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There is the Holiday Spirit we read about and, quite frankly, often feel.  You know what I mean, that fabulous stuff that puts a lump in our throats and makes us feel warm all over. But then there is the other side of the holidays, the knot in your stomach, grit your teeth side of the holidays.  An episode of The Brady Bunch comes to mind.  Alice comes back from shopping during all the sales.  Exhausted and laden with packages, she moans, "All that pushing and shoving! I hope I didn't hurt anyone!"  I do SO love The Brady Bunch.  But there is truth in Alice's words.  How often do we miss the point of the holidays in our process of getting to them? When we step away from the holiday spirit and enter the holiday frenzy, not only do we miss the point, we also create a more complicated, stressful holiday season for us and those around us. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Peace, good will, all that stuff.  That's all fine and good when we are sitting around the Christmas tree with our families, but what about while out gift shopping, parking the car in the overloaded parking lot, or dealing with last minute groceries?  Where is our Christmas spirit when we are late getting back from our lunch and stuck in traffic?

I guess you could tell me to blow it out my ear, but imagine what it would be like if we decided, and, yes, it is a decision, to carry that holiday spirit around with us all the time. What if it wasn't the end of the world that someone stole your parking spot?  What if you always had time to reach into your pocket for the donation box?  What if, instead of seeing much of that as taking, you decided to see it as sharing or giving?  What if you decided, "I can let that parking spot go," "I have enough to give a dollar to the charity box," "It doesn't matter that I got cut off on the highway."  What if we decided every day for the next few weeks, to give instead?  What if we decided to give up an argument, let someone have a parking spot, hold open a door? What if we decided that the holiday spirit was more important than anger and being right and instead, decided to give in places we normally wouldn't?

Sounds a bit strange, I know.  And maybe not possible. But maybe it is.  How would we feel if we didn't care about parking spots and where we were in line and getting cut off in our cars?  I wonder what it would feel like to let those things go and embrace the spirit of giving and forgiving.  I think we would be less anxious, less stressed; we would sleep easier and feel better, be more at peace with ourselves.  Why not try it?  Every day, give a little holiday spirit in the places you usually fall into the holiday frenzy and see what comes.

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Member Comments

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      Jenz ~ wrote Dec 15, 2008
    • “Eh~ Blow it out your ear!”  

      JUST KIDDING. :)

      I know what you mean. Somehow, I like paying attention to those little things such as giving someone the parking spot, holding doors open & saying hello with a smile for no apparent reason. Your hello or seasons greeting/smile might be the brightest thing someone sees all day. So many people get so bummed out on top of everything else this time of year~

      I think the little things we do are very helpful & we should all just do it, even if we don’t feel like it. It’s good for others, and for ourselves.

      Merry Christmas & a fabulous New Year,

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      Maria Murphy wrote Jan 1, 2009
    • J-

      I totally agree.  We have such power to impact the world.  Holding a door open for someone can change the whole direction of their day.....and ours.  Happy New Year!
      And thanks for the comment!


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