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As someone who grew up in Ohio, I remember listening to "Imus in the Morning" on a radio station in Cleveland. I recall that he was funny and he played good music.The Don Imus we are hearing about today is definitely not the shock jock I remember from "back in the day."

His age has started to show in his behavior.He is cantankerous, obnoxious and no longer funny. Isn't this what we say about old people?The 68 year old Talk Show Host should've known better.But maybe he figured if Rush Limbaugh can get away with some of the comments he makes, then why can't he?Imus' reference to the Rutgers girls basketball team as "nappy-headed ho's" isn't all that shocking to me because it's something I'd expect to hear from a white man who was born and raised during part of the Jim Crow era--before the Civil Rights Laws of 1964 were passed.It's a statement that doesn't surprise me coming from a white man who is a part of the good ol' boy network.His comments are a part of the way white men think of black women---dating back to slavery days.

What Imus said aloud is what is in the hearts of many "white shirts" in America who make decisions daily in Corporate America.I was one of those black women who was talked down to by white bosses who wanted to "keep me in my place."As I documented in my book, "Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age," I had one manager tell me he thought I wanted him to show me favoritism because of my race.This was in response to a question I raised about not being included in the discussion of assignments for reporters because as an Assignment Editor it was my business to know who was doing what.My response to him in the heated exchange was, "No I want you to show me favoritism because I'm GOOD at my job!"

Those young ladies (irregardless of their sexual preferences) were called "nappy headed ho's" ---a term that could ONLY be referring to black woman because of the texture of our hair. Yes, I'm upset about it. Imus was totally out of line--whether or not he is the "Shock Jock" or not. But I'm even more upset over how this is all being played out. I don't understand how Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can be all over this when they FAIL to address the gangsta rap where this type of language is more common than ENGLISH. Why are they so quick to condemn a man for saying the same degrading things black men say to black women in videos. No one stands up for us then.

Do you have race issues in this country? Sure we do. But black on black discrimination is even more damaging and that gets swept under the rug for a so-called bigger rallying cry.

One more thing--the general attitude in the black community is that white men just don't respect blaack women dating back to slavery days when they would rape them at will and force them to have their illegitimate children. That's why you see the variation in color today. No one wants to talk about that either.

What Imus said is another wake up call about race relations in America---but sadly, many people never hear the alarm going off.Will dropping him from MSNBC-TV really do any good or does it cause others to come out of the closet?


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