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This seems like a perfect place to keep it.
The previously unwritten list.
Unwritten for one reason.
I don’t want to deal with these things.  

The first step, as they say, is admitting you have a problem.  

Here we go...

1. I haven’t had a mammogram in 15 years.  

That’s all I can deal with today.

April 29, 2009  

2. I must get my finances under control. I have been having a reckless affair with shopping. See the video here or at


Member Comments

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      Cynthia Schmidt wrote Apr 20, 2009
    • This is a great place to keep this list, Laurie. We at Fab40 give lots of encouragement, many of us are in the same boat and it’s a safe place to say what you need to say. So, by all means, your list is good with us.

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      Marie66 wrote Apr 20, 2009
    • I’m with you shopgirl, it is an important message, thanks for sharing Laurie..Don’t feel bad...I haven’t had a mammogram at allohhhh..I’m just scare, (I guess)..But I know I have to do it one of these days..

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      Vikki Hall wrote Apr 20, 2009
    • Thx for sharing with us..... very important!

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      Vikki Hall wrote Apr 20, 2009
    • It’s not that bad. I actually think the dentist is worse. If you are small busted I heard it’s a bit more uncomfortable. I go Thurs for mine.
      Laurie we are here for you to support you thru your fears and concerns. So let it out....

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      Vikki Hall wrote Apr 20, 2009
    • Cindy that is only what I have heard from different women. I don’t come from the small busted so I don’t know about that. I do think it was beautiful of you to offer to go with Laurie and help get her thru this.

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      Laurie Zieber wrote Apr 20, 2009
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      This is the reply I sent from my messages screen and I clicked the box to send it to "all my friends". I am embarrassed to tell you that I didn't know what I was doing and it went to a whole list of expert contributors I didn't think were on my friends list! In case, it didn't make it to any of you who I thought were on my friends list, I am posting it again here!  


            I showed up here this morning thinking

            that this would be the place where I would      invisibly sit and type in my assigned cubby.  

            Don't ask me why I think I have to be connected to the internet to think...

            Because I have an active blog and website I thought it would be a good idea to have a place where I would write about the things that I'm not ready to write about there.  

            It's not that I don't want to authentically share with my readers, I really do.  But when things are weighing heavily on my spirit I try to process a little before randomly posting wild thoughts into cyberspace.  There's enough unfiltered nonsense out there without me adding mine.  

            Tonight I am surprised at the emotions that your friend requests and comments to

            The Previously Unwritten List   have stirred in me.  

            Tonight, I became aware of my need to be ministered to - I guess I just haven’t been listening to myself very closely lately.  

            So, what I thought was going to be invisible turned out to be very visible and what I thought would be a place where I work things through alone turned out to be a place where I would be ministered to.  By strangers, no less!

            It is blessings as these that humble me.  This is how I know that we are all here to serve each other in our own distinctly personal way.  This is how I know that He directs my paths...

            Thank you.


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