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I think this is interesting-  

It never occurred to me that the conspiracy theory would apply to our  government, at least not in the ways that have been discussed here. I thought it may be some sort of terrorist act.  The only way I considered our government would be culpable is that they may know the source of the outbreak, know that it was intentional and not disclose that knowledge to avoid mass hysteria.  

When my son first suggested this I just rolled my eyes at him. By the very nature of my upbringing I believe that the American government, flawed as any organization run by flawed human beings, is still inherently good.  I have to force myself to objectively consider the evidence so I don’t remain in a blissful “sheep” state.  

That’s why I introduced the question in the Q and A about Swine Flu to you. To see what you thought about it.  And I’m really surprised at the general consensus. If we are a snap shot of typical America- and I believe we are- we don’t trust any part of the leadership in America.  

And the fact that we don’t believe in our government, the one that was designed to be run by and for the people, is the real deadly virus.  

The damage? Definitely of epidemic proportions.  

The vaccine for this virus is delivered to Washington by the people, as opposed to the Swine Flu vaccines delivered to us by Washington.  

I keep thinking of the words written by The Beatles:

Ya say You Want A Revolution?  

 Well, hell yah.


Member Comments

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      Mjmurphy wrote Apr 30, 2009
    • Laurie - you hit the nail on the head here! Last night Susan Haley, one of our fabulous columnists, posted an article ‘A Moment of Reflection‘. She writes: I'm totally convinced for government to ever work, we the people must take our hold on the reins and make it work. We can do that in the voting booth. Regardless the venue, air waves, twitter or tweet, face book or face screens, press or blog, when we hear the pundits relay games and strategies for 2010 or 2012, we need to collectively scream for term limits and performance reviews. It is up to us, the people, to do the oversight, demand the transparency and force the accountability. We the people, as one united unit must control the government. The people were given the power. It is not the fault of government if we fail as a people.

      A Revolution, Yes! We need to organize and demand accountability of our leadership otherwise they will do as they please. After all, no one is watching, why not? WE THE PEOPLE have forgotten that we are in charge here, WE HAVE THE POWER to change what we don’t accept and what is not in our best interests.  

      Some that read these articles will see them only as a political party thing. It is not. When I was doing work as a community organizer there was no divisions. We talked to both parties, we found middle ground and we made changes for the better in our community.

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      Tamra wrote Apr 30, 2009
    • Here, here ladies!  Excellent remarks!

      Now I’m going out to early vote for school board.  Really.  A friend of mine is running and I hope she wins.  Getting involved is the way to transform this mess.

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