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Living proof that you don't have to look older, just because you are growing older.  

Oh, the wonderful world of aging. I certainly don't look forward to the crow's feet, saggy skin, deep-set wrinkles, or dryness. We are so often told that getting older means being stuck with a fate of crinkled, unattractive skin. But what if we could reverse the aging process, aging backwards instead of forwards?

Endless Beauty spoke with Jackie Silver, who is [Link Removed] and shares her secrets, tips, and shortcuts in her book, Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young. She's created an entire franchise around the concept of aging backwards and anti-aging. She is living proof that aging backwards really is possible. Prepare to be amazed, ladies!

The beginning of Aging Backwards  

Jackie says, "I was inspired to begin the 'process' of Aging Backwards by my fierce desire to stay as young as possible for as long as possible. It's just a passion I was born with. Actually, the term 'Aging Backwards,' which is my registered trademark, came to me in a dream." Jackie's passion for reversing the process of aging has certainly paid off. See the photo of Jackie at age 25 versus age 50. Can you tell the difference? I certainly can't.

Youth as an attitude  

Your mental attitude towards staying youthful is half of the battle. Jackie says that youth is attractive because, "For me, it's the vitality, the energy, the excitement, the wonder of discovering new things. Besides looking young and healthy, youth is an attitude that I think anyone can recapture if they want it badly enough." Sometimes, the will to be youthful is all you need to jump-start your Aging Backwards process.

Exercise: a necessity for face and body  

We often search for promising products that we can lather onto our faces to stay young, but what about facial exercise? Jackie says, "My most important beauty secret is: 'Exercise is the fountain of youth.' That is my mantra, and that includes exercise for the face. My two recommendations are: for the body—[Link Removed] Most facial exercise kits include gloves to protect your face from the oils on your fingers and an instructional DVD. You'd be surprised the short time it takes weekly to make a difference and how easy the exercises are. Making sure your body stays toned is important, but don't leave your face behind!

Jackie's beauty products and secrets  

Although beauty products are important, a healthy diet, 64 ounces of water daily, and certain supplements are necessary to attack age both internally and externally. Jackie says, "Some of my other favorite beauty 'secrets' are: [Link Removed] for plump lips naturally." For topical skin care, cleanse skin twice a day, and always remove makeup before bed. Exfoliate your face and lips weekly to slough off dead unwanted skin, apply a moisturizing eye cream with an SPF to combat dark circles and crow's feet, and find a daily moisturizer that contains a broad-spectrum SPF with antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E to ward off harmful UVA rays and free-radicals.

3 top anti-aging tips from Jackie  

When life gets hectic, we let simple habits crucial to achieving youthful-looking skin slide. Jackie says, "These sound like common sense, but they're the three most important tips: don't smoke, get eight hours of sleep a night (they call it 'beauty rest' for a reason, wink), and don't ever stop exercising." SPF is a must, and avoid tanning beds. Although vitamin D is essential for health (15-20 minutes of daily sun exposure is considered beneficial), [Link Removed] harming the skin's underlying layer of collagen. Also look younger by applying a sheer foundation after moisturizing, followed by a brightening concealer, and then awaken yours eyes by dabbing highlighter to the corners; you can add highlighter to the cheekbones for extra dimension. Keep brows groomed and lifted to give your eyes an instant pick-me-up.

Youth as a lifestyle  

You'd be surprised how a case of the giggles, some relaxation, and selfless acts can make you radiate youth. Jackie says, "Actually, laughter is so important to staying young. Stress ages us. In fact, according to, 75 to 90 percent of all doctors' visits are due to stress-related ailments and complaints. Laughter is a great stress reliever, and studies show that laughing releases the 'feel-good' hormones into your brain. So when you're laughing, you're actually getting happier!" Also try meditation, Pilates, spend time doing activities you enjoy, [Link Removed] 

Thanks to Jackie and the development of [Link Removed] we can laugh in the face of age, and be confident that we will only grow more beautiful with time. As Jackie says, "It's never too late (or too early) to start thinking about becoming younger. Making just a few small, simple changes in your life can add up to big results, so start now."

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