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The Real ID act of 2005 was passed with no discussion or public comment. It was hidden in a lengthy bill to support our troops and to provide Tsunami relief, and was rushed through Congress.
The Department of Homeland Security tells us that we need Real ID to protect us from terrorism and identity theft, but the consensus of security experts outside the government tells us that it won't help one bit with terrorism and will greatly increase our risk of identity theft.
Real ID is one of the few issues to unite groups from all across the political spectrum in opposition. Nobody who understands Real ID likes it.

Constitutional Rights Advocates: don't like the Real ID because it's an unfunded mandate that's being forced on the states. The Federal government has no valid constitutional authority to implement Real ID, So there using a carrot and stick approach..Giving back some of our Federal tax dollars as a bribe, withholding our Federal tax dollars as punishment for not implementing Real ID, and threatening not to allow state citizens onto airplanes. Real ID violates the 10th amendment of our Bill of Rights, and the states are banding together and "Enough is enough"! To these unconstitutional Federal mandates being forced onto the states.  

Ordinary Citizens Of All Types: simply don't like the idea of our government implementing a system that is reminiscent of totalitarian regimes, where citizens are routinely subjected to the intimidating demand for ...Your Papers Please!!

The Federal Government has already wasted millions of our tax dollars trying to sneak Real ID into being and then force states to implement it on their behalf. If implemented, Real ID would:  

(1) Create a security nightmare, with all our personal information that's needed for identity theft available to countless people all over the world.
(2) Coast billions of dollars in taxes and increased drivers license fees.
(3) Causing longer lines when renewing our driver's licenses.
(4) Give the Federal Government the new tools they need to continue the gradual erosion of our privacy.
(5) Lead to an International ID card
(6) Create a database that will allow facial recognition software to identify us as we walk down the street and track our every move.
(7) Usher in a new era where technology is abused by the Federal Government to control citizens.
(8) Lead to more power for the government, and less for the citizens, directly violating the intent of our founding fathers.
Many states have already passed laws PROHIBITING REAL ID..Kentucky initiated similar legislation in 2007, HCR-122, but it was never enacted into law.

Privacy Groups don't want Real ID because it collects personal information about us into a database that's not only shared between states, but will also be shared with other countries.

USs Sovereignty Advocate doesn't like REAL ID because the Real ID standards are all international standards. The Real ID isn't just a national ID card; it's an international ID card.

Fiscal Conservatives don't like Real ID because it'll cost $11 billion at a time when states are suffering budgetary shortfalls. It'll cost about $100 million in Kentucky. There is no money to pay for Real ID, which is mandated by the Federal government, but not funded by the Federal government.

Social Progressives don't like Real ID because they're concerned about the potential for government abuse of privacy and other civil liberties when the federal government has access to a database containing our personal information, and they're concerned about the inevitable increase in the amount of data that will be recorded for each of us.

Religious Leaders are speaking out against Real ID on many fronts. Many believe that Real ID is the Mark of the Beast, or is a big step in that direction.
Gun Rights Advocates don't like Real ID because they believe it's the path way to a national gun registry that will make future gun bans easier to enforce. Register the people register the guns, and they take the guns...


Biometrics is a fancy word for measuring living things. Under Real ID, biometrics encodes information about our facial features that allow computers to recognize us. Eventually, the Real ID could contain our finger prints and DNA information.
Biometric data is not needed for a police officer to identify a person, but it is needed for a camera to be connected to a computer and to print a list of names and addresses of everyone who walks down a street or attends church or a political rally. As paranoid as that sounds, the technology was already tested as part of the verification process for the Real ID hardware and software. The faces of the crowed attending the 2001 Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa Bay Florida were scanned. It's a public area, so no permission was required. The prototype technology wasn't very good and made numerous mistakes, but vast improvements have been made since then, and this test demonstrates the intended use of this invasive technology, where "Your body is your ID.

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Member Comments

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      Rena Bennefield wrote Mar 6, 2009
    • I went to these web sites and I truly urge you to at least have a look..I feel very strongly about how the government is taking control of our rights..If this passes and becomes an issue then what's next..Telling us when to have babies..Take away our currency to replace it with a plastic card that is under the governments scrutiny.. Don't get me wrong I love our country and I may not agree with the way it is run..I do still have respect for those in the Whitehouse who truly do care about us citizens..  I just have a very uneasy feeling about this..and it does follow the course of events of the end days...Hope you will take the time to see for yourself what is going on...I would love to hear your views on this. Sorry I have not been on ..but I am in quite a bit of pain and can't sit for very long..I will find out next week when I will be getting surgery... Take Care All... Miss You =)

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