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Mid-life? No way! How had it happened? It was like a silent killer.  A killer of dreams, hopes and self-confidence. I was 43 and had nothing to show for it. Sure, I had a JD and a masters degree in education.  I was a passionate runner and marathoner. But, I gave it all up.  I wasn’t the Professor of Law that I had always dreamed of becoming.  I wasn’t even a lawyer. I stopped running, and basically gave it all up.  

   Marriage and children had changed my priorities and I let my hard earned degrees take a back seat. Was it worth it? At 43, I became depressed, gained sixty pounds and spent every day just waiting for night so I could sleep. Does that ring anyone’s bell?  Well, seems I didn’t feel very “accomplished.”  

   I was depressed. Depression is no stranger to me, and I knew I had to pull myself out of it.  I started reading every self-help book I could get my hands on.  All I wanted to do was watch T.V.  Guess what I found?  My generation is taking over! I am the new demographic.  Books, magazines, exercise studios, advertisements, movies and books are targeting my age group.  My generation rocks. I'm not going to sit (or lay in bed) and let age become MY defining characteristic. Instead, I am looking for ways to create a new ideal. Fifty will be the age to look forward to instead of dread. Now, I can look at my daughters and see the beautiful, independent women they are becoming.  Perhaps my life choices have been positive.

    But, now I will start a new chapter in my life.  Leaving a positive legacy is my new goal. I figure I am only half way done.  If I do it right, I can make the next 45 years better than the first.  I have returned to my running passion. Lost the sixty pounds, and am absolutely hooked on yoga. I know what my passions are, and where I want my life to go.  Stay tuned, I’ve only just begun!


Member Comments

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      Stephanie wrote Aug 22, 2008
    • Wow!! What a story. Being 40 and beyond is the most “in” thing today. Its all over Hollywood and the other places you mentioned. Your daughters are so lucky to have an inspirational mother like you!! and ps... 60 pounds down? WOW you go girl!

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      Yana Berlin wrote Aug 22, 2008
    • WOW is all I can say. Good for you girlfriend.

      You should be the voice that every woman of our demographic needs to hear.

      Proud of you.

      Keep those posts coming, we all need encouragement.
      (Wish I could run with you, and lost my 20lbs )

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      Sherry3percent wrote Aug 23, 2008
    • I experience a very similar time around 42ish.  I did end up getting on depression medicine.  I think I was tired of being the “perfect” everthing to everyone!!!  Slowly I am beginning to realize that my house does not have to be perfect (it just gets messy again) and I don’t have to cook from scratch several nights a week (I’m not the cooking staff) and it is o.k. if I take time for “me”

      I just moved my oldest into his dorm at Texas Tech and I have a 16 yr. old daughter still at home.  I want her to see these next couple of years a mother who is joyful and full of live and love!  

      Boy what a shake up that happens in your forties....but what a great time to spread your wings and become the women you were always meant to be!!!!

      Shine on ladies....

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      Hoshiko wrote Aug 23, 2008
    • Yeah, this is why I was drawn to this site - I was exactly the same way... and now I feel on fire for life. I couldn’t agree more that this is just the beginning of the second half... Let’s live and stay in touch

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