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By Anita Briggs DCEd, MSc, DAc, RET.

The quick version of the body-level processing technique is intended to free up your energy from being stuck in the past, so you can be fully present and free in the now. It works at eliminating energetic templating.  

Energetic templating is a term used in EmotranceTM (1), to denote a process whereby we create templates of cause-and-effect relationships between injuries, or good experiences for that matter, and the people who caused them. Situational triggers are an example of energetic templates involving situations rather than people. For example, panic when speaking in public or anxiety paying the bills are examples of situational triggers or templates based on past trauma experienced in similar situations or emotional states or beliefs that have been associated with those situations. With people, templating represents unconscious associations between traits in a person and the good or bad feelings we've had with that person. For example, if your mother is hypercritical, you may become defensive with a person who looks like your mother or has some of her mannerisms.  

When we respond to templates rather than people, we are unable to see the real person before us. "Templating is a dangerous thing either way around; it can lead people to be drawn to certain templates or types without finding out what they are really like just as well as it can lead them to reject certain types because of the same reason. Whether it is too much trust or too much rejection, either way is not very useful and can lead to a great deal of totally unnecessary trouble in relationships. Further, templating strongly interferes with our natural abilities to "read another person" because simply put, when we template we just don't."  

With situational triggers, we are bound by fear or compulsion of past programming, and are not free to experience the current situation with an open mind. Energetically, we jump back to the past event and are not at all present to the moment. Energetic templating is a form of untruth, whereby we react to and engage what is not really there.  It is much more common than we think it is. Some people are continually in the past and never really present to the now.

Clearing all energetic templating will free your energy to be fully present in the moment, release you from past dysfunction, and increase your power of choice and your ability to see truth and opportunity in situations.  

If you have strong resistance or attachment to wealth, for example, you will have created many energetic templates with people and situations that bring up the issue of wealth for you. It is suggested that a person's monetary wealth is the average of the monetary wealth of the ten people closest to them. I would suggest that this phenomenon is the result of energetic templating, whereby a person tends to be automatically closed to people who trigger judgment based on level of wealth.  Whether rich or poor, wealth consciousness is unconscious for most and has so many strong judgments at its foundations. If you have templates around wealthy or poor people, when you meet them, you respond to your template rather than to the person. When you meet someone who matches your wealth consciousness, you may template them, immediately seeing a person who is sympathetic to you. But wealth consciousness is not necessarily a good predictor of character or compatibility. However, the more important consideration is that in templating, you are triggered and reinforce past, unconscious programming.

The quick body-level processing technique is simple yet extremely powerful over time. "The more you do this, the more amazing it becomes in its repercussions on you and your reality." This version differs slightly from the EmotranceTM version, but is essentially the same in its effect.

Steps for Quick Body-Level Processing

When you encounter a person—either a stranger or someone you are familiar with—ask yourself, "Where do I feel this person in my body?" Then release the body sensation or feeling—good or bad—by intent. If you then feel an emotion or get a thought, acknowledge it and release it by simple intent. Take a breath on each release. Doing this as a regular practice with all encounters with new people is highly recommended. At the very least, do it whenever you feel uneasy, resistant, or judgmental.  

When you are in a situation and feel 'triggered' into resistance or negativity, ask yourself, "Where do I feel this situation in my body?" Then release the body sensation or feeling by intent. If you then feel an emotion or get a thought, acknowledge it and release it by simple intent. Take a breath on each release.  

Again, use the Affirmation Enhancer Tool(2) to accelerate and deepen the release. You can also silently add statements like: "I release all past reactions that are coming into this present situations. I am 100% in the now and completely present, open, and attentive to this current situation."

With the quick version, you'll be focusing on how you feel in the moment only, whereas the longer version is used to process more deeply through dysfunction. If a person or situation is 'loaded' for you, do the quick version on the spot, but also commit to doing the longer version at your earliest opportunity.  

Why do you release the 'good' feeling?  Any reactive feeling is from the past, and means you're not in the present moment.  If the person often brings up good feelings in you, let that happen in the present moment. In fact, your feelings around the person will evolve and get better by being fully in the now. If it's a stranger and you are getting good feelings, you want to be sure you are picking up on present energy and not bringing up memories of other people to interfere with proper discernment.

By doing this regularly, you will find your power of observation increasing as well as your interest and engagement in life.  

(1) From an article on the Emotrance website [Link Removed]

(2) To learn more about the Affirmation Enhancer Tool, please visit the [Link Removed] 

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