’ happy dance going on over here! But I think I’m going to miss her dogs...

      Why do we have children? I remember Bill Cosby answering that “because we can“. But seriously?

      Best of luck with yours,


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      Cathill wrote Apr 22, 2009
    • Thanks for the feedback Kathy!  Sounds like you have really tried and done everything you can for her...but I think that she needs to get out and try supporting herself, then maybe she will have a greater appreciation for all you have done for her.  

      I just had no idea what I was end for when these kids reached 17 and 18!!!  It really is almost more than I can deal with.  I am trying to stay strong, but OMGosh!

      I do find some comfort that I am not the only one going through this...thank you!!!!

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      Cathill wrote Apr 22, 2009
    • Thank you so much everyone for the feedback!  It is good for me to know that it’s not just me going through this.

      Drugs are the pits.  I never thought my son would end up with a problem with drugs.  I know, who ever really thinks their little baby will end up a pothead. The number one thing I have learned is if they don’t think they have a problem and dont’ want help, well you might as well just let them go.  No amount of doctors, rehab, counseling, etc. will any good if they don’t want it.  So I have had to do the tough love thing with him, which breaks my heart.  It is so hard to shut the door on him, but he HAS to decide, drugs or family.  I will not allow that lifestyle in my home and I will not pay for his addiction.  I just pray that he comes around and wants to change his life.

      Thanks again everyone!

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      Conakat wrote Apr 22, 2009
    • I just reread my post...I sound like a real pushover, don’t I? And I wasn’t really being fair to Teresa.

      My oldest and I grew up together, I had her while I was a teenager and we’ve been through a lot together. And then when T was 16 I found a great job with the federal government but it was a four hour roundtrip commute. I was a single mom, so Teresa got a car as soon as she turned 16 along with a cell phone. But no fun and games for her, she was responsible for care and feeding (and soccer practices and doctor visits) for both of the younger ones. She never complained about it...even though she had to drop out of the sports medicine program at her high school because of family duties.  

      So I felt as though I took away her teenage years. I think, perhaps, she is finally engaging in some good old-fashioned teenage rebellion. It’ll pass I hope...but THANK GOODNESS she and I will not be in the same house any longer. Whew!

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