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Love it

Happy February and a hug to all you fellow Aquarians out there! It is the month of valentines, ground hogs looking for spring and new growth. It is the month set aside for 'love' to permeate the air, is it not? Is it me? Am I missing these breezy love essences, or even a basic respect in the air?

Our history, as noted before, has always been a volatile one. It's the American way, to speak out and display dissent at abuses of errant government and policy. This is nothing new to these precarious times. It's the basic foundation of living in a free nation of "we the people". I have no problem with dissent.  

Although, not always of the age to pay close attention to political movements, I've lived through campaigns since the days of FDR. Like many of you, came into 'age' during the Sixties, the onset of the 'new age' a pretty volatile decade in itself! In recent years, I've taken a deep interest in biographies and American History. In the past, right or wrong, most political dissent was rooted in a specific policy. I've increasingly noticed that the chaos we now find ourselves in has nothing to do with the American citizenry. We are the victims of political wars between political parties. The world of a politician is no longer based on public service or leading the nation to heights of prosperity and peace for ALL the people.

The tenets of the constitution guaranteeing specific freedoms and rights has been turned into a sword in the hands of the opposition. Which opposition? The other side of the congressional aisle. It makes absolutely no difference whether one is a republican, a democrat, a conservative or a liberal. It's only about re-election at any cost or deed.  

The day after the election a year ago last November, we immediately were thrust into the wars of 2010. Every vote, every tactic, every policy and every motion put forth is based on maintaining office. No rules or premise, no deed or characteristic is sacred. Just win that seat! The news media, in its continual ratings war, feeds off all rhetoric, the sleazier the better. Policies previously supported are suddenly opposed and vice-versa.  

Feed the people what you want them to hear or think, turn it into as dirty and slanderous a bait as you possibly can. If a lie serves you, tell it. If a misquote makes you look good, say it. It goes on and on, day in day out. The people are so overwhelmed with the negative energy, the struggles under their own roofs, the battle lines are drawn and the wars begin and it's all based on misinformation, the continual blame game, and the personal passions or prejudices of the electorate in your district being tweaked in just the right way! It's almost like living during the Civil War without the uniform and the blood-soaked battlefields. At the rate we are going, that will be next.

Yet, when a major disaster slams into the scene like the recent horror in Haiti, the true generous nature of the American spirit comes into the light. The innate decency of folks all over the globe is displayed as aid and volunteers begin to pour in. And the spirit of the Haitian people continues to touch even the hardest heart. These are the times when I see there is always hope.

As the campaign signs again begin to sprout in your town for the upcoming primary season, I would ask everyone reading this to begin with taking a real interest in your local and state elections. As with prosperity, government that works starts at the bottom. If it trickles down, it simply doesn't work.  

We the people, now more than ever, have to shun politics as usual. We have to close our ears to negative and slanderous media and campaign ads and look for candidates that run based simply on their own credence and not the tearing down of their opponent. We need to fact check claims and statements. We have to set aside, especially, misplaced party loyalty as, in fact, even the parties can't settle on a policy or a direction. It's everyone for themselves, I think. In-party fighting is unprecedented. Due to that fact, even the worry of fragmented control or winning a majority in congress is not an issue. We've had several terms now of one or the other party having the majority. Did it do 'we the people' any good? No.

Consider the fact that a fragmented congress of both republicans and democrats blended with independents would FORCE debate and individual thought on issues. To win a majority vote, rather than lumping together to block or support, each member would have to gain and gather support based on content. NO legislative bill should require more than two or three hundred pages. NO bill. It's either good or bad and to determine that, it should be concise and understandable.

If we need a revolution of sorts to take back our country, let us forget the goals of individual politicians and parties and stand together as a people!
Your comments are most welcome. Like you, there are days I don't know which way to turn. I do know that if America is ever to recover we must rediscover the power of 'critical thinking' and not let others think for us.    

Susan Haley, Author

     **Susan Haley is the published author of three books, several articles and essays. She is an award-winning poet, contract copy editor and book reviewer for AME Marketing out of San Diego. She also contributes a column to "The Florida Writer" the official magazine of the Florida Writers Association, of which she is Facilitator for the Sarasota County Chapter. The audio version of her novel "Rainy Day People" was awarded runner-up Finalist in the 2008 Indie Excellence National Book Awards. She also contributes a variety of editorials and excerpts of her work to various E-zines, newsletters and local papers.

Love it

Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Vikki Hall wrote Feb 2, 2010
    • Ditto and Amen!

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      Mary Clark wrote Feb 2, 2010
    • I agree.....these politicians need some major evaluations.  In my book they would all get at least a D...some even an F!  

      Some need to be expelled....

      I say...“We the People” need to keep on drinking the tea and not the kool-aid!
      I think it is making a difference...

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Susan Haley wrote Feb 2, 2010
    • Hi Mary

      Nice to see you again. Would you enlighten me to just exactly what all this talk about tea vs. Kool-aid means?
      I don’t think I’m up on the modern lingo used and just what it means to different folks. I’m serious. When I first heard of ‘tea parties‘, I thought of Boston Harbor and the Revolutionary War! The first time I heard “swallowing Kool-aid” I could tell it was a derogatory remark by the tone, but just what is the connection to that and policy? Kool-aid isn’t exactly a mind-altering drug or anything! I used to make ice tray popsicles out of it for my boys. With a toothpick stuck in.

      From what I’ve observed on ‘tea party‘clips on TV, it looks more like a holloween celebration. Everyone is in costume and carrying horrible signs showing pictures of the German Death Camps. I was mortified! It sure doesn’t appear to me as reasonable adults discussing issues that affect our nation. Nowadays, people are treating fellow Americans as if they were the enemy. Calling everyone that doesn’t agree with them a Nazi! Most don’t even know what a Nazi is, other than Hitler was one. That’s not quite the same as revolting against a foreign rule. We are doing that all over the world and can’t understand why people don’t like us! No one wants a foreign government telling them how to live and what to believe. That’s not fighting a defensive battle. That’s oppression. What we are supposed to be against as a free people. Yet we would oppress our neighbor?
      Doesn’t make sense to me.

      I truly hope I’ve not given the impression here that I favor radical behaviour on anyone’s part. I’ve only requested that people be more mentally involved in deciding their vote and researching and fact-checking. When we fail to do that, we are willingly giving up our freedom to form our own “more perfect Union.” We are no longer “we the people“, we are “we the ignorant” and “we the easily led” and “we that can’t think for themselves.”  

      I’m totally against division that becomes rude, mean, and full of unsupported charges and slander. I don’t care who it is, and I see politicans on both sides using that tactic. I see obstruction at every sign of progress. I see giving up and surrender if things get tough and an election in jeopardy. And I see “we the people” allowing it to go on and on and on rather than insisting on change by withholding a vote for anyone who uses these tactics! Regardless of their political affiliations or goals. If that is what they have to do to get a vote, something isn’t right with what they are trying to do. And, that includes Democrats literally buying a vote from a collegue. It is criminal! And, I think should be cause for immediate dismissal from office. I’m referring to the Ben Nelson buy off to get a healthcare vote incident. Why should one state get all their medicaid paid for by the Federal Government while another goes bankrupt to pay for it? In some states, it is illegal to run a budget deficit. Services have to be cut and you sure don’t see any CEO or big shot politician taking a pay cut! Only the slob on the street paying for it all. I’ve not heard of one Legislator offering to give up their own “Government-Run health care” It’s a fine system for them! Why not for us? I don’t understand the double standard. If Government-Run is bad, it’s bad for everyone. Nor, do I see anyone, not one person who blats about government run healthcare offering to give up their social security that the “Socialist” FDR fought so hard to get. No one turned down jobs in the WPA because it was a government-run jobs program.  If all this stuff is so bad, why does everyone stand with their hand out? It’s only bad if someone else is getting it and we aren’t? I don’t understand that either.  

      Agree or disagree with President Obama’s policies, I don’t think any president has ever been treated so totally disrespectfully. Yet, I’ve never heard that man say an unkind word about anyone or tell a deliberate lie about someone else’s motivations. He gets called all manner of inexcusable names, is accused of being something he is not, and is accused of being on the side of the terrorists. Yet, HE is the one who took the horrid war where it should have been taken in the first place. The researchable facts show that more ‘terrorists’ have been caught or eliminated under his watch than in the previous 9 years since 9/11.  

      Billions and billions can be spent on wars and killing people, but God forbid if he wants to spend money on the working middle class. Everyone who is against Pro-choice is also against entitlement to feed and house all the babies born out of wedlock and to people who can’t afford to feed them. When does Pro-life change to Pro-No entitlements?  

      Why doesn’t SOMEONE check the facts and numbers before they run around with a bottle of Lipton? 90% of Government action other than high-level classified intelligence is available to the public if they take the time to research it. One can go to Congressional Records and find out how each and every member of the Legislature voted on each and every bill before their respective caucus and full-floor vote. However, it is time consuming. It’s easier to look up the particular legislation someone yaps about and then see how the Congress voted on it. It’s all there. Amazing the bare-faced lies that can be uncovered when one starts turning the rocks over.  

      When we as a collective shout and demonstrate and carry signs, we better be sure we know what we are shouting about. Or are we allowing ourselves to be caught up in mob rule based on lies and power struggles?
      That’s what I see happening today.

      I think I’ll just stick to coffee and avoid either extreme.

      Thanks for your comment. I really do need enlightenment on some of the expressions so common. Everyone I ask seems to have a different perspective. If things are so clear and obvious, why is that? Hope you are well.


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      Vikki Hall wrote Feb 3, 2010
    • Susan there was a book about motivation called “drinking the punch” or something like that. I think Mary is referring to people who just drink up the good stuff or the bubbly part.
      I did find your reply interesting and so right on about many things.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Mary Clark wrote Feb 3, 2010
    • Thanks Annie...for explaining!  All I’m saying is that some...not all are “drinking the kool-aid” that this administration is giving out without really knowing what they are getting themselves into.  My opinion completely!  The tea reference is exactly what Annie said.  

      I too agree a few Tea Parties have gotten out of hand, but I feel for the most part they have been a super demonstration of people exercising their rights to voice how they feel things are going or not going,  

      In reference to your statement:


      When we as a collective shout and demonstrate and carry signs, we better be sure we know what we are shouting about. Or are we allowing ourselves to be caught up in mob rule based on lies and power struggles?
      That's what I see happening today.

      You see...I feel that is what happened when Obama was elected.  People (of course not all...) but a good caught up in the “electing the first black President” issue and really didn’t know exactly what he was representing nor did they long as they were part of it.  That is what I saw happening then.    

      I do feel the Tea Parties brought back “patriotism” to this country......and it stirred up people who for a long time have sat back and said nothing and finally have gotten a gut full of Congress...the President...the whole shebang.  And frankly I have too.  

      So that is what I meant by the “tea” and the “kool-aid“.  happy

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Susan Haley wrote Feb 3, 2010
    • Thanks girls, for the clarification, and yes, I did need it as I’ve heard, like I said, so many perspectives, all different. (Damn! That was a weirdly contructed sentence! :))

      It, too, kind of backs up what I say about the media. Yes, only the wild, out of hand tea parties and kool aide swallowing are shown. So for those that don’t watch but one or two news broadcasts, that’s all they see and hear. I fanatically avoid the far right or left media - polar opposites. I tend to read more instead.

      As for the Obama election, Mary, you know I am going to disagree with the results of his election, but I don’t disagree with your point that some voted for him simply because he WAS of man of color! Just like some women voted for Hillary or Sarah simply because they were a woman. I preached against it then, and I still do. I’ve always urged people to research credible places in making their decisions, and then to vote on issues only. I’d vote for a green martian if they were intelligent and offered a path.

      I do think President Obama is doing all he can to keep his campaign promises, but he has ran into a solid brick wall in the Congress on every single issue. Even his own party fails him. I say this based on a lot of research and study into the period of recovery after the Great Depression. From a lot of comments from credible Economists who have no political advantage.  

      It was turning the auto factories into munitions plants and WW2 that brought this country out of economic disaster. The WPA was already in place and putting people back to work on infrastructure. How sad that we have to have a world of war in order to have a real economic boom.

      This century is different. We have no manufacturing base anymore. Manufacturing has been outsourced. That is not Obama’s fault. But it is why he wanted to save General Motors and Chrysler. Why he pushes for Alternative Energy. If all those closed auto factories were making Energy products, thousands of jobs would be provided. In order to open up new sources of employment, you HAVE to have a manufacturing base. The service industry cannot provide jobs for everyone that has no money to buy their services! It takes a stimulus. That’s why education in the new technologies has to be attained. All these things lead back to what President Obama is pushing for. But it takes money and it’s difficult to make the money appear when you are starting out in a cess pool of “already there” deficit.  

      Why was there no yelling years back when the deficit was steadily growing to fund unnecessary and misdirected wars? Or prescription drug programs that helped no one but the pharmaceuticals? That’s my only question to the legislators who are now so suddenly determined to blat about deficit.

      Some things are not arguable. It takes money to make money is one of them. If we don’t allow the new investment now when it is most needed we will be carrying a 12 Trillion dollar deficit for decades and the services we ALL depend on even on the local level will continue to be cut. Now is the time for action.  

      That’s why I don’t understand why people are stunned at the so called Kool-Aide emanating from the administration. Why weren’t we stunned when it all started?? Like Bill Clinton or hate him, he did turn over a government with a SURPLUS. Why weren’t we carrying signs when the 12 Trillion was building? I think that is because everyone woke up in September of 2008 when the bottom began falling out. So President Bush authorizes an 800 Billion bail out to banks? Then gets to walk? Yes, his term was up. Not his fault.

      Where is the fairness? Where is the patience required to live through cleaning up the mess? Because it’s a lot harder to clean up than to make? Personally, I feel sorry for the President and if I were in his shoes, I’d probably be tempted to resign from the entire mire and go back to Hawaii and hide under a beach umbrella. Most especially if my efforts were scandalized at every turn by the very people that helped make the mess.

      Thankfully, though, we can come here and have a civil discussion. Too bad our Congress cannot do the same thing.

      Thanks everyone. Please carry on. This is how we learn.


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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Midnightmom wrote Feb 4, 2010
    • I honestly don’t remember when I was more confused and dissappointed by the actions or inactions of Congress. Why is there such a strugle between them and the President? Aren’t they supposed to be on the same side? It seems to me that he is trying to flatten the playing field - give back to those who have been taken from for so long; the middle class.

      When I see people on the street bashing the President and acting like he is either Hitler or Islamic, I wonder, “what on earth are they thinking?” It seems to me it is Congress who has let us down as a people. What could be wrong with making health care that Congress receives available to we the people? Who are the ones fighting it? Why doesn’t Congress, who represents us, want us All receiving what they get for health care? It costs too much? Oh, gee, I guess only a small number of the elite can have it then.  

      I say if you want to know where the misrepresentation comes in follow the money which leads to the power hungry. That money wants their buddies representing them in Congress. Once they have all the money they could want, what is left? Power. They don’t like the President actually being for the common people. They want all the power and the favor to keep them high on their pedastals and the common man doing all the work that lines their pockets. How can they remain so high above it all if they have to share the wealth?

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Mary Clark wrote Feb 5, 2010
    • Ditto Annie!

      Personally....if I work hard and make millions then why do I have to share my millions with those who don’t work hard?  If I choose to give to others..then that is my right.  Never could figure out why people bought into the “spread the wealth” propaganda.  

      I would love for all to have healthcare.....but not what they are trying to cram down the majority of Americans throats.  And is the majority who do not want this particular healthcare reform.  And not to mention all of the other crap attached to this bill that has nothing to do with healthcare.  

      Start over!

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Susan Haley wrote Feb 5, 2010
    • ““I would love for all to have healthcare.....but not what they are trying to cram down the majority of Americans throats.  And is the majority who do not want this particular healthcare reform.  And not to mention all of the other crap attached to this bill that has nothing to do with healthcare.“”

      I agree, Mary. The current bill is full of crap! What the majority of the American People want, I believe it was somewhere around 67%, is the Public Option. A fair playing field where Insurance Companies have to compete. Where being refused care is not legal. We aren’t getting that. Instead, they propose 1100 pages of crap and garbage and pork and bribes. Congress in action. Why I said in the first column . . . NO bill should be over a few hundred pages and it should be clear and understandable and dealing with ONE issue! And it should take affect immediately. Not four years from now! That’s utter crap!

      When liberals and progressives talk about the ‘rich‘, that does NOT include a hard working person who happened to amass a good nest egg through years of HARD WORK! We are talking about the billionaires that got rich doing nothing but speculating and investing, diverting and leveraging, the money they made off of YOU. A million dollars to them is a mere bonus check! And they don’t invest at ‘home‘. Do you really think the common folk of Dubai built the tallest structure in the world1? No, your money helped build that, too. Do you think those ‘rich’ lost any of their personal fortunes when the bottom fell out? No. It was all safely invested in foreign banks. Do you know that a huge hunk of our country is already owned by the foreign banks? No, the tea party leaders, not the people, the organizers don’t want you to know that. They want you to think just like your thinking.
      No disrespect indended, but you and Annie both mean well but you are using the language you’ve been told over and over on, I’d guess, Right Radio and TV. The very term ‘spread the wealth’ was first touted by Limbaugh.

      No hon, you aren’t the ‘rich’ and to them a million bucks and a lifetime of hard work is pocket change and the path of fools. It’s easier to steal it. :)

      My whole idea here was to bring “We the people” together not to fall for the games fed to us anymore. We’ll get nowhere as a country if we keep up the division and the two party rhetoric we hear every day everywhere.

      Have a good weekend.


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      Susan Haley wrote Feb 5, 2010
    • Midnight

      Thanks for joining in. I agree with you about Congress but it’s sure not the first time I can remember in a long time that they’ve been inept. I have more difficulty remembering when they weren’t. :)

      But yes, I have to agree with you that I am rather shocked that the Democrats have been such do nothing wimps when they held a majority in both the House and Senate and the Presidency! Getting some things done should have been a piece of cake. At the beginning, President Obama extended a hand to the Republicans and welcomed them into the process. They keep yelling they’ve been left out, but that’s simply not true. They’ve been left out because that was their planned course of action. “Obama must fail!” That’s the only way possible for them to recover their seat of power.
      And, you gotta give it to them, it’s working.

      The worthless Dems have backed down on everything they promised to do. They’ve ‘compromised’ away everything the people wanted. The people wanted health care REFORM. A Public Option, which was already a compromise from the Single Payer system. Why? Because they lined their pockets, too, with the millions daily spent by the Insurance Lobby.

      THAT is the wealth the liberals are yelling they want spread around. The corrupt wealth that has come from people dying, paying fees that forced bankruptcy, and yes the taxes of the hard WORKING people. Unfortunately, some folks think the liberals want their share of the working man’s wealth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of us here, have worked hard, damn hard, all our lives and we are still poor by today’s standards. A dollar won’t even buy a loaf of bread these days. I gave up bread months ago! Crackers do fine. I HAVE insurance but the ‘out of pocket’ still keeps me from the treatments I should have following a stroke. Sadly, some that have no insurance and no home that qualify for medicaid get better health care than I do.

      That’s who I worry about. The WORKING or ‘try to be working’ middle class. I’m very conservative in many ways. I think I yelled loudly from my various pulpits when the Octomom crap was in the headlines. But then, I had the pro-lifers mad at me. It’s rather difficult to be a middle of the road Independent. :))

      I do believe with all of my heart that President Obama is for the middle-class people. He’s for fairness, good education, and Alternative Energy. I understand that he is an intellectual and is very deliberate and organized about his agenda. But, as I said to Mary, he is not showing signs of being an agressive leader. He’s too nice. He speaks above people’s heads. He doesn’t mean to, but intellect comes natural to him. He’s not a chest beating warrior and in this Congress, you have to be. I’d like to just once see him slam his fist down on the table and yell “Git ‘er done!”

      If this chance passes the working people by, hold on to your seat because we are in for a real free fall next time. And with everyone against a deficit all of a sudden, there will be no more bail outs! Or will there?

      Oddly, if it means a war or saving the banks from themselves, deficits suddenly are no longer an issue. The ol’ printin’ presses start churning out the worthless greenbacks and we sell a bit more of our soul to China. I’d suggest you and your family start considering taking lessons in the Chinese language. All that Spanish we’ve tried to learn won’t be needed. Too bad. In Florida, in order to be a school teacher, you have to be bi-lingual. Lots of money will have been spent for nothing. So what else is new at the water cooler?  

      Have a good weekend.


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      Midnightmom wrote Feb 5, 2010
    • Susan - both of your last replies were so well articulated. Yes, it is the corrupt  rich I was speaking of, like the few that have literally stolen the pensions of thousands of hard working people that will now have no retirement.  

      And, the insurance companies that have taken over the **approved** therefore *covered* health care Americans can receive. I can't quite remember when that happened, but suddenly and to this day, it is the insurance companies that decide what care you get not the doctor who knows what you need. It is downright criminal that as soon as a person gets sick that they are suddenly dropped by their insurance company just because  they got sick. I know of cases where this has happened. The insurance company drops them and now they are marked with a pre-existing condition. If there is nothing else that reform could do, changing it to be unlawful for a person to be denied insurance, and therefore health care, because they are sick is the right thing to do!

      And, what about the bailed out banks? Didn’t they continue to have their lavish parties and CEO bonuses on borrowed money? YOUR money? Those are the rich that are corrupt! And, wasn’t it our President that put a stop to that?

      I greatly admire the people that use their wealth to enrich our lives by investing in innovation and science. I think there are a good many philanthropists and they know the true value in giving and helping. Just think as a tax payer we are all helping with innovation that is funded by grants from the federal government. I guess that means we all contribute to that. I think a true leveling of the playing field would be that All Americans pay the very same Percentage of their income for taxes. How could that be called unfair? No tax shelters. No more lobbyists. What difference is there between lobbyists and bribery?  

      Anyway, thanks, Susan for your insight and the work you put into your column here. I like to read it for the value of what you say because you are right better than 98% of the time.

      You, also have a good weekend!

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      Mary Clark wrote Feb 6, 2010
    • Susan....I would hope that you didn’t really think that I thought all billionaires...kept all their money in American bank accounts now did you?  Please.....give me some credit here.  I understand all of that and I don’t need Tea Partiers to enlighten me on those issues.  

      I am referring to the anointed one’s phrase “spread the wealth“.  And when that phrase was said I do believe he was talking about people who make over $ I correct?  I don’t recall him speaking of the group of billionaires you are referring to but hard working individuals who are not billionaires but make close to that or about.  As Annie did state in her previous post $250k may be the going rate of an average person in some parts of the country and then it may be a lot in other parts.  Maybe Rush did say it first...I don’t know..I didn’t hear that because I don’t listen to Rush.  But I did hear Obama say it.  

      I will agree we do need to come together at some point but I’m not agreeing with “liberal ways of thinking“.  That’s not me...I don’t buy it and I never will.  And I think for the most part..the Tea Party movement is just that.  They are sick and tired of being fed this crap and they are not taking it anymore.  And it doesn’t help that we have one of the most liberal Presidents in office at this time.  

      And it’s not just’s Nancy P. , Harry R. ...etc.  Don’t expect people to agree just for the sake of agreeing.  If I don’t believe in your agenda...your proposals...I’m not going agree to it and I certainly am not going to vote for it.  I also think it’s horrible that Nancy Pelosi would like to force this healthcare bill through even though she knows the majority do not want it  So how’s that for working for the people?  She has an “I don’t give a damn attitude” and she really makes me sick!!  

      But back to your blog.  I’m excited about Scott Brown’s win!  I loved his response when he said that this wasn’t his seat but the people’s seat!!  And that he is going to work for “the people“.  Maybe some of his attitude will rub off on some of his colleagues.  It certainly needs too.  I truly believe the people we have elected to represent us have forgotten who they work people! But at the same time...I’m going to work hard to make sure that I vote for the people who represent my views and my beliefs!  That is my precious right.  So when you have to vote on‘re going to always have dissent.  And that is just how it is.....

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      Susan Haley wrote Feb 6, 2010
    • Ooops! I’m sorry. It was Annie that mentioned the media is another blog topic. It just depends on what email announcement I open first and then I read them all, but the name on the mail I open sticks in my head.

      Media it is, Annie! :)

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      Susan Haley wrote Feb 6, 2010
    • Hi Mary - I don’t have a lot of time right now, but thought you might get a laugh out of this. I agree with you about Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. I can’t stand either of them. And that is what makes me furious with Obama. He buckles to them because he’s trying too hard to let the legislature legislate!
      You and I probably agree on more than you realize. As I said, I’m not a ‘liberal‘. I’m a conservative Independent and am registered as such. I think the $250 K figure was the cut off for tax cuts, not tax increases. Most got a cut in what was withheld from their paychecks. 95% of small businesses got a tax cut, but the banks won’t lend money. And yes, I know that AIG had insured Goldman Sachs. That’s why THEY were also too big to fail. No corporation should be too big to fail. Success or failure should depend on the integrity of your business. If they had failed to pay their contracted bonuses, let them sue. They didn’t have the money to pay the bonuses without the taxpayers.

      Personally, I have a fixed income of less than $15,000 because I am retired from the ‘day’ job so I still have to work. My savings were eaten up with my deceased husband’s medical bills. I just work at home now. But what I’ve been excused from in Federal taxes due to age and retirement, is taken from me in local taxes. Property taxes and Homeowner’s Insurance is so high in Florida due to the storms that many widows and widowers are losing their paid for homes because they can’t pay the taxes and insurance.  

      I think I made clear what ‘rich’ means to me. People and corporations that make billions off of corrupt money. And they‘re still doing it. Even though Obama did get the Credit Card rights bill passed, it’s only in effect for a year or two. Then, we all better watch out unless we get financial reforms!

      No, there will always be disagreement. But there is room for disagreement without loss of civility and slander. We don’t even want to ALL have the same mindsets or the world would come to a halt. Necessity and diversity are the mother of invention. I may disagree with you on some issue, but I’m sure not going to tell lies and slander you, try to ruin you to get what I want. I’m sure you are a very nice, decent and intelligent woman. That’s my only point. That’s what we DON‘T have in government.

      Annie - You take care up there. I heard another bad storm is coming or already there. It’s been crop damaging cold in Florida this year, too. Weather patterns are weird. Stay in off the roads if you can.

      Everyone take care. You‘re all Fabulous!
      We’ll argue more in a couple of weeks. Mary suggested a topic. :) I’ll have to do some research.


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      Mary Clark wrote Feb 6, 2010
    • Look forward to your next subject Susan!!! You are always a delight!!  estatic

      Annie....don’t play in that snow for too long!!  Need you to remember whatever it is you need to remember...LOL

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