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Let me start off by saying the one thing they both share in common is the fact that they became pregnant as teenagers.

Now the differences:


Bristol comes from a white privileged family, where her mother has a high profile as Governor of Alaska and now as the Republican nominee for Vice-President of the United States. She has three sisters and one brother. Her father is in the home.  

Janie comes from a middle class black family where her dad was absent more than he was around. She is an only child. Her mother is a journalist, who left Corporate America because her boss never respected her role as a working mom. (long, unappreciated hours and no opportunity for advancement)


Bristol's boyfriend is an 18 year old named Levi Johnson who described himself as an F----- redneck on his MySpace page before it was taken down. He also indicated he did not want children.

Janie's boyfriend had a bright promising future as an actor or chef before he was murdered the day after Christmas for defending his little sister who was being harassed by a gang banger on a city bus.

*Mother’s Reaction to Pregnancy *

Bristol has received very public support from her mother, who issued a statement saying her daughter was going to keep the baby and marry the baby's daddy. The wedding date has yet to be announced. Sarah Palin is a staunch supporter of abstinence. How much she told her daughter about sex and having unprotected sex is unknown.

Janie hid her pregnancy for fear of how I would react and, rightfully, so. I was livid! Obviously, all those times I told her to keep her dress down and drawers up fell on deaf ears. I wanted my daughter to weigh all of her options because she had plans to go to college and we all know raising a child can seriously alter your plans.


Bristol's future remains unclear, although her mother has assured the public the family will stand by Bristol and offer their undying support. One thing we know for sure is she will be a mother in a few months and married to her boyfriend.  

Janie, meanwhile, is raising her son alone with the love and support of family members on both sides. She is also out to prove the naysayers wrong by pursuing her college education. She is currently enrolled at North Carolina A&T, while grandma takes on the role of Ma.


Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Talkytina wrote Sep 5, 2008
    • Go Girl!

      So very well written.  You should consider sending it out to one of the major networks for publishing but we know how that works - it may not work to their favor as many of the so-called commentators are biased and scripted.

      As I stated on an earlier blog about this subject - teenage pregnancy has always been a problem in this country or I should say at least for the past 40 years (this can be researched), particularly in minority communities.  Finally, it’s getting national attention, why because teenage white girls are now coming home with so-called unplanned pregnancies and suddenly it’s a problem that is attracting more comments whether pro or con.

      My personal opinion on this subject is (and they are strong ones) there is absolutely positively no reason for a girl in today’s United States of America to become pregnant unless she wants to.  We can debate whether or not the parents are doing their job by educating their children on sexual education and the use of contraceptives but even if they are not, the schools teach sexual education and with the “INTERNET” information superhighway where anyone with fingers can access any type of information they so wish can get all the information they need in order to prevent the very preventable societal problem of “teenage pregnancy.”  

      With that said, this is where the Palin issue is infuriating.  Abstinence and the teaching of abstinence is the biggest joke of all.  If most parents talk with their children, specifically the ones who are Middle School Age between the ages of 11 & 13, and ask them about the conversations that children are talking about in school, their eyeballs would pop out of their sockets.  I say “WAKE UP AMERICA and smell the espresso because if we don’t make the time to be involved in our children’s lives, many of us will be raising our grandchildren way into our golden years because the majority of children cannot raise children on their own.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Feathermaye wrote Sep 5, 2008
    • I’m not much for political discussion (because I’m typically outmatched in knowledge of the subject!), but I agree completely with your post.

      Does the fact that Palin is a high-profile figure make her a better mother? No. Does she get more appreciation for the challenges that ALL mothers face, simply because she’s facing it all under intense scrutiny (particularly now)? Yeah, you bet.

      I can’t begin to imagine what’s really being said to dear, sweet Bristol and her redneck paramour. I imagine that, as is usually the case, what the media sees/presents to us and what is the reality of the situation are worlds apart.

      Thanks for sharing your personal edge to this subject.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Beverly Mahone wrote Sep 5, 2008
    • Feathermayer,

      You‘re’s the conversations we don’t hear that are the true telling ones.  I can’t believe for one minute that Gov. Palin welcomed the news of her teenage daughter’s pregnancy with open arms.  What mother does that unless the daughter is already married?

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Robinesque wrote Sep 11, 2008
    • That was so dead-on, babyboomer!  Thank you!  You should pass that to some of your contacts in the media.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Hairtastic1 wrote Sep 13, 2008
    • Well, I may have alot to say here. I have a 17 year old son and I sometimes ramble.  My husband and I preaced abstinence along with condoms because-we live in the real world.  When I found out that my son and his girlfriend were having sex (I found a box of condoms), question #1 was: is she on birth control and if not she needs to talk to her mother? And request #1 was: please stop having sex until she is on  birth control-condoms are not 100% effective.
      Aweek later........question #2: has she talked to her mother? Her mother told her no. (after the fact, here is what I learn, she lied to her Mom about the reason she wanted on them. She told her she was having bad periods, her mom said, suffer.)
      Request#2: Since her Mom said no...get to planned parenthood-no questions asked. She went on her own. A sign on the door says, “If you are employed you must provide proof of medical insurance.” She didn’t even open the door.
      Now she is 7 months pregnant. I am going to be a Grandma at 40 and my 17 year old son is going to be a Dad. That depresses the heck out of me just to say it. I am furious at what stupidity can do. I think that they both have a fair amount of common sense.
      Hormones got the  best of them.  

       Are they getting married...Hell NO.  they are both going to live at home and with the support of family and friends, finish high school and then get the college education they will need to get ahead.  If I have to tie them to the class chair.
      I think that Bristol Palin just needs to follow the advice of those around her but remember to look at the big picture hersel  and contemplate the rest of her future realistically before making a bad decision that will affect the rest of her life.  As for her mother-Pbbbt!!!!

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